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⚠️BE WARNED⚠️: This book is a dark romance and contains abusive and mature content. Calina Ivanov grew up as the daughter of the leader of the Russian mafia. Life wasn't easy on her. Calina lost her mother while she gave birth to her. Living with three overprotective older brothers and a Russian mobsters as a father, she felt like a captive her whole life. She dreamed of a life without pain and blood. She wanted a life where killing people was seen as a crime and not an act of justice. Therefore, she escaped from the dangerous lifestyle to live in peace. When she finally got the life that she wanted, she fell in the hands of the Italian mafia. She didn't know that an act of kindness would make a tremendous impact on her life and throw her back into a life with blood and pain. Will she be silent and accept her fate or will she still fight for her freedom?

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1



Calina's pov

I was standing in my graduation outfit between my classmates and waited for the headmaster to call my name to give me my graduation certificate.

Today was the day of my graduation of high school. Most teenagers would be happy being finally graduated from high school but I wasn't.

Finishing high school didn't open me the doors to the universities and give me the opportunities to have a career, but it meant for me that I was finally ready for marriage.

My father, Dimitri Ivanov, was a really old fashioned man, women didn't have any right in his eyes. In his mindset, women should stay at home, have children and wait for their husbands, that was how life worked for the women in the Russian mafia and that should be also my life from now on after I would get married.

My dad probably started the search for a husband for me and would choose my future husband soon. He would probably choose an ally that would strengthen his business ties and provide him support and grant him new connections in the illegal business in which he was involved.

I smiled sadly at the thought of being sold for power and wealth, like an item. Internally, I wanted to scream, cry and destroy the things around me, but externally I remained calm and didn't utter a word against my father because I was afraid of him.

Even though my dad did never raise his hand on me since now, I knew what he was capable of, I personally witnessed how he took life after life and I knew that he was a man not to be trifled with.

It was actually really sad that I was scared and intimidated of my own father. My father protected me from the world and the enemies but he didn't know that he had to protect me from himself too.

My father was a callous person, I never felt the fatherly love a child should feel. I never dared to raise my voice and go against him because I knew the moment I spoke my mind and contradicted him would be the moment I would be put in my place, and that not in a nicely way.

Even though I was raised in the mafia and witnessed the most brutal deaths of people, I could still not see killing people as an act of justice. I would never get used to the life in which I was born in, I didn't even want to get used to such a life.

I wanted a life where killing wasn't an act of justice but a crime and I decided to fight for the life that I wanted to have, because I finally realised that I kept silence for a very long time and I also noticed that my silent attitude gave my dad the power to make me his puppet and make me dance for his liking.

If I wouldn't take some action to stop my father from marrying me to a callous man, I knew I would be sad for the rest of my life and regret that I didn't prevent him to sell me like an item for money and power.

"Calina Ivanov!" the headmaster called me and brought me back from my thoughts. I looked at her, seeing her on the stage, waiting for me to go there to get my graduation certification.

"What are you waiting for, sugar? Go!" I heard Adrian saying to me cheeringly before I nodded my head and walked towards the headmaster, getting on the stage and taking my graduation certificate from her.

"Congratulations," she told me with a smile. "Thank you," I told her before I left the stage. When everyone got their graduation certificate and went slowly to the big hall to celebrate there their graduation with their family and classmates, Adrian told me, "It is time to go, Calina. Your father is awaiting you home, he told me to bring you straight home after you got your graduation certificate."

While my classmates were celebrating their graduation with their parents, my father expected me at home to talk to me about my arranged marriage. "Then, let's go," I told him before we got out of the school building and went to the car.

"Did you think about my offer?" I asked him during the drive home. "I did," he said and nodded his head slowly while he was focused on driving, "I think this is a really dangerous plan, Calina. If the plan doesn't go smoothly and we will get busted, your father will have my head and you will...I don't even want to think about what he would do to you."

"But if the plan goes smoothly, then will be free of this life. No blood, no guns and no drugs. We could have a life like normal people, like we always dreamed of it when we were children," I tried to convince him while a smile appeared on my face when I just reflected how we talked about that I wanted to be a doctor and he a cook when we would grow up. Now, look at us. I would be the wife of a mob boss and he was a very good hacker that also planned arms and drug trades for my dad.

However, there was still hope for us. If he would agree and the plan would go without any complications, we would be free of this life. "And? Are you in or will you chicken away?" I asked him challengingly before he huffed. "Okay, let's do this, but if we get caught, we will be so fucked up," he said and I smiled that he finally agreed with my plan.

I mean, what could go actually wrong? I just had to rob my own father before we would drive away and fake our death with a car explosion. After all, there was no fun in life if there wasn't any risks, or?

"Just think positive, then everything will be positive too," I told him before he stopped in front of the mansion and I got out. "You finally became crazy," he meant while he followed me inside.

"Maybe," I told him before my gaze fell on my father who stood on the first floor, at the end of the stairs and looked at me with a proud smirk. "I was expecting you, Calina. I am happy that you finally graduated high school," he said and gestured to my graduation certificate in my hands before I nodded my head and mumbled a thank you, "Please come in my office with me. I have to talk to you about your marriage."

He didn't leave me time to reply, he just turned around and walked to his office. Even if he told me nicely, he actually demanded me, and he knew that I would do as I was told. "Good luck," I heard Adrian mumbling next to me before I followed him with a sigh to his office.

When I entered his office, I frowned when I saw that my brothers were there too. "I called them too because we are going to take a very serious decision and I wanted to take this decision all together," he said before he closed the door and sat in his leather chair and gestured me to take a seat in the chair in front of him.

I internally huffed when he told that we would decide who I would marry all together because in real, he wouldn't give a shit about my opinion, what really mattered was the opinions of him and my brothers. I nodded my head before I did as I was told and sat down.

"The time has come for you to marry, Calina and I cannot say how proud you are making me," he said and I nodded. He wasn't proud of me because I graduated high school with such great grades, but he was proud of me because I obligated to marry the man he wanted me to marry, he was proud because I subjected to his rules and commands without any fight.

"Who do you want me to marry, father?" I asked him calmly. "It would be the best for us if you would marry the boss of the Italian mafia. He offers good support and deals, with the marriage we could strengthen our business ties and get better in the business," my brother, Andrei, told me.

I wasn't actually surprised that the choice fell on the leader of the Italian mafia. I coincidentally listened sometimes to the conversations between my brothers and they always talked about how well and experienced the boss of the Italians is on the black market.

Anton and Artem, my other two brothers didn't say a word about this topic, but it looked like they agreed with the chosen husband for me because they had a content look at their faces.

"Isn't he too old for me?" I asked hesitantly before I bit my lip. "No, he is fine, twenty-six isn't old, I also heard that he looks quite...good. You should be happy that he is even interested in this...arranged marriage," Andrei said blankly, his posture told me that he didn't like my hesitation about this marriage.

Moreover, he was actually too old for me for my liking, I was just seventeen, still a teenager and should marry a man who would l probably have very high expectations from me.

Obviously, this marriage of mine meant a lot to him, after all he was the next leader of the Russian mafia when our father would retire. He wanted strong ties, strong partners and who could be better than the cruel leader of the Italian mafia, right?

"Okay," I said timidly, "At least we have still a year time to get to know him." My father and brothers looked at me confused before my father asked me, "Why should you wait a year to marry him, Calina?"

"Because I am still seventeen," I said and bit my lip. How could I marry him when I am still not an adult? I was really confused at the moment. "Don't rack your brain about such unnecessary matters, I already arranged everything out. According law, you can marry him when you have my permission and signature. The lawyer will sort everything out and we can even do the marriage in two weeks," father said and I nearly choked on my own spit.

"T-Two weeks," I stuttered surprised. "Yes, is there a problem dearly sister?" Andrei asked me challengingly and I shook my head before I bowed my head and mumbled a no.

"Good. Now everything is sorted out you can retire to your room. Your brother's and me have to discuss an important matter anyway," my father said and dismissed me.

"Of course," I mumbled before I got off the chair and left the room. I walked straight to where the guest rooms were located and entered Adrian's room without knocking.

I saw him lying on his bed. My sudden presence made him sat up in his bed before he looked at me with a frown on his face.

"We have two weeks to escape this hell, otherwise I will burn alive," I whispered before tears left my eyes like a waterfall.

"What happened?" he asked me concerned before he pulled me for a hug. "He will wed me to the leader of the Italian mafia," I sobbed before I looked in his eyes which looked back at me worriedly, "I don't want to marry him...he will make me die while living."

"Hey, hey, hey...look at me," he said soothingly and cupped my face in his hands, "We got this. We will fuck off before you have to marry him. I promise you as long as I breathe you won't have to marry him."

I nodded my head before I hugged him. He was more a brother to me than my biological brothers. He was my family, my only family. Family was never about blood for me. It was more about who was willing to hold my hand and when I needed it the most.

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