Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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This Is Not What I Want Anymore

Chat Song: ‘Playing Love’ by Isak Danielson.

"We’re just playing love and you’re playing with love. When you’re holding my heart this way you’re just tearing my heart in two." — Isak Danielson.

^I had to use this song again! :)


|| July 07, 2020
Time: 10:30pm
(Lexie is in bed texting Ian.)


I: Next question! What’s your favorite color?

L: Mm. Purple. Yours?

I: Blue. I kinda like black too.

L: Black isn’t a color, bro.

I: 😂Who told you that?

L: It is known facts. Black and white aren’t considered ‘colors.’ They are called ‘shades.’

I: Well thank you for enlightening me😅

L: Lol yup.

I: What is your favorite movie?

L: Mm... ‘A Walk To Remember.’

I: Didn’t the female lead die at the end of it?

L: Sadly, yes. I cried my eyes out😭

I: Yeah it was indeed very sad.

L: You watched it??

I: Yess. I did.

L: First you like strawberry and now you watch romance movies😂What will you reveal next??!!

I: Lol. I have a tail in my butt.

L: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂you are insane.

I: 😂😂😂😂

L: *wagging my tail*

L: 😭please stop!💀

I: Okay, I’m sorry😂😂

L: Next question?

Two minutes later...

L: Ian?

L: Still there?

(Ian has exited Lexie’s chat and now responding to Josh’s message.)

J: I know I hate you right now, but please help me. Lexie isn’t talking to me.

I: How will I be able to help you with that, Josh?

J: Look, I love her okay? Like crazy and I really can’t live without her. I know you’re texting her. Please tell her to talk to me or I’m going to her house right now.

I: Dude, just give her some time. She’s bruised right now, all because of you and your indecisiveness. She told me that Sab gave you a hand job some days ago. What the fuck, can’t you make up your mind?

J: My mind is made up. I want Lexie.

I: I think it’s a little too late. She seems to want to get over you for good this time.

J: Just tell her to respond to me. That’s all I want. Please, Ian.

I: Sigh.

J: Please.

I: Alright. I will see what I can do.

J: Thank you.

I: ...

J: And I am sorry about the other night. I didn’t mean for things to go down that way.

I: You don’t need to apologize. I will talk to her.

J: Thank you. I owe you.

(Ian returns to Lexie’s chat.)

I: Sorry about that Lexie.

L: I thought you got abducted by aliens😂

I: Lol.

L: You alright?

I: Mm. Josh says you should respond to his message.

L: ...

I: Lex.

L: I don’t want to talk to him.

I: I know. He says if you don’t respond then he’ll be coming to your place. He’s kind of annoying me to talk to you for him.

L: Fine...I will respond to him, just so he leaves you alone.

I: Alright.

(She takes a deep breath. It has been a week since she has corresponded with Josh. The idea makes her anxious. She has been doing so well on her own, she doesn’t want to go back to that desolate place of pain and heartbreak.)

L: I am here.

J: Lexie. 😟

L: You wanted to talk to me. What is it?

J: I miss you.

L: ...

J: And I am sorry about everything. I didn’t mean to hurt you the way I did.

L: It’s so stale.

J: What is?

L: You apologizing. It has become worn out and it has lost its effect on me.

J: Don’t talk this way, please.

L: Did you think I was kidding?

J: ...

L: I am really done, Joshua. And I want to move on, so I think you should too.

J: Why are you saying this to me? :(

L: Because it’s the truth.

J: You’re fucking breaking my heart.

L: Well, mine is already broken. I am just trying to pick up the pieces. Please just let me.

J: Don’t do this to me.

L: Don’t waste your time. I don’t like you anymore.

(She swallows at the lie she just told him. But she is willing to say whatever she can so he leaves her alone. She’ll just have to fake it until she makes it.)

J: What do you mean you don’t like me anymore?

L: It means exactly what it means. My feelings have faded and I am no longer interested in you.

J: 😞Seriously?

L: Yes.

J: What can I do to change that, Lexie? I can’t see myself living without you. I ended things with Sab and I want to be all yours. Give me a chance.

L: I told you not to end things with her. Did you think it would make me happy? It makes me feel worse. And it makes me nothing but a man-snatcher as she said.

J: She texted you??

L: I just want all of this to stop. You’re killing me.

(Lexie has gone offline.)

J: Lexie. Please don’t leave yet. I still have things left to say.

J: 💔

J: Don’t leave.

(Josh calls Lexie)

(Lexie misses a call from Josh)

(Josh calls Lexie)

(Lexie misses a call from Josh)

L: Stop calling me😣

J: Don’t leave. I am sorry that I took this long to come to you. I made you suffer all alone and I am so sorry Lex.

L: You are not ready for love. You don’t understand what love is. And you’re practicing with my feelings and it hurts.

J: I’ll do better.

L: You don’t need to do better.

J: What can I do?

L: Nothing.

J: Lexie.

L: You don’t understand. This is not what I want anymore. Why can’t you get that? Why can’t you understand that I don’t want this anymore? What? Have I been so hung up on you for so long that I can’t want to move on?

J: Be honest with me. Have you fallen out of love with me?

L: ...

J: Have you?

L: Yes.

J: I don’t believe you.

L: Just leave me alone, Joshua.

J: I can’t do that. I need you.

L: You’re wasting your time.

J: Lexie. Please.

L: No. I don’t want this anymore.

J: You don’t mean that. You’re just angry.

L: Trust me, I do. I am tired, Goodnight.

J: No, don’t leave yet. I want us to talk this out.

(Lexie sends Josh an audio.)

L: •——(audio: 3:28)

J: What’s that?

L: I have nothing left to say so listen to that song instead. I guess most of it is what I want to say. Goodnight.

(Lexie has gone offline.)

Josh lays back against his pillows and loads up the audio, realizing that it’s the song ‘playing love’ by Isak Danielson. He plugs his earphones in and begins to listen, and soon his eyes gather moisture. He presses his bicep over his eyes and allows his tears to soak his skin. His heart is torn because he feels like he has lost her for good.


“When you’re holding my heart this way, you’re just tearing my heart in two.” —Isak Danielson.


A/N: Next update coming soon, stay tuned for more!♥️

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