His Royal Love-Child

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A love story between a half-breed and a dragon shifter. When one night of deceit and passion gives birth to anger, jealousy, obsession and a shocking revelation. Will Emrys and Magnus be able to withstand the pressures of their illicit affair?

Romance / Fantasy
Mpreg Queen
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This story takes place in a setting in the distant galaxy. There are eight planets with distinct climates, species and hemispheres, differentiating from each other.

Planet Eurasia

A green-blue planet with oceans, rivers, and a rich landscape and a clean, filtered atmosphere. It's inhabitants are elves and faeries who possess mint-green hair and amethyst eyes. They possess the power to create life and manipulate nature.

Planet Moxo

A red planet with lots of volcanoes and and magma rivers. It's hot at day and cool at night despite its usual humid temperature. It's the planet inhabited by the dragon-shifters who has auburn and red hair with green eyes.

Planet Xenon

Grey planet with an almost barren land. The air is breathable and a lot of geysers reside there. Its inhabitants are hideous beings with dark hair, some silver with husky statures.

Planet Zantha

Black planet. Mostly a metallic city with flashing lights and organized structures which is clean and modernized. The inhabitants are fair-skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes, some with brunette hair and brown eyes.

Planet Janza

Forest Green Planet which is gassy. Only its inhabitants can withstand the gas unless you are injected with the vaccine upon arrival. The inhabitants of this planet possess hunter-green hair with grey eyes. This kind of species can kill you instantly with their poisonous kiss or touch in some cases.

Planet Vesca

White planet, it snows a lot but it's not as cold as Alpathia. The winters are short and spring comes forth but the duration is short.. The atmosphere is pure and clean. This species are platinum-haired with grey eyes. They manipulate water and ice.

Planet Alpathia

Blue Planet with a cold climate. Igloos are used to live in the north where it's much colder. The other sections of the Planet are less frigid and bearable. They can manipulate the air and water as well as ice.

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