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Marcello Amari: A Italian-American Billionaire.Ex-husband of Davina Bianchi.Italian Mafia heir. Davina Bianchi: A Bulgarian-American Billionaire.Ex-Wife of Marcello Amari.Bulgarian Mafia heiress. X-------------------------------------------------X .8 years ago. X------------------------------X i walked into Marcello's office.What i saw next was enough to destroy my world. There he was fucking an employee naked both of them.Hot tears were streaming down my face,I stood there for a solid 2 minuets,Shocked that how could he do this .I wanted to shout at him,thats what I did next "YOU BASTARD HOW COULD YOU" I SHOUTED he finally seemed to notice me. What he said next shocked me, Angered me,Many emotions ran through me right now some emotions I couldn't understand some I couldn't name,he said "THATS WHAT YOU GET BITCH FOR CHEATING ON ME." I stood there shocked then i turned around ran from this sight he shouted before me and said "Two days from now in this office we're getting a divorce" I just ran. X-----------------X .8 years Later. X-----------------X Now Davina is the NO.1 female billionaire,and the most feared gang leader ever. Living a life she always wanted.With her boyfriend[Dominic ], her daughter[Nikolina].but the happiness does not last long as Nikolina has a million dollar bounty on her head. Then to add more to the problem t

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“No. You wouldn’t dare to do that, for shouting out loud he’s just a child!”

But the smirk still didn’t vanish off his face.

“I’ll do it and YOU’LL WATCH ME DO IT.”

NO.NO.NO.NO.NO.NO. She kept chanting that word in her head as if some kinda prayer or mantra. Stop chanting that word and to something instead of looking so horrified and holding your gun aimlessly, her subconsciousness scolded.

But a the moment nothing mattered to her. How could it?

The look on his face will haunt her forever. He looked so horrified and vulnerable . The strong little boy who always dreamt of being like his mama was looking so fragile that day.

Off course he would he’s on the verge of death. Not all people are like you. Fearless. And besides he’s just a freaking child. She sweared if it wasn’t for this situation she was going kill this subconsciousness of hers.

“I’m saying it for the last time leave him.”

No this wasn’t the boy who she was best friends with in my childhood. This was a monster a carbon copy of his father. Who only killed people in cold blood if they did something wrong.

But this person standing in front of her was about to kill an innocent 6-year-old in cold blood.
And she couldn’t do anything to stop him.

“Awww, aren’t you gonna do anything to save him. Has the big bad mafia leader given up.”

He knew he was signing his own death certificate by provoking such a powerful person. But he didn’t care at the moment. He only wanted revenge. The word kept repeating itself in his mind. Revenge. Revenge. Revenge. Revenge. Revenge.

His heart told him not to do it, after all she was his childhood best friend. But his

mind told him otherwise. For a minute he thought of lowering his gun and let this young boy go. But again his mind neglected the idea.

The images of his burnt sister kept replaying in his mind. As if some kind of slideshow. It did nothing but make him hate her more. Made his blood boil more. Made his thirst for revenge grow stronger.

Only if he knew the truth.

Without thinking twice he pulled the trigger.


A gunshot was fired right into the innocent little boys brain.

She couldn’t comprehend what happened. It all went very quickly. The only thing she knew was the limp body of a little innocent angel in her arms, cradling him to her chest.

Crying hysterically.

That day she promised herself one thing.

To end Cassian Arawn.

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