In The Name of Life

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Life is worth living when you can see the beauty that embraces the world. However, Sophie Lim, was tested by life, faith and love. Her hope, patience and determination was measured when she became totally blind and her schoolmates bullies her, underestimating her potentials and degrading her. Fortunately, Sophie was blessed with both a beautiful face and heart. She possessed a rarest golden voice among the students of the school she was studying in. Hence, there will always be someone who will envy her life, without knowing her sacrifices and sufferings. Yhen and her friends, hated Sophie so much especially when Xian Lingxing, likes Sophie the blind, than her. "In the name of life, I'll reach my dreams, alone." Sophie kept it in her mind and soul. The question is, can Sophie achieve her goals when everyone surrounds her to keep on dragging her down? "When you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible. What you think, is what you get." Sophie's life is no easy, she lived in despair and misery since she was a child. She was sickly that leads her to be totally blind.

Romance / Drama
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I am indeed blessed with a complete family. I have a mother, who prepares everything for me, for us and I have a father who supports us financially. I love cuddling with them all day.

I could still remember that day, the most memorable day of my entire life.

Mom and I are in the kitchen, making some pancakes for our breakfast. That was the first Sunday of December. It was our routine, that every Sunday we would attend the mass altogether.

Father, was in the living room watching his favorite game called "Winning Lotto". It was just a replay back then.

"Sophie, can you please clean the table now?" Mother told me, putting a chocolate syrup and vanilla on top of the pancakes.

I smiled widely and said, "Yes mother!" I replied and clean the table as she told me.

That was my duty back then. I would help mother in the kitchen, in cleaning our backyard and sometimes we watered our plants at the back of our house.

My life was simple but I'm contented with what we have that time.

"Mother! The table is already cleaned and ready!" I told mother from the dining table. Our dining table was plain, made of woods. We have only three repaired chairs, one for father, one for mother and one for me.

It was just like that, no complaints, no arguments, just love and our complete but imperfect family.

"Good then!" Call your father now, we're getting late attending the mass." Mother shouted from the kitchen. Mother always prepared breakfast too early on Sundays. She hates being late, so she would wake up at three o'clock in the morning.

"Yes, Mother! I'll tell him, now!" I put back the wet piece of cloth on its place. I run towards the living room and I saw father, jumping in disbelief. His expression was priceless like he won that game.

"Father! Father!" I called him twice but he lifted me up while screaming.

I don't know what's happening at that time, but I just did what father's doing. I screamed while laughing until my father stopped me from pinning around. "I won! I just won 1, 000, 000 dollars Sophie!" Father told me finally.

1, 000, 000 dollars? I don't know yet about the value of money, at that time. I raised my eyebrows at him because I can't relate, I will never be.

Father tapped my head and said, "It's a big money, Sophie. We are a millionaire now." Father put me down and hold my hand.

We went to the dining table with a wide smile on our face. Mother, narrowed her eyes at us and asked the father.

"Why it took too long for you to come here? We should not let the food wait for us! We should the one who will wait for it." Mother sermonize us that Sunday morning.

Father walked near her and massage her shoulders gently. It was the best way for the mother to calm. "I am sorry, honey. But, I have something to tell you." Father looked seriously at her.

I turned my gaze at mother and she looked tensed and aflutter.

"You're making me nervous and anxious, Anton!" Mother touched father's arm and looked up at him. Father, gazed at me and smiled. I nodded, telling him to share the very good news to mother.

I just watched them. Father took a very long sighed before speaking. "I won the jackpot prize, Lhou Xin! We are a millionaire now!" Father, finally said it.

Mother was shocked and surprised. We've been waiting for this thing to happen, we've been praying to win that first prize, that 1,000,000 US dollar. "For real? 1, 000, 000 US dollar?" Mother put an emphasis on one million dollars. Seeing her shocked and incredulity, makes me smile and urge me to embrace her.

I run towards them and hugged mother's thigh since I can't reach her that fully. "It's real mother! We can now buy our dream house, our dream cars, and my dream to be a superstar!" I told her. I really dreamed to be a top star one day, if I'll be then I can help my family to get a better place and house to live in.

"You can achieve it, Sophie. Now that we have enough money, you can enroll in the most and popular Art School in the City. With that, you can easily be a superstar." Father told me without hesitation.

Every time I remembered that time, that exact time when father encouraged me to fulfill my dreams makes me cry, right now. I can't believe that, with an unexpected accident, my whole life would turn upside-down. My whole life changed because of it.

Mother, hugged me tightly and rubbed my back. "We will be your number #O fan, Sophie. Whatever happens, we're still proud of having you us our daughter." Mother kneeled down to face me. She caressed my cheeks and kissed it. I saw that she's telling the truth that time, that she really loves and she's always there to support my dreams.

"Alright! Let's eat, so that we can attend the meeting, and afterward, we will claim our prize." Father tapped my shoulders and helped the mother to stand. The three of them held each other hand while walking towards the dining table.

Mother and father seated together on the left side and I'm on the opposite side, alone, because I'm the only child. "Mother, I'm always playing with my own. I'm praying for a little brother, who I can play with." I told them while chewing.

Mother and father gulped and looked at each other. Father, smiled sweetly at her but mother slapped his arm. "Sophie, don't you worry. Your mother and I are working on it." I don't get it, but still, I shook my head and eat all my pancakes.

As soon as we finished our breakfast, we changed our clothes and went straight to the Church, just twenty steps away from our house.

"Peace." Father and mother, kissed my cheeks. That was unforgettable, and that was our last getaway together at the church.

After Father claimed the money, we moved out into a big and astonishing house in the City. We were so excited and mother bought all the things she never had.

Expensive dresses, branded bags, and shoes. A new version of the most popular smartphone at that time. Father, bought two luxurious cars, and everything that he wanted.

Father enrolled me in an Art's School, the week after we moved in. That was the most beautiful gift from the above.

My classmates heard that I'm a daughter of a millionaire, so, they talked to me in a friendly way. They even treated me like I was a princess.

Since my father won that day, we became popular in the City. People treated us like how they treated the richest family of the town.

From then on, I realized one thing. If you're a wealthy person, you can buy everything in a snap, even the dignity of people, because the only thing that they value, is only, money.

Even if I'm one of the richest girls at that time, I never underestimated anyone. I'd never hurt, I'd never said unnecessary and vulgar words to people. I'm still humble and kind.

But, all of a sudden my life began to change.


– Age 8

One day, I was going back home after my class. I was just eight at that time, I've been waiting for mother and father to fetch me but the sun was no longer visible. I was too afraid that I'm might sleep in our room, so I've decided to walkway back to our home until I saw a truck coming to my way.

I couldn't move my feet, I was in shocked and I heard people shouting, screaming and afraid. Until I was hit by the truck. My body was numb that I can't feel anything. But people still, screaming for help.

I don't understand what's happening in me, but I know I'm lying in the middle of the road, bleeding. My head hurts, that I can't forget how it feels.

I saw mother, crying and running towards me. She kneeled down and touched my body. "Hold on, Sophie." That was the last words I heard before I closed my eyes.

The next day, I woke up in the hospital and my head, still aching. I tried to move my feet but I can't do it. I looked around and I saw mother, crying at the corner. "Mother!" I called her weakly. I want to ask the mother what happened to my feet and to my head.

Mother wiped her tears and stepped closer to me. She held my hands and replied tremblingly, "Oh my God! You're awake now Sophie! We're so worried about you! It's been 7 days after the accident." Mother cupped my face. "Seven days? I've been sleeping in a week, mother?" I asked her. I tried to sit, I tried to move my body but I'm too weak and feeble.

"Yes. The doctor said that there are broken bones at both legs, but don't worry, you're fine now. Unfortunately, there's bad news, Sophie." Mother looked at me with pity. The last thing I saw her like that when I was six when I was attacked by asthma. I don't know why I was born sickly. Mother and father would tell me how they struggled when I was young.

I felt guilty because my parents were blessed with a sickly and timid daughter. I shook my head, a sign that I'm ready to hear the bad news.

Mother looked away and said, mumbling. "Because of the accident, your head was hit by the rock, and it causes total blindness. That's why your head keeps on aching and the doctor frankly said that there's only 1 % of chance for you to see again."

I felt like I was slapped by a million times. First Asthma and heart enlargement and now, total blindness. I felt hopeless and disappointed with myself.

I am just an eight years old girl, who dreamt to be a top star but how can I achieve it when I have become totally blind? How can I get on the peak of all mountains, when my parents suddenly changed?

Mother hated me because I'm going to be blind. Father, never talked to me after the accident and he wasted all his money for nonsense.

Until we lost our dream house, our luxurious cars, and everything we had for almost twelve months.

How can I reach it, when our money just vanished in one snap? How can I be a top star, when I am just an ordinary and poor girl?

I'm too young for all of these pain and obstacles. But, I remained faithful to him and humble. I know, at the right time, I'll reach it. I'll achieve it and all the people will be inspired by my story.

"In the name of life, I will be a top star." I posted that saying in my old room, and until now, it's still there, old and dusty.

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