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Chapter 3

I looked at the person who bumped into me but they were already gone.

I knock on the door of the principal’s office and she lets me in. I tell her who I am and she gives my locker code, my schedule and some books.

I go to my locker and see that some girls are standing there. They are wearing cheerleader uniforms.

“Hey can you maybe move, you are standing in front of my locker.”

“Sure, are you the new girl?”

“Yeah I am Phoebe”

“Okay, hey I am Stacey. You are new so you don’t really know the social status. I am the most important girl at this school. And the cheerleaders are also popular. So if you want to be popular, join the cheerleaders.”

“No thanks, I’d rather be not popular than be a cheerleader and just follow you everywhere. But nice to meet you Stacey.”

I walk away to my first class because the bell went already. I hear Stacey say “you will wish you never said that” but I don’t really care about being popular. I only care about my job.

My first class is English, one of my favorites. I come in and see that everyone is already seated. There is only one chair left and guess next to who?

Next to my job, Tyler Bambini. The son of the maffia boss.

The teacher says I have to introduce myself.

“Hello I am Phoebe Morgan. I am half American, half Belgian. My dad and I moved here yesterday for his job. We lived in SaltLake City for 7 years and before that we lived in Belgium. I have never been to school before, I had been home schooled my whole life.”

“Thank you Phoebe. You may sit next to Tyler there.”

I went to my seat and I saw that Tyler was staring at me the whole lesson.

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