The Recreation of Meaning

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Nothing ever exciting happens to Matthew (early thirties), and he has a love/hate relationship with his daily routine. It’s been months since he broke up with his fiancée, and ever since then life has been an even split between work and sitting in his armchair. However, Matthew does have a very intriguing friend and colleague, Thomas (early thirties), to keep him entertained. Everyone thinks that something is wrong with Thomas, as he is selectively social and prone to doing weird things, like decorating his work cubicle with photocopies of bricks, and playing counting games with himself. Most people have accepted it as autism and tend to just leave him alone. However, Thomas is very good at his job, because he has boiled everything down to a game that he subsequently has to master. Due to their business savvy, Matthew and Thomas are sent on a business trip together, to Aspen, Colorado, to win-over the sales rep of a Pharmaceutical company and open up an American market. It is assumed that Matthew, who appears well grounded, will look after Thomas and use him to good effect in the meeting. But when they arrive, they find the sales rep dead in his room, and are subsequently kidnapped by the perpetrators. Fortuitously, they manage to escape, and end up in the snowy town of Redstone, Colorado, where they spend the night.

Romance / Humor
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