Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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It Was Always You (The End)

Chat Song: ‘You Belong With Me’ by Taylor Swift.

"Can’t you see that I am the one who understands you, been here all along, so why can’t you see? You belong with me."


|| August 30, 2020

7:30 pm

[Joshua’s Location: On his bed texting Ian.]

J: You’re a real motherfucker.

I: Dude, it has been over a freaking month now. I apologized to her; what else must I do?

J: You always act like you’re better than me, or like you’re the righteous one, but you’re the biggest dick among us.

I: Remember that you’re the one who hurt Lexie first, so don’t act like some saint. I was trying to help her heal.

J: By leading her on.

I: You’re the pro at that. Don’t forget.

J: Fuck you.

I: I am just waiting for the moment you’ll grow tired of her.

J: Ha. You’ll be waiting forever. Lexie has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and living a life without her would be equal to living none. I love her, and I will never grow tired of her. Ever.

I: You’re cocky for someone who isn’t even her boyfriend.

J: I am waiting until she’s ready.

I: Whatever. Jess is calling me, so see you.

J: Have fun with your ‘shared’ girlfriend. She’s open to everyone like an unsecured WiFi network.

I: Man, fuck you.

(Josh smirks to himself before exiting Ian’s chat and entering Lexie’s.)

J: Finish with your shower?

(Ten minutes later.)

L: There was a bug in the bathroom; I almost slid on my butt🤯

J: Lol. Still scared of bugs?

L: Yes! Just as much as you hate rats.

J: Lol. Keyword ‘hate.’ I hate them, but I am not afraid of them.

L: Mm.

J: Lol I wouldn’t run away from them to the point of almost slipping on my butt.

L: Whatever😝

J: What are you going to do now?

L: Get dressed, get some ice cream, and watch some movies.

J: Sounds super cool.

L: You?

J: Just gonna head to bed.

L: Oh...

J: What?

L: I kind of thought you would ask to come by.

J: Oh. You said I wasn’t allowed to come by until you say so...

L: Yeah, but it has been over a month now. I haven’t seen you in a while.

J: 😏

L: What?

J: Do you or do you not want me to come over, Lexie?

L: ...

J: Mm?

L: Obviously, I want you to come over. Do I have to spell it out, Josh?

J: Lol no, I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I have relinquished all control to you. I am willing to do whatever you say. Like a puppet on a string. Just say the word.

L: 😌Control is nice.

J: Is it?😋

L: Alright. I order you to come over right this instant.

J: I’m already in my car, buckling up my seatbelt😏

L: Lol, get here fast. Please.

J: I’m on it!

Lexie smiles to herself as she places her cellphone on her nightstand. She opts for a blue summer dress before sitting in front of her vanity and combing the knots out of her hair. She ties it back into a small bun and applies some lotion onto her skin.

It has been over a month now since she had last seen Joshua, and so far, he has been respecting all her wishes. Lexie feels as though the tables have turned; she now has the power to make or break him. If she tells him not to call, he doesn’t. If she tells him to do something, he doesn’t question the demand. She must admit that the dominion feels good.

Soon, she hears the loud engine of his car as it pulls up outside her house. She smiles to herself as she climbs off her bed and makes her way to the window in her room. She pulls back the curtains and peers down below where Joshua is climbing out of his car, dressed in a black hoodie and a pair of blue jeans. He looks up to where she stands, and a broad smile forms on his face.

Lexie’s complexion changes to a flushed red. She misses him so much. Her mother and sister aren’t home tonight, and so they will have the house all to themselves. She figures that this is exactly what they need. A moment to be alone. It has been so long since they have reveled in each other’s presence.

She makes her way downstairs and opens the door, instantly greeted by his mild cologne and his white teeth as his mouth separates in a lopsided grin.

“Did I get here fast enough?” He asks, jamming his hands into his pockets.

She smiles, trying to hide how excited she is to see him. She has to keep that control. “Yeah, faster than I thought you would.”

Josh’s catlike eyes squint as he laughs, something she likes to see, as he steps in past her. His scent invading her nostrils. She closes the door upon his entry and begins to lead the way to her room.

“My mom and sister are out. They will be back later, though.”

Josh nods as he climbs the stairs behind her. “What happened to ‘we can’t meet in your room until we’re eighteen?’”

Lexie swings to him, pressing a finger to her lips, and Joshua laughs.

“I like the hide and seek.” He smirks as he enters her room behind her.

She crashes on her bed with a sigh, and Joshua remains rooted in his position by the door.

Lexie tilts her head in confusion. “Why are you standing there?”

A faint blush creeps on his face as he rubs his nape. “I-I am just waiting for you to instruct me to come over. I don’t want to invade your personal space.”

Is he serious?

“Joshua, don’t overdo this.” Lexie rolls her eyes and gets off her bed, walking up to him and grabbing him by the hand. “I want you to sit next to me. You’re not invading my space. The control is good, but stop being so...stiff.”

Joshua laughs a little. “Okay. I’ll loosen up.”

“Yes, please.” She smiles at him as he sits on the bed, looking up at her.

“Are you comfortable?” She checks, and he nods, smiling.


“Good. I’ll be right back.” She quickly escapes downstairs to retrieve the two tubes of chocolate ice cream from her fridge. When she returns, Joshua is lying on his back with his head in his palms, his shoes now off leaving his grey socks as he watches an episode of Sponge-bob on her TV. She smiles at his comfort. It’s nice having him under her every command, but she prefers when he is relaxed. This is what she’s used to.

She joins him on the bed, and he sits up a bit too quickly, subtly sliding away and creating a little space between them. Lexie notices and frowns but chooses not to say anything as she hands him a tub.

“Thanks.” He smiles.

She jams her spoon in the brown cream while she side-eyes him. He is silently putting a portion of his into his mouth while his eyes are fixed on the cartoon.

Lexie sighs loudly, unable to withstand her concern. “Could you stop being like this?”

He looks over at her, and she takes notice of how edgy he becomes as if he’s scared to offend her. As if he’s walking on eggshells.

“What did I do? I’ll change.”

“Joshua, I don’t like this.” She puts the dessert on the nightstand and crosses her arms against her chest.

“What don’t you like?” He puts his tub down before turning to her with worry. “Do you want me to go? Are you uncomfortable with me being here?”

“No, that’s not it. I just hate it when you’re this dense. It’s like you’re afraid to offend me, and it makes us feel like two strangers.”

He sighs and looks away, scratching the top of his head. “I am just trying to respect you, Lexie. We aren’t dating yet and—”

“I want us to.”

Joshua meets her eyes again, taken off guard by her confession. “What...?”

“I want us to date now. I can’t be away from you any longer. I miss us. And I want us to—”

Joshua pulls her into a tight hug suddenly, pressing his lips to her head as he closes his eyes. He then realizes how forward he’s being, and in a bid not to offend her, he tries to pull away. But Lexie won’t allow him, wrapping her arms tightly around him and pressing her cheek to his sternum.

“I love you, Josh. And thank you for respecting and waiting for me.”

Joshua’s lips stretch in a smile, and his hold on her strengthens. “I love you more, Lexie. So much more. And I am sorry about everything that I have put you—”

“I have already forgiven you, Jay. I just want us to move forward. And I just need you to stop being so damn weird...”

He chuckles lightly, his chest vibrating as he does, and Lexie frowns and pulls away. “I am serious. Stop acting like I am some creepy villain. Let’s forget our past and start over afresh. I am willing to do that.”

Joshua nods his head, happiness and satisfaction glowing in his unique eyes. “I have been waiting to hear that for so long, Lexie. I was fearful that after the month ends, you would change your mind about us. I was scared. I was scared because I know I don’t deserve you. But I can’t lose you...I really can’t.”

His eyes grow a tad limpid, and Lexie’s pair is an accurate mirror of them.

She presses her forehead against his, and he closes his eyes as a single drop of a tear slides along his cheek.

Their lips brush against each other, and they breathe in the same air. Tentatively, Josh pushes his head forward and closes the small space left between them.

The kiss awakens the butterflies in her abdomen as he expertly slips his tongue in, waltzing the corners of her mouth. He groans into the kiss as he lifts his hand to cup her cheek.

As it grows more heated, Lexie lays onto her back while Josh hovers above her, his mouth not leaving hers a second, not even to breathe. She wraps her arms around his neck while he palms the bed to keep his weight above her. The inkling of joy within her grows to the point of almost exploding in her chest, but then Joshua suddenly breaks the kiss, causing her to look up at him in confusion.

“What is it?” She asks softly.

He blows his cheeks out, and she sees how nervous he is under the dim room lamp. “I-I don’t want us to go too far. I don’t want to force you—”

“You’re not forcing me, Josh.”

“I know, but...we don’t have to do this, at all.” He says breathlessly.

“I know that...but I want us to.” She smiles a little.

Josh sighs. “Are you sure?”

To prove that, she guides his head down again, pressing her lips against his.

His hand roams her body while his tongue roams her mouth. Their bodies pressing together. Soon, their both unclothed and wrapped up in each other, getting lost in the pleasure and euphoria encompassing them.

Each thrust, each touch, and each caress causes new feelings of adoration to spring within them. Josh is gentle and careful as he makes love to her, and Lexie savors in the moment of her first time.

For once in her life, being intimate with Josh doesn’t scare her, but makes her happy to anticipate what lies ahead for both of them.

She loves him, and probably forever will. And for the first time, she feels free. No longer hopelessly trapped into the painful hole called the friendzone.

•The End•

Thank you everyone for your support on this story!! I originally created this dialogue story for fun, but I am amazed that it was loved by so many of you🙂🖤Thank you so much for all your loyal support, it is appreciated and won’t be forgotten!✨

Much love & Merry Christmas when it comes!!!!

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