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Romantic erotic story with happy ending. Camile is sensitieve naive girl, and Rafael is just....anything but good.

Romance / Erotica
Lara K
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I've been looking for escape a long time...

From this moment everything changed, since I met him I've been falling deep down...

I was walking down the street, passing my favourite flower shop. Was almost dinner time, but I didn’t go to fancy restaurants like my colleague’s. Today I just had enough of social life and quick chats. Was start of July and I wear light baby blue dress which was falling under my knees. Sun was almost gone and some of the streets lights went on.

Almost at the end of the street on right side, I entered big iron gate. Inside was hidden lovely garden. When i follow the path up the hill I could still see the church in last sunbeams. It was almost magical with all those threes surrounding one lonely high tower with red rooftop. I walked peacefully through the roses, and inhale that sweet fragrance hanging in the air. I feel balanced ....

Opening heavy wooden door I can feel that cold welcoming breeze from inside. My shoes weren’t making any noise when I walk down the path to the altar. I kneeled down in first row and start to pray.

I was thanking God for everything, my mother and little sister...after a while when i was almost finish with my prayers I heard door opening. It didn’t bother me, to look behind me, I want just focus on my last pray...

I turn back, mind still full of thoughts walking my way out, and there he was, standing on front of the door, with his high almost blocking the exit...

An Angel....

I backed up few steps, looking in the most deep dark grey eyes I’ve ever seen. Most handsome face with great muscle body, that even perfect suit can not cover up.

After first shock I try to pull it together, and walked through empty church facing the floor. When I came closer, I start feeling strange aura almost dangerous. I could see that he was really good dressed, but one thing caught my eye. It was a black ink tattoo in shape of rose on front of his neck peeking up from black shirt. At this moment I knew I was mistaking. He was not an angel, more like fallen angel.

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