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Chapter 4

When class was over, Tyler immediately got out. I thought it was strange, so I followed him. He is my job after all.

When I got out of the class room, I didn’t see him so I just went to my next class. French.

I am good in French because in Belgium they speak 3 languages, Dutch, French and German. I am best in Dutch because it’s the language I speak the most and French is the language I speak less but also much.

When I got in French, I saw Stacey. She saw me too and gave me an angry look.

I just looked away and told the teacher who I was. I had to introduce myself in French.

“Salut tout le monde. Je m’appelle Phoebe, je suis née en Belgique mais j’ai habité aux États-Unis depuis j’avais dix ans. Et hier j’ai déménagé ici.”

Hello everybody. My name is Phoebe, I am born in Belgium but I have been living in the US since I was 10 years old. And yesterday I moved here.

“Très bien Phoebe, you can sit there.”

Very good

She shows me the seat next to a girl with big glasses.

“Hi I’m Jess” she says. “What class do you have next?”

“I think I have Math next.”

“Oh me too!”

I can already tell we’ll be good friends.

We talked a little during class because she only said things I already know since I was 6 years old.

Jess and I went to Math together and we sat together. When math was over, it was lunch time. I am sitting with Jess and her friends.

"Phoebe, I want you to meet Alex, Alex this is Phoebe, she is new here"

"Hey Phoebe, aren't you the girl with the bike who everyone is talking about?"

"I guess so"

Alex is a boy with blue eyes and blonde hair. He wears a jacket of the school basketball team. He is kind of cute.

"Phoebe this is Mai, Mai this is Phoebe" Jess continued.

"Hi Phoebe, I think we have English together, haven't we?"

"Yeah I think so"

Mai is a long girl with straight black hair and brown eyes. She looks athletic.

We were eating for a while untill Jess asks something.

"Why is he staring at you, Phoebe?"



I look behind me and see indeed that Tyler is staring at me.

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