An Offer She Can't Refuse Book 1

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Chapter 4

My nerves at once started pulsating aware of what he was anxious for next.

“Um, we can sit and talk a little longer.”

“No, Angelica.” He cut me off. “Let’s go now.”

I gulped getting up.

Crossing the second parlor he led hand on waist to a master sized room. He held the door simpering provocatively while waiting for me to stroll inside.

Dim lights, candles flaring everywhere, floor corners, dresser, by the sides of the king canopy bed. It was sprinkled with flower petals along with the white fur rug in front of us. It was felt like walking into a dream, a mysterious, sensual dream. Something out of a romantic film or so a small town twenty six year old virgin would misconstrued it to be. What could’ve been symbolically luring the moth to the flame was still well thought out.

“Look in the closet.”

He instructed pointing to transparent sliding doors we stood next to that were already opened.

I went and saw a bunch of large perfumed shopping boxes.

Johnny told me to pull them.

A set of Paris designer lingerie stared me in the face. I gaped touching the silky material. French fashioned bras and panties were popularly favored by European couples due the reputation it held as the most stylish, risqué forwardly promising weeks’ worth of nuclear arousals in the boudoir.

“They’re all yours I hope I guessed the size right,” He muttered creeping behind me his grazing my waist. “I like this one especially I want you to slip into it before we go forward.”

He tapped on the lacy light purple garment that was as revealing as a Brazilian bikini.

“I’d rather this.”

I insisted grabbing an ivory mini nightie.

He frowned disappointed.

Desperately I tried suppressing the anxiety as I tugged off my blouse and jeans. Tonight will be the night my unchartered territory blooms into womanhood. The many wonders running rapid in my head too loud and too nerve wrecking. I couldn’t guess or begin to fathom the experience that awaited me. My head then went blank. I sucked in a cloud of nervous breath exhaling it out, slow and steady, fluffing the ends of my hair. I can’t stay hyperventilating in the bathroom forever.

I straightened my back rolled my shoulders clockwise gazing in the wide mirror. I wanted to walk out equipped with strict feminine sexual confidence. But, I didn’t recognize the woman I saw in the mirror, barely covered in such skimpy wear, gifted only to get an Italian’s blood pumping, fuel his carnal desire until he rips it right off. I…I looked completely different, like an exotic temptress awakened or reborn from ten centuries ago. Uh, lord, I was really going mad.

Getting it together I emerged from the bathroom sauntering tall. Johnny quickly lifted from the mattress gawking at me before his provocative mouth was grinning in delight. Stripped down to dark blue boxers, muscles flexing, his chest was toned and glistening bronze. Johnny Luciano was undeniably sexy as he was darkly handsome, a clear magnet for millions of beautiful single women. City women, all thin, sophisticated probably at his feet every day.

And he wants you!

Those words came from the temptress I saw in the mirror. Never stunned by myself that much before, the minute I caught that seductive reflection I felt a sense of boldness inhabit me.

He wants you.


Why wouldn’t he?

The temptress grinned sly sitting on a throne within my subconscious.

My mouth became ajar seeing a half naked Johnny opposite to me, stalking closer, burning with excitement and his bulging arousal proved it.

Told ya…

She gloated in a whisper.

“Sorry I took so long.”

Closing the distance his hand held my chin up putting his lips on mine gingerly.

“The time is yours too. I won’t be impatient or pressure you.”

Deepening the kiss his tongue started swirling wild while mine were frozen shy. I felt him caressing the contours of my taut figure.

His warm moist mouth moved my breasts but his hand made me jump when it caressed the clit of my sex without warning.

“Oh,” I gasped the moment he grazed my most sensitive spot.

I looked up to find him somehow smiling at my reaction.

“Are you afraid?”

He cupped my flushed face his slivery eyes softly downcast.

I took an empty gulp murmuring a yes.

“Don’t. I’ll be gentle, very very…gentle. Come on,” His arms cradled my body I followed him to the canopied bed inhaling the scent of high quality aftershave and lavender soap.

I fell on the surprise scatter of pink orchid petals which I couldn’t spot before because the room was so heavily dim, his bed was cloaked in shadows. “Oh my,” I let out as my thighs crushed the tiny fragile orchids, though all they happen to feel sitting on the mattress was a silky caress.

The sheets were as soft as my nightie I bet they were Egyptian cotton. I could sew a nice beautiful cocktail dress with these sheets. Everything that I look at, drank, ate or came into contact with was of upmost refinery. What Johnny spends on Gucci suits could more than likely buy my house. Money rules the world, wise men say. I hate it, but at the same part of me, love it.

While I, Angelica, that is the Angelica I know, I am exhaustingly on the brick of dual identity crisis. This girl I am accustomed to. She who scowls and shakes her head at all that‘s happening to her, what she does she does solely to be a savior to her family to protect from any further devastation, nothing more.

Then there is a girl that appears every time in the midst of an intense moment. A high spirited, thirsty for adventure Cleopatra and her take on my situation was what she presently screaming at me, “hell yes!”

“Do you like all this? I had done to make things special for you,” said Johnny fingering to the soothing illuminating candles and bed full of flower petals.

You give to credit where credit is due.

It was a nice gesture thoughtful as well. He certainly didn’t have to go to such trouble just to serenade a propositioned bedmate. He didn’t have to invite to his home either, we would slumped in a motel if he wanted to kill time and expense.

Truthfully I was lost for words.

“Yes,” I managed to murmur as he took a hand full of the fresh orchids dropping on my neck. “I remember you were fond of purple orchids. I hope it’s a fondness that still remains wouldn’t want these to be a waste.”

Licking my trembling lips then folding them to form a coy simper I looked at his pools of bright grey and asked with a serious face. “Why did you do all this though?”

Shut up!

Temptress scolded.

“It’s just…” I trailed off lost yet again. “It’s not what I expected.”

“Would you expect it from a man who cares?”

I bristled at that sharp equally serious response.


He lowered.

His arms pressed on the bed positioned on either side of my hips the bully stared me down making my blood drain.

“Well, I care.”

His breath tickled the bare skin of my shoulder.

“I don’t know what you were anticipating from our arrangement, Angelica, but I’ll be frank by saying you’re a cheap hook-up therefore I would never ever treat you like one. I’m not after a one night stand fuck especially not from a virgin. I intent to nurture you, as my lover, I’ll physically worship this body and tango with it until we both taste ecstasy.”

With that I as if I had melted, with that shuttered inside which could’ve just been my temptress shimming in joy.

His voice sounded as if it was drunk on the smooth Rosa, poignant and warm. Never did I imagine he would be like this. The icy, heartless provoking devil into a sweet, gentle and charming prince, unbelievable, unprecedented, I let out a gasp after being left wonder struck by the man about to mount me. How could he be an arrogant bully hound one day then a chivalrous knight the next? Dio, did anything make sense anymore?

Soon all my rampant toxic musings were sliced to death.

He came down and I dropped fully on the bed flattening my back in reflex. Our temples collided as a soft kiss fell on my lips. My hands went up to his iron biceps changing course to rake through the strands of his hair while it tickled the curve of my neck.

His mouth had womanhood drop by drop aggressive and greedy probing my fragile private passage merciless I gasped fingers stroked on my sex. He brought a wet kiss to my contracted belly and kept stroking tenderly.

“Don’t tense up yourself, baby. I’m only simulating you.”

He tugged the nightie over my head then dragged the panties down and off ankles. He gasped smoothing his finger around my stiffened brown nipple.

I released a low moan when he it took his mouth. “You’re skin reminds of honey. Everything about you gets me so…excited.”

He drawled, taking a brief pause to treat himself to a fully bared and raw look at what was his for the night until the candles burnt out. His eyeballs flicked over the flesh using his hands to admire it closer. He cupped the soft circular mount of my breast making have a nervous yelp.

“What’s the matter am I touching you too hard?”

He asked, looking at me skeptical. He clearly made the effort to move his hands on my body with maximum care. With a brave exhale I shook my head. “All of this what’re doing to me its a-l-l-l new.”

He smiled. “Remember gentle,” both my plump mounts were then curled into his sampling palms.

“Are you getting wet, angel?”

I swallowed before squeezing a docile pout. “A-a-little, I-I am a little.”

He took one nipple into his mouth as said I that, tweaking the cinnamon bud in between his teasing lips. He deliberately let the bud escape his gums to use his tongue; slowly it folded out licking my nipple savoring it like a rich caramel treat.

My head snapped backward as pleasure-filled moans burst from my mouth. In the depths of my rattled body I felt a boiling fever consume me as if something was melting inside I felt my clenched soon turned to an explosion of warm wetness.

The fever only intensified as Johnny began sucking on each bright perky breast. Selfish lust, cruelty and wild pleasure, I just lose my mind under him. His wicked mouth toyed with my sensitivity until I was badly soaked. “Stop…please,” I finally let out unable to continue.

“Shhh,” He whispered soft, yet commanding.

“You think you’re ready for me to be inside you?”

Our noses a joined silver grey eyes piercing mine his gaze was serious, though his voice was teasing.

“I don’t know.”

“Let’s see.”

His hand trailed the lines of my legs rubbing my inner thighs in circles spilling worshipping kisses on them.

“Oh,” I yelped at his caressing fingers that probed into my sex touching the base of moistened walls. “Stop, oh-h-h I can’t take it, stop-p-p.”

A kiss came to my cheek and I felt his fingers withdraw.

“I want you to try and breathe steadily.”

Spreading my thighs wider he fought to be free of his boxers fast. I shuddered catching a slight glimpse of bulging plunging through the white Calvin Kleins.

“You should get a towel you know for the blood.”

Caging me in his arms he ran his thumb across the next cheek. “You should not worry about such things I give a damn what happens to these sheets they’re meant for your comfort nothing else.”

Guiding my legs to lock around his waist I watched him rise sitting on his knees I guess because he wanted to concentrate on the act better from that position. Massaging my hips then switching to dig under the sheets and his hands smoothed over my buttocks pulling my pelvis to his sturdy groin in the process, pinning us together, primal and wanton. I saw his jaw constrict like he was in some sort of sensual torture, actually making me want boast a vengeful smile.


Long, thick and rock hard pressed against lips of my clit.

I arched with a shattering gasp as he proceeded to enter me. My eyelids violently shut screeching in pain clenching the pillow above me. “Ah-h-h!”

“Don’t tense, don’t tense,” Johnny urged, slowly pulling out a bit then forcing his hard member into me again with immense patience.

He repeated the maneuver keeping his slow and gentle rhythm for a short while reminding me to breathe and the intrusive shot of pain began to disappear as I did so. Hanging on his compassionate words and following his lead with each slow stroke of his member pressing on my wetted walls hitting a different erogenous spot each time causing light whimpers out my draining throat. I braced just how he told me top when he made a long unrelenting thrust. All of him, a big masculine flesh, pushed inside me sending shockwaves through my whole body. My hymen was history surely torn after that.

I broke into a strong whimper while Johnny huskily released a lighter, more pleasing sound simultaneously. The shift was notably a satisfying one for him. “Mio, you’re so damn tight.” He lowered bowing and burying his fists into the top pillows on the bed. “It’s okay, hey, the pain is going fade. I swear I won’t move an inch until it does.”

The motionless state he suddenly took on owned up to the kind consideration. But I was still stuck in a rippling blast of unfamiliar twinge and discomfort. I couldn’t even prevent my legs from ankles uncontrollably quivering and the rest of my body sweating profusely.

“This feels incredibly sweet, baby, but you need to relax your muscles if you remain this tight around my cock anything I do will hurt.”

I gritted my teeth trying to stay calm and relax my muscles as he said which wasn’t easy considering I felt like I was about to be ripped in two. His head came down along with a pair of succulent lips ready to attack. He took my mouth silencing me with strong kiss.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

After adjusting to the unfamiliar stabbing sensation brought on by his throbbing manhood being wholly driven in and settling in my no longer virginal tunnel, I moved my hands from the pillows to his toned shoulder blades. How low tuned my whimpering became was likely the first hint to Johnny I was rid of the slice of pain.

He gingerly resumed movement by doing a soft thrust with total willful control of his manly hips. Then, another then awww-an-nother...He reciprocated the light and delicate grinds that collided deliciously with the curtains of my sex. Christo! Shards of pleasure scattered throughout my body echoed by my surrendering moans and blissful even to my pelvic bone.

“Ah, you feel amazing!”

He shrieked over an unending groan of untamed ecstasy.

My arms fell back clamping on the silky duvet I felt something growing intensely almost monstrous and in time with the next slow thrust of his groin my walls tightened only to quickly erupt. My second orgasm for the night this one too electrifying to counter, there came my loudest moan while his hips became possessed, thunderously powerful. The way my body shook, rippled and panted for dear life receiving just a mere but deluging moment. He went lethal taking me in such a passionately feral manner making my core tremble to the swift beat of his demanding groin.

“Sweet,” the single word was hoarsely murmured, his head dropped to my musky collar he moved his hands from the pillows where they had fisted holes while overcame by sexual excitement. Their warm palms hugged my breasts fitting his hands nicely, glistening in the flame light sublime. His mouth crushed to the tips savoring the taste my flesh, feasting ravenous slurping noises yielded by his steamy salivated gums. I felt him carefully withdraw even though basically every part of him seemed to be struggling. “Hah, I’ve done too much, are you okay?”

“I’m-m-m okay, molto bene.”

I said exhausted still panting away the flooding intoxication tumbling back to normality after flying high on ecstasy.

“It’s your first time we shouldn’t over indulge.”

My exerted limbs collapsed wincing when he completely departed, wet scarlet stains soiled his softened cock.

He rinsed a wash cloth and dabbed it on my entrance after cleaning himself. The pale cloth soaked up the gush of thick scarlet.

Folding the stained duvet he tossed it to the floor and disposed of the wash cloth. “I’ll bring a new one.”

I leant against the headboard wiping my sticky brows regaining the senses were caught in a pheromone tornado a hundred breathes ago. My hair looked like a wild cat from the corner the standing mirror I combed my fingers through it getting slightly self conscience tousling it to appear half decent. I licked my dry lips squeezing a pink grimace when difficulty met with the feathery cover lying on the carpet. Today will be the last time I can greet the maids without a hanging cloud of awkwardness.

The prince of the villa returned in the boxers with a fresh fine satiny cover for the bed and tall glass of pomegranate juice he extended to me.

“Drink it. It’s good for you.”

Amused and stunned by Johnny’s knowledge of the female antimony I abandoned the impulse to ask, being insane with thirst I graciously accepted the gesture. “Come here, angel.” I mirrored the simper across his lips surrendering to flatten my head onto the heat pumping chest. Our bodies entangled responding delectably magnetic with one another. Through a strengthening sleepy daze I inwardly wished for this night to go on I want to be ravaged like this every in each day before drifting off into a cradling abyss.

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