My brothers best friend

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He was the basically family... Spend most his time with us I could always ask for his help when ever i needed... However things got pretty heated when i started having feelings for him....

Romance / Erotica
Aminth Aroosha
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He was just my brothers best friend some one i could always look up to wjen ever i needed help .

Since my brother alex was a aircraft maintanance engiener and works in a far away domestic airport most of the time i always have to rely on shawn his best friend.

I work as a pharmacist in a government based pharmacy. And i have a 24 hour shift duty , mostly shawn was the one who always gives me ride to and from work.

My brother alex is married however shwan wasnt married. Me and shawn always get along well even though we mostly argue lot of the time about different things. He annoys and irritates me alot. And i do same to him .

My family loves shawn alot, my parents treat him like their son.

I never realized that i could have fallen in love with my brothers best friend.

But lets just say god has a way of playing things around even if two people are completely different.

This is the story of how my life turned up from the begining to ...

This is entirely true events i had described..

Although i changed the names the strory is true.

Amid this pandameic virus outburst i just wanted to tell my story .. story of how i found true love ,

It all started a while back........

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