Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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Chat song: 'The One That Got Away' by Brielle Von Hugel.

"In another life, I would be your girl. We'd keep all our promises, be us against the world. In another life, I would make you stay. So I don't have to say you were the one that got away."


|| July 16, 2020

12:00 pm

[Josh's Location: On his living room couch watching TV when he decides to text Sabrina.]

J: Sab?

(An hour later.)

Sa: Hi. Changed your mind?

J: Sigh. No.

Sa: I figured.

J: I just wanted to say that I am sorry.

Sa: What's with everyone and their apologies lately? You guys should really save it. I don't need the pity.

J: I did you dirty; I know that, and I am sorry.

Sa: There is nothing that you can do about it. Your heart is just not with me anymore and I guess that's just how it goes.

J: You're an awesome person and you will certainly find someone who will love you for you.

Sa: I guess.

J: I still remember the day we first met, you were cheering for your school's football team and I was playing for mine. I don't regret that moment at all. You taught me so many things and you pulled out sides of me that I didn't even know existed. You are an amazing person.

(Josh watches as Sabrina begins typing, then stops, then begins typing again.)

Sa: I don't regret it either.

J: I am sorry. I still love you Sab, but not in the way I once used to.

Sa: Joshua why exactly did you decide to text me? Are you trying to stir my emotions up or something? I am doing fine and you're reminding me of a lot of things I just want to forget.

J: I just wanted to say I am sorry. That's why I texted. I felt like I did you wrong, and I need to apologize for that.

Sa: It's alright. Let it go.

J: If you still want to be friends, I'll always be here.

Sa: K. We can talk now and then, I guess.

J: Okay.

Sa: Mm...

(Two minutes later.)

J: So... see you around then?

Sa: Maybe. I hope you and Lexie work out.

J: Well, she's ignoring me right now. I don't think she's going to open up to me ever again. I'd be lucky if she decides to give me a chance.

Sa: Well, I hope it works out for you.

J: Yeah...

Sa: Well, then. I have ballet practice to get to, so I'll talk to you another time. Whenever that will be.

J: Okay.

Sa: Mm. Bye.

(Josh can tell that her farewell isn't only for now, but probably for their entire lifetime. He doesn't think they will be able to talk to each other normally after everything that has happened. Maybe they will become two strangers now.)

J: Bye, Sab.

(Sabrina has gone offline.)

[Josh decides to test his luck by sending Lexie another text, hoping that she'll pity him this time around by responding.]

J: Hi.

(Ten minutes later.)

L: Hi.

(Josh jolts up in his spot, blinking his eyes at the text for a few seconds. He can't believe she replied.)

J: What's up?

L: ...I am watching TV.

J: Me too.

L: Okay...

J: What movie are you watching?

L: I am watching Sponge-bob.

J: Oh. I am watching a movie with Denzel Washington.

L: Okay.

J: I am happy you responded to me.

L: Okay.

J: Yeah. Even though you're texting really weird, I am grateful.

L: Yeah...

J: Have you heard from Ian?

L: Nah. He hasn't texted me since I found out about everything.

J: Oh.

L: But that's alright. I prefer staying far away from guys with girlfriends. I have learned my lesson.

J: ...

L: ...

J: Ian is a player. He just does it in the 'decent' way. Which is why I wasn't happy about him talking to you.

L: Yeah, well, I am glad I realized that.

J: Yeah.

L: Yup.

J: You remember the night we played Never Have I Ever?

L: Yeah.

J: I went to bed thinking about you that night. And it wasn't because of the sexual questions we were asking each other. I just realized how easily I could bond with you. I felt at home texting you. I felt contented.

L: ...

J: You are the best friend a guy could ask for.

L: ...

J: Lexie if you give me a chance, I promise I will never hurt you. I promise from the bottom of my heart that I will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Please give me a chance to show you how much I love you.

L: Josh😔

J: I really do love you, Lexie.

L: ...

J: Words cannot express how much I love you.

(Two minutes later.)

L: I love you too.

(Josh stares at his phone screen, wondering if he read correctly.)

J: What?

L: I love you too. I really do.

J: 😢

L: And I want to be with you too, but I need some time.

J: Time?

L: Yeah. Some time to work on me. Give me four weeks. Four weeks to work on me, and then I'll be all yours. If you wait for me...then we can be together, but if you get tired of waiting and find someone else, we'll just take that as destiny.

J: I will wait for you. No matter how long it takes.

L: Josh.

J: I promise. I love you, and I don't want to lose you. If I have to wait for a lifetime, I will.

L: 😊

(Josh smiles at his screen.)

J: That emoji has me on cloud nine😊🙆‍♂️

L: Lol🙂

J: Thank you. For at least giving me some hope.

L: Thank you too.

J: For what?

L: For loving me back.

J: 🙂❤️

L: No heart emojis until the four weeks are over.

J: Damn. Lol. Can I come over and watch Sponge-bob with you?

L: No and you can't come by here until the four weeks are over as well.

J: Ugh. Torture.

L: 😊

J: I am tempted to send you some kiss faces.

L: Don't you dare. Plus my mom says we can't meet in my room anymore.

J: Wait, why?

L: Because she knows we like each other.

J: 😯You told her?

L: Mm.

J: Been talking about me, I see😏

L: Shut up. I just wanted some advice.

J: And what did she tell you?

L: That giving up and not taking risks may cause a lot of regret in the future.

J: 🙂I love your mom.

L: So we will have to meet in the living room until we're eighteen.

J: Lol alright. No problem.

L: Lol okay.

J: Wanna FaceTime then?

L: Lol sure.

J: Alright!!!!!

L: No sexual stuff though.

J: I know lol. I didn't have that in mind.

L: Riiiiiight.

J: Lol I really didn't.

L: Alright. Lol🙂

Chapter Ending Song: 'Wait For You' by Elliot Yamin. (This song can be found on Wattpad at the bottom of the chapter.)
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