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Chapter 5

“I don’t know, what do you guys know about him?” I ask.

“He is like the hottest boy in this school.” Mai begins.

“Hey what about me? I am your boyfriend” Alex says.

“Yeah but you are another kind of hot” Mai says and then she kisses him.

“Okay guys stop it” Jess says, “Tyler is the school’s bad boy, he almost never go to classes and there are rumours that his father works for the mafia.”

“What? That is so crazy” I say.

“Yeah, what? Why is he coming to our table?” Mai says.

“Hey, are you Phoebe?” Tyler asks.

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, I’ve introduced myself in English you know? The class where I sit next to you?” I answered.

“Wow no need to be like that. I just wanted to say I’m sorry for bumping into you this morning.”

“Was that you? It’s nothing, so I’ll see you around in English?”

“Yeah, maybe more.” He mumbles while he is going back to his table.

At his table I see his friends. I recognize them from the pictures I got from my father. On the right of Tyler, sits Benjamin but everyone calls him Benji. He has black curly hair, blue eyes and is fully dressed in black. On the left of Tyler, Michael sits but everyone calls him Mike. He has black eyes and blonde hair. Both of them work for Tyler's father.

In front of Tyler sits Stacey, of course. She stands up and goes to Tyler. And of course she sits on Tyler’s lap. She kisses him everywhere but Tyler isn’t really paying attention to her, he is the whole time looking at me.

He has a certain look in his beautiful green eyes. His black hair is a bit messy but I like it like that. I look away for a while to look at the cafetaria.

At one table, you see the jocks. Every time a girl walks by they whistle. At another table, you see the cheerleaders. They all have super short skirts and they look a little slutty.

Then you have the table with the nerds who are reading. Then there are a couple of tables with just friend groups. The last table is the table where we're sitting.

I look back at Tyler's table and suddenly Stacey is looking at me. She looks angry. She comes to our table.

“Stop looking at my man!” She yells.

“I can look at whoever I want.” I say back. "And by the way I wasn't looking at 'your' man. I was just looking around me."

It becomes real silent in the cafetaria and everyone is now looking at Stacey and me.

“You want to mess with me? I’ll make your life a living hell”

“Oh I can’t wait for that.” I say back. "My life is already a living hell." I mumble.

I stand up and go to the hallway. When I am in the hallway I decided I wanted to go outside.

So I went to the football field and sat on the bleachers. I put my earphones in my phone and listen to some music.

Tell me pretty lies, look me in the face

Tell me that you love me, even if it’s fake

’Cause I don’t fucking care at all

You been out all night, I don’t know where you been

You’re slurring all your words, not making any sense

But I don’t fucking care at all

"Wow you have a beautiful voice" someone says.

I open my eyes and see him standing in front of me. I didn't realise I was singing.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"I saw you leaving after your talk with Stacey, so I wanted to apologize" Tyler says.

"You don't have to apologize, Stacey did it and I really don't care what Stacey does or says"

"Wow you really are special" he says. "Why did you run away?"

"I am not in the mood for a fight right now so I went away, I don't really care what people think of me"

"Oh yeah I didn't really introduce myself. I am Tyler Bambini."

I already knew that but he doesn't have to know that.

"Bambini, that's Italian. Isn't it?"

"Yeah my father is Italian and my mother is American."

"Have you been to Italy before?"

"Yeah, every year. You?"

"Yeah, 3 times" after I say that I run away because the bell rang.

"Wait" he says, "Am I going to see you again?"

"Yeah in English, bye Bambini"


Tyler's pov

When I saw her in the hallway I thought she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. But when she was talking to Stacey like that she was perfect.

She has beautiful wavy brown hair and the prettiest green eyes I've ever seen. And I heard she has a bike. She really is perfect.

I went looking for her because she ran away after the incident with Stacey.

I thought where she could be and just went outside. I saw her sitting on the bleachers and she was singing so beautifully it was like the voice of an angel. I went to her and we talked a little.

After every word she said, I thought she was more and more perfect. But I can't think of her

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