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Mikayla~ typical book nerd who only ever dreams of finding romance like in the novels she reads . Jay~ trying to find a place where he belongs and study hard for college Mikayla & Jay~ both just dont have time to waste on silly romance. Fate~ well let's just say fate dosent let silly things like SATs and college get in the way of what's meant to be

Romance / Humor
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Mikayla chapter 1

"Mikayla Olson!"

I look up and sure enough theres Mr. H. I give him a innocent smile.


"Would you care to join the class?" He gestures for me to hand him my book. I obay his comand and give it to him. "It would also be nice if you would maybe even try to take notes" he says.

I sigh and pull out my notebook. For the rest of class I sot there doodling on my page.

The bell rings releasing us from this hell known as school. I pack up as fast as I can.

I walk up to Mr. H "can I have my book back now?"

He hands me the book. "Mikayla you really need to start paying attention in class." I just nod and tell "Okay" then walk out of the classroom. I get to my locker as fast as I can to get the rest of my stuff.

I'm about to close my locker when someone bumps me. I turn to see who it is but hes already gone.

I start to walk and read while I head to the parking lot. I look around but I cant find my sister any where. I text her.

Me: where r u?

Amy: I had to leave early today and couldnt wait for u

Me: how am I supposed to get home?

Amy: walk

Me: that's like 20 miles away!

Amy: sucks to be u I guess.

Me: what happened to it being our car?

Amy: gtg sis cant text and drive ♡

Some sister she is.

I put in my headphones and start walking. Then I hear someone calling my name. I turn around. Theres a guy jogging toward me.

"I have a question" the guys says.

I sigh "no I cant set you up with my sister and no shes not single" I'm about to walk away when he calls my name again.

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

Cconfused I say "you weren't going to ask about my sister?"

He laughs "no I had a question for you" he steps closer to me. He has dark brown hair with a mess of curlys, fair skin, and green eyes.

Wow. That's never happened before. "Uhm, what was it?"

He blushes a little "I noticed you were reading in class and was wondering what it was"

He quickly adds "I know it's a lame excuse to come talk to you"

"Oh.. it's called Forget Tomorrow" I say, and blush.

He notices this and chuckles. "I'll have to check it out if your reading it. Oh and I'm Jay by the way"

"Nice to meet you I'm Mikayla but you already seem to know that" he chuckles

We stare at each other awkwardly for a moment.

I clear my throat "well I better go, uh you know lots of homework and... stuff" oh my gosh. What's wrong with me?

He nods his head in agreement "uh yeah... see ya tomorrow in math"

Math! That's why he looks familiar.

"Uh yeah, bye" I say and start to walk away.

"Bye" I hear him call over my shoulder.

I've been walking about 2 blocks now. Then a blue Chevy truck came and pulls beside me. Its Jay. Great another chance to embarrass myself.

"Do you need a ride?"

"Oh no its fine" I say.

He gives me a straight face. "YeH come on get in"

"No its fine"

"Im not about to let you walk by yourself, especially when I have an empty passenger seat. Now get in"

I sigh. I walk toward the door to open it, but somehow Jay is already there opening it for me. I smile and get in. He gets back into the driver's side and makes sure I'm buckled.

"Wow what a gentleman" I say partly sarcastic and partly serious.

"I try, thank you"

I laugh "your welcome"

"So, where do you live Mikayla?" He asks

I grimace, and scrunch my nose.

"I'm about 20 miles away, you can just drop me if half way, it's fine."

He gasps "I would never do that to a lady"

I roll my eyes

"Plus" he adds "I'm out there too, i live on oak"

Oak? So hes the family what moved in a couple of blocks away. Great even more opportunities to embarrass myself.

"Oh I live on Pine Avenue" I say

"Oh" is all he says

We sit in awkward silence for a bit. He turns on the radio to some pop station. I cringe and scrunch my nose.

He notices and says "is something wrong?"

I laugh "no but do you actually listen to this stuff?"

He looks relieved then says "nope, I just didnt know what you listen to"

I turn to my favorite country station. He looks at me with surprise.

"What?" I say

"Nothing, I just didnt take you as a country girl. I like country no love country music too" he says

"Well that's good otherwise we'd have some problems. Guess what?"

"What?" He says with a curious expression.

"I even like sewing"

He shoots his eyebrows up in over exaggerated shock. "Wow, you read, listen to country music and sew, I'm very excited to be able to get to know you better. If that's okay with you." He says, but I'm not really paying attention because my favorite song just came on.

I look over at him apologetically and say "I'm sorry for what your about to see and hear" then I belt the lyrics like the maniac I am.

"You say what if j hurt you what if I leave you. What if I find somebody else and I dont need you!"

I scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs. After the first few lyrics Jay dosent hesitate. He joins me. At this point we're both screaming at the top of our lungs. Half way through the song I start to laugh hysterically. Somehow though Jay is still singing. Hes actually singing now. I calm down and just listen to him. Then I start singing the duet part. When the song is over he says "wow you can song too."

I look over at him in shock with wide eyes.

"Me? What about you?! Your really good no your amazing"

He laughs "Thanks"

"Okay" I say "you have to tell me three things about you"

"Why" he asks.

"Because you already know four things about me and I know one thing about you. That you can sing"

"Alright...I really like photography. My favorite musician is Blake Shelton. Duh. Oh and I moved here from California."

"Good to know" I say and smile.

We're finally on Pine Avenue now. He slows down so I can show him which house I am. He stops at the right one.

I look at him. "Thanks for the ride, I would've died if I had to walk that far." He chuckles

We smile at each other.

"Well bye then, I'll see you tomorrow at school I guess" I say

"Yeah, see you tomorrow, bye"

I get out of the truck but before I close the door I say "seriously thank you and if theres ever anything I can do for you then just tell me"

He smirks "well there is just one thing. Can I get your number?"

I laugh and say "sure, you just wasted a perfectly good favor though."

"Nah, I didn't waste it" he says

I roll my eyes.

I give him my number then we say goodbye again and I head inside. Smiling like an idiot.

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