Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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Rainy Days and You

Chat Song: ‘Bad Things’ by Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello.

“I want you forever. Even when we’re not together.”


Monday May 11 2020

6:00 am

Lexie’s Location: In bed, under the covers.

L: Josh, did you get the message from the school? They said there won’t be classes today because of the heavy rain.

(After sending the text to Josh, Lexie notices that he hasn’t been online since 3 am this morning. She figures he is still asleep and so she plugs her headphones in and decides to listen to Billie Eilish while she waits for him to wake up. The rain is beating hard against her windows and the sun has also decided to take a vacation, causing her room to appear dark as if it’s still night out. The atmosphere is cool and cozy, and she wraps up beneath her duvet as she gets lost in her music. A message pops up onto her phone screen and she bobs her head while she taps it open.)

Unknown: Hey

L: 🤨Who is this?

Unknown: Sean😏

L: 😳How did you get my number?

Se: Selene gave it to me😉

(Lexie closes her eyes, desperately wishing she could hold Selene and squeeze her throat. She never listens.)

Se: How are you?

L: I’m fine, you?

Se: Super happy that we don’t have classes today.

L: Same here.

Se: So tell me about yourself?

L: What do you want to know?

Se: Lol. Do you have a boyfriend?

L: No.

Se: Really? I thought Josh was your boyfriend, you spend an awful amount of time around him at school.

L: That’s cause he’s my best friend.

Se: —With benefits

L: No😐

Se: Don’t tell me y’all have never slept together.

L: He’s my best friend and that only.

Se: Okay...

L: Yes.

Se: So are you a virgin?

(She rolls her eyes, she hates guys who jump the gun and chases straight for the inappropriate questions. Sean has just given her another reason to be uninterested.)

L: Seriously?

Se: Lol I was kidding. I am not that kind of guy. But you can still answer if you want to.

L: I don’t want to.

Se: 🤷‍♂️Suit yourself.

Two minutes later...

Se: The rain is tearing my place up, how is the condition at your side?

L: Outside is really dark.

Se: Same here. I’m cold.

L: Me too.

Se: Should I come warm you up?😏

L: I’m fine.

Se: Lol. Alright.

Two minutes later...

Se: I’m lonely here, I’m the only one in my house and I am all the way upstairs, in my bed and my room is dark as fuck😂

(She rolls her eyes for the second time, she has no idea why he feels the need to tell her that. It is not like she cares.)

Se: Imagine if you were here.

(She knows where this is heading.)

Se: What are you wearing right now?

(She knew it.)

L: Clothes.

Se: Lol. Obviously. What kind and what are you wearing underneath them?😏

(She has had it. She exits his chat and deletes his number, frowning in annoyance. She notices that Josh has finally responded to her message and she clicks on it immediately, ready to vent.)

J: Good morning. I literally just opened my eyes. I can hardly see your text box. :-)

L: Sean is a dick!😒

J: What did he do?

L: I’ll screenshot the texts.

J: Alright.

(Images attached and sent to Josh.)

Five minutes later...

L: Have you read them?

J: That asshole😡If he texts you back I’ll kill him. He only wants sex.

L: I figured.😒I wasted my time crushing on such a prick.

J: He better not let me catch him looking at you at school. I’ll beat his fucking face in.

(Lexie smiles to herself. She loves when Josh is overprotective of her.)

L: He is not worth your energy, Josh.

J: But you are worth my energy and I won’t let a guy disrespect you ever.

L: 😊Thank you.

J: Don’t thank me, it is my duty to protect and care for you.❤️

(The words he sent causes her mind to swirl with hope and dreams, but she shakes her head and changes the topic a bit.)

L: I can’t understand boys. They are weird creatures that always seem to think with their genitals. Does every guy do that? Like, ask girls what they’re wearing and stuff like that? Do you do that?

J: Well.

L: ??

J: To be honest, yes. But I only do that with my girlfriend, because she’s my girl, not someone I just met. So yeah...I do ask her what she’s wearing sometimes.

L: Oh. Why though?

J: Lol, what do you mean, ‘why?’

L: Why is what she’s wearing relevant?

J: Lol lmao!

L: 😒Don’t laugh at me.

J: I’m not. It’s relevant because it helps me to picture how she looks at the moment. I feel closer to her that way.

L: Oh. So do you ask her that all the time that you’re away from her?

J: No...I only ask her when I want to have phone sex or I want us to sext or something.

L: What on earth is sext????

J: It’s texting but in a sexual manner. It’s sex with words via phone. Dirty talks.

L: Strange.

J: 😂it’s not. When you get a boyfriend, you’ll understand.

L: I don’t think I ever will. What is it like?

J: Sexting?

L: Yeah.

J: It’s nice. Not as great as the real thing but it helps to keep me sane until I see her.

L: Oh. Interesting.

J: Lol. I can show you.

L: Show me what?

J: What sexting is like. Do you want to try it with me?

L: 😳.....

J: I will just be teaching you for your future boyfriend, you seem a bit too naive. Lol

(Lexie thinks hard about Josh’s suggestion. She knows agreeing to this will be dangerous. What if after this little ‘trial’ her feelings grow to a higher peak where it’s harder to control? She’s scared...but she’s also curious.)

L: Okay...we can.

J: Great. Then let’s begin😏


“Nothing’s that bad, if it feels good. So you come back like I knew you would. And we’re both wild. And the night’s young. And you’re my drug, breathe you in ’til my face numb.” —Machine Gun Kelly.

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