The Recreation of Meaning

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Nothing ever exciting happens to Matthew, and the days have turned into months since he broke up with his fiancée. Ever since then, his life has become an even split between work and sleeping in his armchair. However, one saving grace for Matthew is his intriguing friend and colleague, Thomas. Everyone else thinks something is wrong with Thomas, as he is selectively social and prone to doing weird things, like decorating his work cubicle with photocopies of bricks, and playing counting games with himself. Matthew is the only person who cannot seem to get enough of Thomas. In the office, Matthew has the gift of the gab, and Thomas has a high command of the systems, partly because he has boiled everything down to a game that he subsequently has to master. Due to their business savvy, Matthew and Thomas are sent on a business trip together, to Aspen, Colorado, to win-over the sales rep of a Pharmaceutical company and open up an American market. However, when the two arrive they find the sales rep dead in his room, and are subsequently kidnapped by the perpetrators. Managing to escape, they end up in the snowy town of Redstone, Colorado, where they spend the night.

Romance / Humor
Jack Pemment
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