Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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Chat Song: ‘Sorry’ by Halsey.

“So I’m sorry to my unknown lover. Sorry that I can’t believe that anybody ever really starts to fall in love with me.”

A/N: I feel like this chapter would be better to read on Wattpad since I included some pictures and Inkitt doesn't allow me to post pictures in the body of my story. But I modified it the best I could so it can be read here. Hope it makes sense lol :)


|| Same Night
9:30 pm

[Lexie’s Location: On her bed watching TV when Ian texts her.]

I: Hey :)

(Smiling, she quickly responds to his message. Though her mom gave her the ‘permission’ to date Josh, lately Lexie has been feeling a little more drawn to Ian. She doesn’t have romantic feelings for him at this moment, but she sees where it could develop. So, now she has been trying her best to ignore the countless messages Josh has been leaving in her inbox, wanting to start a new...maybe with Ian.)

L: Heyyyy

I: Everything alright?

L: Yeah...I think so.

I: Lol. Everything will be fine. I have been wanting to ask you something since earlier today.

L: Okay, what is it?

I: Well, I was thinking that maybe we could go out sometimes. You know...

(Lexie smiles at her screen.)

L: You mean a date?

I: Lol. Yeah...something like that. We could get some ice cream then go to the movies. Anything you want.

L: Mm...okay. I would love that.

I: Awesome Lol. How about tomorrow? I have to go to a family dinner with my parents in the morning, so is five in the evening alright?

L: Yes, yes it is :)

[Lexie receives a text message from the group: ’Love, Sex and Lust🥵💦’]

Kelsi: Who’s here?! 👀

Lunn5: The six-pack god🙇‍♂️

Kelsi: You don’t have a six-pack. Boy, bye.

Lunn5: What?! My heart. What sort of atrocity is this? I am going to bless you with an image.

[Lunn5 sent an image.]

Derrick: Dude, there are guys in this group too! The fuck you sending your damn chest for?

Kelsi: Omg, you are such a liar, Lucas. That’s the actual image of Channing Tatum and you cropped off his head. I have the full image on my Pinterest and on my phone. I am going to send it here:

[Kelsi sent an image]

Mellll: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀I’m out.

Lunn5: Shit, must have sent that by accident. I am going to find the right photo, just gimme a sec.

Tev: Dude, why do you even have a photo of Channing Tatum on your phone? The fuck?💀

Lucas: Ahhhh! Here I am! Swarm me like motherfucking fishes, ladies😏

[Lunn5 sent an image]

Derrick: Lol that’s fucking Dean Winchester from the TV series Supernatural.

[Derrick sent the full image]


Lunn5: Shit, wrong image again. And why do you even have that image on your phone?

Derrick: ...

Jessss: Vaginas and Penises, I have arrived!🥰

Josh: Why are you people filling my gallery with all these shirtless pictures?

(Lexie grows rigid at Josh’s name.)

Kelsi: Apparently, Lucas doesn’t have a six-pac.

Merry24: Actually he does.

Derrick: And you would know that, how?????😏

Tev: They’ve been fooling around! Damn.

Jessss: Lol what’s the excitement for? That’s not a big deal. Is she the first woman to ever fool around with a guy?

Quaicy: Jealoussssssss.

Jessss: What? No. Not when I have Ian.

(Lexie narrows her eyes. Ian?)

Josh: Ian? What?

Ian: Lol.

Derrick: You’re dating Ian, Jessica?

Jessss: Yes.

Tev: Really? You liar😒Ian!!!! She’s lying on your name!

Ian: Lol.

Jessss: I am not lying. As a matter of fact, we are going out on a date tomorrow. He’s taking me for ice cream then the movies, so Quaicy, there is no need for me to be jealous😛

Derrick: WOW.

Tev: Damn. Jessica wants every man in this group. Chill, sis.

Quaicy: Smh.

Josh: Ian? I thought you were interested in Lexie?

Derrick: Yeah. You’ve been texting her a lot these days, right?

(Lexie waits for his response.)

Ian: Yeah...but just as friends.

Derrick: I thought you liked her.

Ian: Uh, well.

Jessss: Lexie?? Why is this girl walking around and stealing people’s boyfriends? Does she have a fetish for men that are taken?

Josh: Don’t be rude, or I’ll delete you from the group the same way I deleted Selene the other night.

Jessss: 😒

Ian: Sigh. Actually, Jessica is right though guys. We have been talking.

(Lexie shakes her head and exits the chat, not wanting to read further. But when her phone vibrates again, she is tempted to check it.)

Josh: And Lexie? What about her?

Ian: Sigh. Lexie and I are just friends. She’s going through a hard time, and I just want to console her. That’s all.

(Lexie sighs.)

Jessss: You heard that Lexie-the man snatcher? You can’t snatch this one this time around. Swiper no swiping🤚, swiper no swiping🤚, swiper no swiping!🤚Ugh mannnnn! Yaaaaaaay!

Mellll: Lol.

Tev: Shut up, Jessica.

Jessss: What I did to you, Tevin?

Tev: You girls fucking quarrel too much man. All the damn time, I’m sick of it. Putting down each other and shit like that.

Jessss: But taking someone’s man is glorified, huh?

Derrick: Get off that fucking topic, yo.

[Josh deletes Jessss from the group.]

Ian: Put her back.

Josh: Seriously? She’s talking bad things about Lexie.

Ian: Just put her back.

Mellll: I’ll do it.

(Mellll added Jessss.)

Jessss: Thank you, Queen👑

Mellll: 👑

Jessss: The men in this group are fucking hypocrites. Except for Ian, of course.

Josh: I feel like you embarrassed Lexie tonight, Ian.

Ian: What did I do?

Derrick: You know damn well what you did, bro.

Ian: I didn’t do anything.

Derrick: Don’t lead girls on with that nice shit. You fuck their heads up a lot more than if you were to be an asshole like me.

Ian: I didn’t lead her on.

Josh: Yeah, right.

(Lexie exits the chatroom dejectedly, noticing that Ian sent her a text outside of the group.)

I: Lex?

L: Yeah?

I: I am sorry, okay?

L: I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.

I: I don’t. Well, we have been talking but it isn’t official yet. We have been keeping it a secret. I am sorry I didn’t tell you.

L: Then why’d you kiss me?

I: I wanted to cheer you up.

L: You cheated on her.

I: Not really. We aren’t official yet. She flirts with other guys, and I flirt with other girls.

L: Girls?

I: ...yeah. I have a lot of female friends.

L: Okay.

(Lexie can’t help thinking that he’s just like Josh. Maybe all boys are like this.)

L: I almost thought you liked me. I am sorry.

I: No, don’t say you’re sorry.

L: I keep ruining people’s relationships. I should just really stay alone.

I: Lexie.

L: Goodnight.

I: Wait.

L: Yeah?

I: You’re pretty, and you’ll find a good person one day, I am sure.

L: Goodnight, Ian.

She presses the ‘home’ icon and put her phone aside. She wouldn’t say her heart is broken, but it sure hurts a lot thinking you were desired by someone and to just find out that you were another contact on their chat list.

She lays down beneath her covers, shifting onto her side and closing her eyes. It’s been a long day, and she doesn’t have the energy to think about everything tonight. She just needs to sleep.


Just a few more chaps until the end🖤✨Thank you so much for reading!

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