An Offer She Can't Refuse Book 1

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Chapter 7

Dread filled all of me down to my very soul.

Kenny’s life was at stake, how he could be so cruel? I should bother thinking about that. I did act rash got mindlessly hot headed and was rude. Ultimately, things took a bad turn. We both got too heated too worked up. I’m not so sure about lending the services of my bodyguards twice.

I paced around the spacious master bedroom for hours with fear and panic as the threatening words replayed in my head dispelling their torment over and over. I’m not so sure about lending the services of my bodyguards twice.

What have I done!

I wiped the tears from my eyes coming to the terms with the fact that while I might’ve made the situation worst punishing myself wouldn’t fix things either way. But I had to do something.

Didn’t know when Johnny would arrive but when he eventually does the best approach, other than crying and begging, was clear to me. The idea was a degrading one, frowningly indecent, sinfully perverted. My last resort was akin to the convenient act for a common harlot. Stop, you’ll regret it.

Besides the distaste making me want to reconsider I had to ponder what my chances were. In my hour of rock bottom desperation I weigh the burden of presuming if I even had what it takes to seduce him. Then, I instantly remembering in fast erotic flashes the eager strokes and groans of a virile man succumbing to my inexperienced body it rang like a bell of enlightenment.

I went through the assortment gifts he bought me strictly for his benefit. I tried on the particular one he mentioned he liked. I observed how fitted in the mirror. It was a thin lace lilac shaded lingerie, highly revealing that easily clung my porcelain skin. The bust barely held my unruly bouncing breasts while a web of criss-cross straps spilled on my back tied in thin silk ribbons.

I actually gaped at the sight of my butt after slipping in the lace panties. All the curves all exposed and shaped out a heart with a string of lilac falling in the center. I’ve never felt so exposed in my life but the funny enough on the other side of that same coin I’ve also never felt quite so feminine either. If only the light but provocative offered some soothing relief to my achy sore sex. Bear it, girl.

Another hour went by before the gates were opening for a limo.

A chilling sensation suddenly coursed down my bare legs trailing goosebumps on them.

I waited.

Faint footsteps echoed outside as orders were being given to the house staff in cool polite Italian. I peeped through the room door listening until I saw that he was heading in here. I ran cowardly to bathroom I hadn’t yet build up the courage to face him. I peeped again watching him unload his attaché on the work desk in the corner the room was practically a suite. A fervent inhale and a loud bellow for my inner temptress to get her ass in gear, I closed my eyes for a mediating second. I’m really going for it. Goodness, I’m really gonna…

It’s okay, he wants you.

She chimed in responding to my SOS.

Have no fear girl, you look deliciously sexy.

The key is to relax. Relax…

Let him touch you somewhere that’s subtle but will get him excited neck let him smell your hair.

Ask him to forgive you, whisper it sweetly. Use your lips generously.

Don’t lift a finger, make him come to you.

Think lover not toy think freedom not submission.

I absorbed the words of encouragement from my temptress and a women’s empowerment magazine I once read for the heck of it. But not even that exuberant pep talk was enough to soothe the nervousness engulfing me.

Now or never.

I grabbed a towel robe and unfolded it.

His back was turned when at the moment I sauntered out he was getting out of a suede jacket. A spin in the opposite direction and I was spotted.

“Hi,” I uttered meekly.

His expression blank icy, striding pass me without a reply.

A dispassionate Johnny loosened a few top buttons on his shirt before splashing some water on his face. I remained lingering watching as he went to a tall sliver round table filled with bottles of the alcoholic beverages and poured himself a glass of some brownish liquor.

“Look, I first I want apologize for what happened I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you I was just so worried about my cousin.”

Drawing out the wooden chair he sat behind the personal work desk he had at one spacious corner of his room. Firm. Authoritative. Emotionless.

He drank while fixing me with sharp, dark glance.

“Go on.”

Well, that’s better than nothing.

“Does that mean you’ll accept my apology?”

I asked sauntering over to where he sat.

“No, but you’re welcomed to try and appease me to.”

He made clear. His glacial eyes pierced through me. I looked to the floor for second then back at him.

“Kenny has been involved in bad things and bad people I know. But whatever terrible decisions he’s made he doesn’t deserve to be beaten like an animal. I’m sure he’s beyond sorry for all the trouble he’s caused. And…if you could help him out me I would be really grateful and my family would repay you when we can.”

He stared at me doubtful.

“Three hundred thousand Euros, that’s his damage and the debt collectors are demanding interest.”

He informed folding his arms. The ball was now thrown in my court.

He was toying with me like I knew he was. Three hundred thousand! Cristo.

“I’m curious as to how to plan---”

This is where he expects groveling and sheer desperation. So, I surrendered to the bully exactly what he was aiming for.

Loosening the tie in front my waist and swallowing a chunk full of pride I let the towel robe fall off my shoulders as calm and graceful as a swan effortlessly shedding its snowy feathers.

His brows shot upwards as his mouth widened in shock. The hand holding the glass became motionless.

And bravely, I narrowed to meet the icy daggers and wait for a smug, chauvinist-taunting remark.

“Oh, I see you were already set on different means of persuasion.”

Inside, I wanted to crawl under a rock and weep after removing the robe. But my exterior I ensured was bold and brazen, mustering a plastic flirtatious smile which took a lot of effort.

Johnny quickly regained his composure to reacquaint me with the most arrogant grin I’ve ever seen on a man. A million times better than that cold menacing look. He then took to a few seconds to skim the package that was just unwrapped before him, for him.

A delighted hum that I might’ve mistaken for a low groan uncontrollably escaped his throat.

I broke the ice and I eagerly spoke. “It may take some time but we can still find a way to repay you, Johnny. Please, just please…don’t let those men go near him for now.”

I begged vehemently, “if you don’t any pity whatsoever for Kenny, will you at least have some for me and help him, please.”

Johnny didn’t do or say anything instead simply reclined in the wooden arm chair seemingly tense as he released a tired sigh.

Again scrolling me from head to toe, “you look ravishing in lilac it compliments your skin beautifully.”

I fought the blush that abruptly swept over me.

“I have a bunch of important work to complete at the moment, cara. We can continue this conversation after I’m done. Why don’t you sit and wait till I’m through.”

I nodded understanding his whole game.

I was to sweat a little more while he had fun poking at me and seeing me sweat. I had no problems with that it wasn’t the quality of cruel spite I would’ve anticipated from him.

“Without the robe,” He added when I stoop about to retrieve it and cover myself until I could have his complete attention.

“Sit somewhere, watch some TV in the meantime if you’d like. I tell you when I’m through.”

He said veiled in a definite command. In my current position, he was boss and his word was law, yet again.

“Won’t be a distraction?”

I uttered leaving the robe on the floor.

“A welcomed one, I wouldn’t dare insult such a sweet selfless endeavor,” He chimed, carving an appreciative simper.

“Very well, I’ll just be over here then.”

Bearing the unpleasant stinging sensation manifesting from between my trembling thighs, I made my way to a sofa seat close the large bed that was in the direction of the broad flat screen TV hooked to the beige wall.

Johnny’s mouth stretched open his disarranged expression baffled me as I was crossing his desk. His hand reached out as if it was about to attack me but only grazed the round curvy end of my posterior.

My exposed posterior.

“Ay, bellisima,” He murmured looking to be salivating.

I flinched, forgetting how much the lingerie bottom showed. I paced away before his hand would make more creative maneuvers. A low chuckle, a teasing purr, and a greedy lustful gaze following me while I hurried to go sit down using a pillow cushion cover my cleavage.

“Shouldn’t you be concentrating on your work,” I teased glad for his lightened mood as oppose to the frightening latter.

I tuned into the gardening channel I’ve been watching lately I thought engaging into lessons on soil and plants would relax me, however, after half an hour of instruction from an elderly Florentine man I had to break from the old fashion way growing of the best quality tomatoes Johnny a refill of whatever he was drinking per his request. For a minute I felt like one of those cliché French maids who did more than cleaning for their perverse male employers. That image made me cringe inside but my domineering temptress intervened giving me a mental shove then motherly holding up her index finger cautioning me not to ruin the promising momentum or worst turn into a dumb prude.

“Go ahead our one for yourself it’ll warm you up.”

“I don’t even know what it is.”

I told him staring at the brown apple tone liquid in the thick crystal flask.

“Roman Brandy, have a taste it’s excellent.”

I took a glass and halved it.

With the first sip I found that he was right ran smooth down my throat. The flavor potent and delicious at the same time, like mold berries grounded with raw rum.



“How is your clit?”

I bristled almost spitting out the rich brandy, wondering if I heard him right.

He looked up from three papers in his hand.

“Your legs keep twitching and your rubbing your knees together. Your clit isn’t comfortable in those tight little panties, is it?”

Flushed, with my burning cheeks I stuttered a no.

“Take it off.”

He said without narrowing to me his focus fell back to the papers.

“Excuse me?”

I gaped at him.

Do what? Why, the daringness of this bastardo!

Silently engrossed, I snatched his attention noting the serious cloud floating on his face.

“I’ll take it off and put on the robe.”

“You assume wrong, cara, you’ll take it off and sit your lovely behind back down.”

He retorted, reaffirming a keen focus on his work.


Don’t object.

You’re alone with him. What’s the harm?

After a sharp vexing wince I sighed defeated, and bent, tugging the skinny waistband.

Slowly, my salacious temptress continued to guide.

Santa Maria!

I am idling in a perverse man’s house trapped in his bedroom and lingering half naked. Strike me dead now before he finds more amusing ways of toying with me.

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