Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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Chat Song: ‘Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m bored’ by Ariana Grande.

“Why can’t we just play for keeps? Practically on my knees but I know I shouldn’t think about it.”


Sunday May 10 2020

7:00 pm

Lexie’s Location: On her bed, browsing through Netflix.

S: I think you should give up on Josh.

L: WOW thank you for the advice, Selene!

S: No honestly, it makes no sense. We both know that he’ll never ever come to like you more than a friend. You’re like a female version of his little brother, Jayden.

L: You are such a great friend. How sweet of you to compare me to Josh’s four-year-old brother. I mean he’s cute and all but that hurt.

S: Lol! Why hurt yourself, though? You should definitely go out with Sean, he’s cute too.

L: I don’t like Sean anymore.

S: Maybe if you hang around him sparks will fly. I’m going to give him your number.

L: No!

S: 🙄Come on.

L: I don’t like him so I won’t lead him on.

S: So you have decided to remain hung up on Josh all your life. What will it take for you to see that he’ll never like you that way? I love you and all but come on, we both know you’re not exactly Josh’s type.

L: And what is Josh’s type?

S: Don’t be offended but you’re a bit too skinny, he likes them with a little ass.

L: Okay. I’ve known Josh a lot longer than you, remember we met you in seventh grade. He’s not exactly about the ‘ass’ only.

S: But you also have very small titties. You can’t have small ass and chest, pick a struggle! lol

L: ....

S: I’m kiddingggg, you’re amazing and I love you, I just don’t want to see you hurt. Just take my advice, I mean you well.

L: Okay. I will try to give up on him but I’m still not texting Sean.

S: Okay, whatever floats your boat, Gah, I’m already so happy for you!!!! You’re on your way to healing, sister!🤗

L: You’re extra.

S: I know😊


The Same Night.

8:30 pm

Josh’s location: At home, in the shower.

S: Psssttttt

(Joshua is just stepping out of the shower when his phone vibrates from his bathroom’s cupboard. He retrieves it with wet hands, discovering a message from Selene.)

J: What do you need now Selene?

S: FaceTime me.

J: I can’t.

S: Whyyyyy?😫

J: I just got out of the shower and I am not in the mood.

S: Are u naked?

J: ....

S: Can I see?

J: Wtf?

S: Lol! I’m kidding😂You’re so fucking loyal.

J: I have to meet up with my friends, plus I have to drop my girlfriend home, so I’ll text you another time.

(Instantly, his cellphone vibrates with another message from her. He realizes she sent an image and curiously clicks on it, only to discover that it is a clear picture of her naked. He exits her chat quickly and closes his eyes, attempting to erase the vivid image out of his head. He’s a guy after all, how could she send something that inappropriate? He blows his cheeks out then taps a response.)

J: What the fuck?

S: 😳Oh God, I am so sorry, you weren’t supposed to get that. I think I sent it by accident.

A few seconds later...

S: I’m sorry Josh, I’m so embarrassed.

J: It’s fine, I deleted it.

S: Please don’t tell anyone I sent you that.

J: Okay.

S: ....did you like what you saw, though?

J: What?

S: Sometimes I get really insecure about myself. Do you think I’m attractive naked?

(A text pops up from Josh’s friend Ian and he is more than elated to get away from Selene’s weird antics.)

J: I have to go, later.

S: Can I call you later?

J: Why?

S: So we can talk.

J: I’ll probably be tired when I get back.

S: 😪Okay.

J: Yeah. See you.

(Josh shakes his head and exits her chat, reaching for a towel off his rack.)


“I know it ain’t right. But I don’t care.” —Ariana Grande.

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