Cecilion's Arrow

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"Life is random chaos, not a predetermined path." It ain't your ordinary Cupid and Psyche love story that starts and ends romantically. It is a story about love, hatred, and doubts. KM, an aspiring pianist, and Felix, an unemployed man full of mysteries. Ang kanilang pagtatagpo ay isang mere coincidence lang ba o isang predetermined circumstance? Nang madiskobre nila ang totoong katauhan ng isa't isa, anong sakripisyo at desisyon ang kanilang pipiliin?

Romance / Fantasy
Kale Onse
Age Rating:


“What would you do for love?”

“I’ll become a better man” — Felix

“Maghihintay ako sa tamang panahon at oras” — Jethro

“I’ll do everything for love” — Dwayne

“Kaya kong magsakripisyo ng aking sariling kaligayahan” — Nathan

“Hindi ka iiwan kahit na ilabas mo ang pinakaworst side ng pagkatao mo” — Valerie

“Happiness. Joy. Delight. Love is bright. Ang pag-ibig ay ang pagbibigay ng saya at kaligayan sa taong ’yong minamahal” — Julius

“Love does not forget. Makalimutan ko man ang lahat, mananatili ka pa din sa puso ko. My love will never fade, it’ll be forever constant.” — KM

“And you, what would you do for love?”

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