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"'Cause I wished you the best of all this world could give. And I told you when you left me there’s nothing to forgive. But I always thought you’d come back, tell me all you found was heartbreak and misery. It’s hard for me to say, I’m jealous of the way you’re happy without me."—Labrinth.

Chapter Theme Song: ‘Jealous’ by Labrinth.

(N:B: Later down when Lexie enters the chat group, I will spell their names out so that it’s less confusing. Felt like putting it as a note so it doesn’t appear that I am being disorganized and inconsistent lol. :)


|| July 14, 2020

Time: 9:30pm

[An unknown number texts Lexie while she lies in bed.]


Unknown: Lex!!!!!!!

L: Who is this?

Unknown: Seriously? It’s Sean!

L: Oh.

(She wouldn’t know because she had deleted his number a few days ago along with Selene’s. She didn’t see the purpose of having it on her phone list.)

Se: Did you delete my number, Lexie? :(

L: What is it that you want?

Se: We had a thing. So just wanted to know if it’s still on.

L: Obviously not.

Se: I still want us to try though. How about we start over?

L: How about you try stealing some other girl’s virginity?

Se: Lol. What?

L: You just wanted to get in my jeans. That’s all. We both know that.

Se: Wow, no way. It was never about sex. I was genuinely feeling you.

L: Ha. I am sure you were.

Se: It’s not like you’re a virgin anyway. Heard you and Josh slept together.

L: It’s fake news.

Se: Kind of hard to believe that. I heard your voice hitting some sexy high keys in that audio. Lol. Phew. I could jerk off to it.

L: You’re disgusting, don’t text me back.

Se: Let’s start over, mm? I think we could be a power couple.

L: No. Goodbye and have a great life.

(Lexie blocked Sean.)

(Lexie just got a message from Ian.)

I: Goodnight👀

L: What’s up?

I: Missing you.

L: Lol. What?

I: I missed you all day. Football practice was hella tiring and now I am finally home, just took a shower and thinking about you.

L: Lol.

I: Why are you laughing? Lol

L: That sounds...intimate.

I: Maybe it is. 😏

L: ...

I: Did you miss me?

L: Um...I guess.

I: Lol you guess?

L: I thought about you now and then.

I: Lol alright. What are you doing right now?

L: Just lying in bed.

Five Minutes Later.

I: Interested in a chat room?

L: A chat room?

I: Yeah, my friend Derrick made a WhatsApp group, and I just feel like it’d be a good opportunity to unwind. You know, broaden your horizon, meet new friends.

L: Will Josh be a part of it?

I: 😬Maybe.

L: ...

I: You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

L: It’s fine. I’ll join.

I: Sure?

L: Yeah...

I: Alright.

Ten minutes later.

[Derrick Just Added Lexie to the group 'Love, Sex and Lust🥵💦']

(Lexie cringes at the name of the group, suddenly regretting having to join a chat room with such a sexual title. She hopes this doesn’t backfire on her. She clicks on the group and begins to read the messages.)

Merry24: Boys introduce yourselves!

Lunn5: I’m Lucas. Age 18 and I am single. Which one of you ladies looking for a guy with a six-pack?

Jessss: Arrogant much😂The only guy I have a thing for in this chat room is Josh. Josh baby, where are you????

Deerick: Lol, Josh ain’t feeling you, babe. Find another guy. He just got out of a relationship. He needs to heal.

Jessss: Shut up, Derrick. I’ll help him heal👅😏

Derrick: 😂😂😂😂Yo, Josh! Someone’s putting in their order!

Ian: Hey, Derrick. Did you add Lexie?

Josh: Lexie? Lexie is in the group??😳

(She tenses when she sees Joshua’s text. She’s not sure she can do this.)

Jessss: Josh is finally hereeeeee!!!!! Been missing you, baby.

Josh: Ian, did you just say Lexie is in this group?

Ian: Yeah, told Derrick to add her.

Derrick: Yeah, I just added her. But she’s so quiet. Lol.

Lunn5: Maybe she’s shy.

(Lexie sighs, deciding to send a text so it doesn’t appear that she’s socially weird.)

Lexie: Goodnight.

Ian: There she is😊

Derrick: Hey pretty girl👋

Lunn5: Hi. My name is Lucas and I have a six-pack.

Tev: Someone please delete this boy from the group😂😂😂😂

Jessss: Isn’t Lexie the girl that slept with Josh?

Josh: We didn’t sleep together.

Ian: Exactly, it was fake news.

Jessss: That’s not what Selene told me.

Josh: You spoke with Selene?

Jessss: We have the same chemistry class and we’re friends, so yeah. I’m going to add her to the group.

Josh: No! Don’t do that.

Jessss: Why?

Ian: Don’t add her, Jessica.

[Jessss added Selene.]

Derrick: Why the fuck did I make you an admin????🙄

Selene: Goooooodnighttttttt!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Josh: ...

Ian: ...

Derrick: ...

Lunn5: Hi. I have a six-pack.

Merry24: Delete him from the group, please💀

(Lexie sighs. It’s best she exits the group now.)

Selene: So, someone told me that the bitch, Lexie Simone, is in this group. Is she??????

Josh: Don’t you dare call her a bitch.

Ian: Watch your mouth, Selene.

Selene: Lol, so she has an army behind her, huh? Should have known what a coward that man-snatcher is.

Lexie: Don’t call me a man-snatcher.

(Lexie couldn’t stay quiet any longer.)

Selene: Lol. And there she is. Don’t you have an ounce of shame? You stole a girl’s boyfriend and then you’re pretending to be innocent. How sad and pathetic you are.

Jessss: Mm.💅

Selene: Covetous.

Lexie: You can say whatever you want to say about me, Selene.

Selene: So sad that Joshua fucking popped your cherry while being attached to someone else. You were a plan b, you slut.


Ian: Who is more of a slut than you? I can name five of my friends that know the brand of panties you wear.

Merry24: Oooooooo 😳😳😳😳Ian!

Ian: What? It’s facts.

Josh: We didn’t sleep together, told you that a million times. The fuck is your problem?

Selene: Stay out of this you two. I am talking to Lexie. The man-taker.

Lunn5: Hi. I have a six-pack.

Tev: Dude💀

Lexie: You have problems, Selene.

Selene: And you have fucking low self-esteem.

Merry24: Ayyyye. This group is on fire😂🔥

Josh: I think you’re the one with low self-esteem, Selene.

Ian: Lol💀

Selene: How am I the one with low self-esteem? I didn’t allow my best friend to touch me consistently without giving himself wholeheartedly to me.

Jessss: Preach!💅😂

Tev: Jesus, why do girls argue all the time? Damn. Can’t we all just live in peace?

Ian: To love someone with all your heart isn’t having low self-esteem. Maybe stop being self-centered for once and you would know what that’s like.

Selene: Lol. Sexting and masturbating via video chat with a guy that’s taken is having low self-esteem.

Josh: And so is sending me nudes then asking ‘do you think I am sexy naked’?

Tev: Woahhhhhh😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

Derrick: 😳😳😳😳😳😳Christ.

Merry24: Omg🤭

Selene: You’re a fucking asshole, Joshua!

Lunn5: Shit, I wanna see too. Forward the nudes to me, Josh.

Josh: I deleted it. Almost lost my fucking eyesight.

Jessss: Oh my🤭

Ian: 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

(Lexie cannot help smiling softly at Josh’s defense.)

Selene: You dick! Real men don’t kiss and tell.

Josh: And real friends don’t spread false rumors about their friends.

Selene: It is not a false rumor.

Josh: Lexie and I did not sleep together. And even if we did that has nothing to do with anyone.

Jessss: Well, is it true that she forced herself onto you?

Josh: No. If anything, I forced myself onto her. She loved me and I played with her feelings, and now I am paying the consequences. I love her, with everything in me, and I would appreciate it if you all could just leave her alone. She doesn’t need this drama. Please.

Ian: 😌

Derrick: Did you just say you love her, J?

Josh: Yeah. I love her.

Merry24: As a friend?

Josh: No. As more than that. I am deeply in love with her. She’s my whole world and more. Although we aren’t on good terms right now, she’ll always mean everything to me. We have been friends for a long time and I can’t imagine life without her. If she decides to never talk to me again, then...I deserve it. But I just want her to know that I am truly sorry and I will do anything to make things right.

Merry24: Awwwww🔥🥰I want a guy to love me that way.

Lunn5: 👀Babe, I am here. Single and waiting. With a sexy six-pack.

Merry24: 😂😂😂😂😂😊😊

Lunn5: Check your Dm’s😏

Merry24: Lol. Ok.

(Lexie finds herself smiling at her phone screen as she rereads the words Josh wrote. They are sweet, but she’s still scared to get close to him again. She can feel her heart beating loudly in her chest and she realizes that perhaps, she will never get over this boy. He’s her first love, and first love often stays with you for a lifetime.)


“You make the wanna leave the one I’m with and start a new relationship with you.” —Usher.


A/N: Next update coming soon, stay tuned for more!♥️

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