An Offer She Can't Refuse Book 1

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Chapter 5

I stretched my numbed limbs twisting on the bed the sound of water flowing woke for good. I scowled feeling between my legs stinging I wrapped in the soft sheets wondering time it was while rubbing my eyes made itchy by the blinding golden shining rays transparent from the thin peach curtains that were divinely illuminated from the windows. When the bathroom door flew open and Johnny stepped forth with a towel around his hips. Hair damply waved back, muscles dripping, cool, relaxed, natural, too natural.


A courteous nod was all I returned half heartedly.

“Are you sore, darling?”

He smiled as I replicated the nod, taking the cover from my stark naked body he froze in his tracks, jaws tightening.

“I swear your breasts could get even a priest excited.”

I winced at the indecent remark.

With one skillful hand under my legs and the other wrapping around my back he scooped me up and treaded to the large marble bath tub he already filled with warm water.

I struggled keep my eyes from diverting from his moist toned chest shining, kissed by the morning sun like that of a golden god. His appeared to be shamelessly glued to every ripe developed part of body.

My temptress was worn out, greatly satisfied with the hot action she got and now dosed in a beauty nap.

“You have no idea the kinda torment you’re putting me through, cara.”

I shoved him giggling.

“Don’t try to blame because you won’t exercise control.”

“Control is reduced a feeble powerless notion when going against you.”

He kept on scrolling my naked contours before staying fixed on my solidified nipples. He made a swift gulp I assumed due too much salivating.

A relieving hum escaped me dipping my foot in the warm water before submerging into it. It was just what my drenched and worn out skin needed. Johnny poured in a liquid soap stirring the water then tore himself away when came a knock at the door he was supposedly expecting.

How many damsels has he been a saving grace for? How many of them woke to a vibrant ‘Buosorgno’ the next morning before being discarded?

I sighed to myself, stirring the soap in until the scented bubbles rose. A silver tray was beneath his palm when he reentered. Boiled eggs, bacon, two large croissants with butter and grape jelly were all arranged around a tiny vase with a freshly plucked garden rose sticking out.

I gawked in awe as he skipped the coffee and orange juice from the cluster of beverages and extended the glass of pomegranate juice.

“I’m dying to know, Angelica, what did you think of last night?”

He put forth ardently eager.

I sunk my head under the bubbles.

“You can’t stay there forever.”

He grinned splashing my hair. I winced coyly coming up for air.

“You moaned enough for me to believe I pleasured you precisely how you should be,” He continued reaffirming his smug personality. Why did he have to taunt me to admit the triumphant he already knew he had taken?

And since I was now officially another of his conquest I’m sure to be discarded after breakfast at very least I can’t complain about kindness and delicacy. I dare not think whether he deflowered some those conquests as well.

“Fine, fine, it was nice you were nice.”

He gave me a cryptic look and I immediately detected that he needed way more than ‘nice’.

I really wish I could give his tireless ego just once.

“No point in being vague.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Oh, dear, did I say nice I meant splendid, mind blowing, earth shattering, the absolute best I am now at your feet.”

I smiled cute. My mock display didn’t look impressed him, but the whitened expression was my own little cunning revenge.

“Someone has quite the humor,” He remarked dull. “Why did you choose to wait were you holding out for marriage?”

I sighed wanting to sink into water again.

“Give me break, Johnny”

“Forgive my noisy prying but naturally I’ve wondered from yesterday when you dropped the bomb,” He admitted pressing his chin on the nape of my neck.


I uttered nonchalant.

“No, you weren’t?”

“No, I don’t want to talk about it. After all, it doesn’t matter now.”

His expression twisted rueful indicating that he had conceded.

Even if I loved how this bully performed in the sack and relished his every electrifying movement. I wouldn’t let myself be taken for a ride. I’m free since deed is done as we agreed. What’s the point in open up to him like we’re adoring lovers? There is none other than to be made a fool out of. No sir, I won’t allow it. Not in a million years. The bully should stay in his pen.

“Only fair I guess I’ll respect that and change the subject.”

“Thank you.”

I retorted as he soaked a sponge and ran it on my shoulder.

“Have you ever traveled anywhere outside our little Fiorito?”

“Sure, I visit Rico every summer.”

He looked amused by that answer. “What about cities or outside Italy?”

“No, never to another country and I can’t tell when last I went to a city aside from when I was young, my father took me to Milan once. It’s an outrageously beautiful place, gigantic and-ah…” I rapidly diverted to and scrutinized the aiding hand running down my side, sinking into the bubbles.

“Milan, Florence, Rome they’re undisputed treasures you can’t begin to imagine what you’re missing, but I can show you.”

I flinched the moment he maneuvered the sponge over my leg.

“Easy, don’t fret, I don’t bite just.”

A smug grin darted to me. Instinctively, I knew exactly what to do with it. I splashed his slick mug making him recoil like a little boy. “Hey, quit it.” I ignored that slinging the water sat him with fury until he was force to remove his hand. “Happy?”

I grinned mocking the loser.

“I can wash myself on my own thank you very---”

His moist lips charging forward cut me off. Swiftly without warning he claimed my mouth. The moment my lips started moving his was when I threw in the towel and no longer resist the temptation of his soft, ripe honeyed mouth. Everything went blank in my head as my pulse rose at the very first taste of him. In the dangerous tunnel of my mind felt the sleeping temptress kick and groan. “No harm in helping.”

He broke away clearly reluctant to. My strong exhale rendered me speechless, panting, fevering and wanting more.

The blasting of a noisy cell phone interrupted the flaring pheromone, filling the silent room with its annoying ringtone.

Johnny apologized and excused himself.

Damn, just when it was getting good. Dear me, what am I saying!

I searched through the soap bubble realizing there was nothing was in the tub. He took the sponge with him.

Sex fiend.

Within several seconds passed I heard a fist being slammed on something then Johnny yelling: You’ve got to be kidding me! That fucking idiot!

The sound of his outraged voice told me someone did wrong and was in big trouble.

After finishing his unpleasant chat with the caller Johnny returned looking grim and soulless, all the enchanting manly allure drained from him. “I have to go.”

I forced an understanding simper.

“Business first I get it.”

“Nothing of the sort, angel, that reckless cousin of yours has gotten himself in a whole new pickle.”

I blinked at him repeatedly not fully registering what he meant by that.


The urgent call was about Kenny. How? Why? What’s happened to him?

Johnny wiped his twisted mouth and shook his head.

I went pale seeing his odd behavior based off that I could deduce that was bad. Climbing out the tub while my body was still soapy I was going to rush to Johnny slammed onto him beat his chest and yell in his ear until told me everything. Instead in my haste I wet foot slipped on the marble tile causing to lose my balance from sideway view I saw Johnny’s legs running towards he was able to break the fall and I landed flat onto his lap.

“Are you okay?”

I nodded, regaining my dizzy senses.

“Christ, Angelica, you could’ve given yourself a concussion. You need to be more careful.”

“Forget about me,” I uttered hysterical gripping his shoulder blades and shaking them like a lunatic on cocaine. “Tell me what’s happened with Kenny, tell me, please!”

I only saw two pairs of gritted teeth before he grunted in what sounded to be unbearable frustration then an array of Italian blasted out his mouth. “I…I shouldn’t have mention anything I’m awfully sorry that I did, Angelica.”

“Tell me.”

I repeated a little less frantic.

He released a conceding sigh while bringing us into standing.

“Fine, but I’ll keep it brief to spare you the horrific details. I ordered Peter, one of my hired bodyguards to keep a discreet watch over your cousin since we’re still sorting the repercussions of the fraud incident.”

“You had him followed?”

I gaped taken aback.

“Only in public places completely within the law,” He added consciously.

“Yeah, but was it really necessary?”

“Of course, that boy’s shady reputation is no secret.”

His heated and seemingly blunt conviction hit me like a firm punch in the stomach. Yes, in general one could say, Kenny Kimper has a certain sketchy reputation, but as for it declared officially and he had actually branded with that a scar of shame. Is that what it has come to?

“I just spoke to Peter and according to him the Kimper boy visited the Fiorito Casino late yesterday night where he almost got assaulted by a gang of thugs.”

I had to cover my gaping petrified mouth.

He quickly engulfed me in his arms. “Don’t worry Peter intervened before they could take him out the back of the Casino. The thugs gave up once Peter threatened to call on security. He’s safe and unharmed Peter assured me of it. I want you to stay here while I go sort this out.”

“I’m coming with you.”


He said stern.

“I have to I’m his family I want to see him.”

I demanded impatient.

“And he’s free from danger because of me.”

He laid out solid. I grimaced at his snarky attitude concerning something so serious, for me at least.

“So, you want me to worship you for it. Is that what you’re seeking? Thank you, there you go okay, most gracious Don Luciano. Now, let me with go you.”

“That’s enough, I’m arguing with you you’re in no position to argue either.”

I sniffed in disbelief greatly offended by his tone.

“I’ll have to find out exactly what he’s gotten into since I’ve gotten involved in it too after all. Wait for me here eat some breakfast I’ll call you as soon as I get more information. Try not to worry.”

He spun on his heel walking from me. Disinterested in anything else I have to say.

I thought to scream at him but I would clearly be futile.

I hopped in the shower rinsing off though I tried I couldn’t stop pondering about Kenny. Gambling, thugs, who did he owe? The overflow of anxiety was going to tear me to pieces.

“Make sure nobody is following you.”

Johnny muttered on his cell phone, unaware that I was eased dropping from the bathroom door. “No, no, bring him to the Kimper house do you remember where? Good, I’ll meet you there.”

I nearly sneered in shock. He’s going to meet his bodyguard at my house?

I got dressed soon after he left the villa.

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