An Offer She Can't Refuse Book 1

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Chapter 9

I looked at him quizzically-shifting swiftly to timid glare. “Fine, let’s hear it.”

He folded his lips nearly appearing boyish and shy.

“We talk about it later.”

He mouthed, softly kissing my cheek.

“No need to worry about your cousin anymore. Let me deal with that.”

He soothed, kissing the top unveiled lump of my bosom. He suppressed a torturous growl allowing it to spill under his heated breath.

“Did you eat since you got here?”

I nodded, pressing my fingers to where he just kissed. “Emilio prepared me a feast.”

“Good, you should get some rest, but first I want to take care of that sore for you.”

In the crystal shining bathroom he something from the cabinet sink then asked me lie on the bed. I flustered when he showed the aloe cream. “I-I-I can rub it on myself.”

A coy glance waving winter irises stalked towards me.

“Nothing under there I haven’t glimpsed, touched or sucked before, angel.”

With that, I threw in the towel as my wall of awkwardness crumpled to dust. There’s no arguing with him when he’s determined he’s unstoppable and he’s always this way at every glimmering chance he finds to touch me. Seeing him display the intense desire of a man who’s been stranded on a deserted island for months and months incessantly overwhelms me.

I took a long stripping my head oxygen while his aloe lubricated fingers brushed strokes over my pulsating clitoris, down, up, to the left the right, inside…deeper. He applied the cream delicately. But the sensation his light rubs yielded hit me hard like something inside me wanted to explode the moment he repeated everything applying a second layer. I felt the stinging discomfort moderately alleviate when he was finished pampering my womanhood.

I crashed onto the bed quickly after my nurse disappeared from his master room. I was anxious to dose off it has been one livid day I could’ve seriously done without.

Odd, as if I wasn’t flustered enough a striking chill bubbled within me throughout most of the lonely night. I must’ve been dreaming when found myself wishing he would’ve stayed and was right beside me nesting my body in warm arms.

I awoke to feel of toned muscles snaked around my naked torso. Johnny hovered over me, hypnotizing eyes of winter, brandy breath, ruffled dark hair. “Morning, beautiful,” His lips traveled to my neck sniffing my hair.

“You’re heavy,” I murmured and sat up swiping aside the duvet over us. He grinned appreciatively skimming my scantily clad, half naked body. The lingerie top was so bad sleeping in it felt cozy with feathery cotton sheets. He pecked on my cheeks before fully taking my lips. “I’m happy you kept it on so I can tear it off.”

I hummed as his hand reached between my legs.

“No flinching this time?” He curiously furrowed.

“None,” I grinned.

He kissed the curves of my right breast almost ripping the lacy bust. I had to assist and loosen it. His mouth moved slow rendering twice the delight.

“I hope you’re healed I’m suffering unimaginably.”

Swiping the sheets aside down to my ankles, he dipped his head to plant a ticklish kiss on my stomach.

He looked up at me with a candied grin after seeing that I was no longer sore ridden.

I squealed, bracing, biting my bottom lip the instant he caressed my womanhood brushing across my labia. “Don’t tease it…” I whined, feeling an insane gush of wanton need pore through me.“Oh, I won’t for much longer.”

His tongue probed the tip of my clitoris with fast but soft strokes my walls clenched simultaneously, sustaining heat and arousal. Both continually build every stroke of his exploring tongue caused a tender ache to ripple within me. I felt it everywhere between my thighs, in my chest and piercing all the fibers of my being. The sensuous agony ended when the swell of swirling arousal had an abrupt watery burst.

Johnny recoiled and fished a condom from the nightstand tearing it with his teeth.

“This time I’ll have all of you, angel, I couldn’t sleep well all night because of how bad wanted to be inside you.” He laid out the rasp coated confession before as if could he get a release by just making one provocative touch.

With one sharp maneuver of his aggressive hands my ankles floated high and were brought to his chest. Quickly locking them over his shoulders his hands then turned seductive caressing the contours of my outer thighs. A grateful sigh peeled through my lips.

Sliding onto the apple shape of my sex his caress at that region was faster longer inflicting a tantalization too poignant to easily sustain without spilling moans into the air. A finger dug inside gently parting my labia.

“Hmmm, very small,” He murmured placing a wet kiss right on my outer walls.“You are sweetest most lovely shade of pink down here.”His mouth furthered the assault more ardent his head twisted from side to side tongue aiding its master in his mission dancing along with his beat. Every stroke had intended purpose of driving me crazy.

He positioned from his torso holding my limbs steady. I gasped tilting my neck to the side it felt like he was tearing into me. It didn’t hurt as much as the first time but I still had to adjust from cataclysmic force that engulfed me. He went numb waiting patiently until I was fully ready. After awhile the stiff slice of pain was entirely gone and I gave him the green light.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”With a sharp inhale I gripped his muscular arms on either of me then nodded to him.
Two feral hands fisted in the thick sheets. An intense breath escaped him. Strong, hot and heavy hitting the crook of my neck like steam rising from exquisite coffee I squeezed my lips together the moment it brushed my frail skin.

Coming up better on his knees and carefully slanting forward my legs bowed with him as he scooped his hips. Biting harder until I freed my lips making the whimper I was desperately holding bursts through them. “Tell me if you’re uncomfortable,” He murmured his voice soft but anxious. My fingers dug into the sturdy skin of his back from slow to a neutral rhythm his hips, already fully prepared to sink into the sweetest mystery zones, grind and grind making those very zones scream. He again urged me to talk to him a million times more eager.

“Say something, baby, anything, let me know what it’s like when I take you.”

My warm moans unbelievably weren’t enough for him. But if not all of my senses and what was left of my nerves were submerged in complete sheer ecstasy. I couldn’t think or form anything that would be the ‘right’ thing to say. I didn’t want to talk I wanted to feel of what he was giving me. That’s exactly what I wanted to say no yell at him.

“Yes,” it gushed out more like an expression than a simple word. I hoped to the heavens Johnny didn’t doubt the meaningfulness attached to it and when I felt him getting still wasn’t a good sign. “Uh, please don’t stop.”

After adding that I saw a contented simper under those lusty glistening wintery eyes he was fiery fuelled kept on moving, his groin curled and scooped gently I cried out the instant I felt him getting deeper. “Yes-s-s, oh yes…” I wrapped around him tighter holding on while his grinding hips were now firmer more rapid and energetic.

I arched with every hungry vigor-induced, passionate thrust, shockwaves surging throughout my body, in time emerged a hard clenching sensation between my smothering thighs.

“Together,” He said, caressing my cheeks, it came out sounding like a fervent plea.

Temperature soaring without hint of caution pressure fuming on my windpipe the way I squirmed in tune with next lethal thrust that came then panted when the rest came faster rendered my throat feverishly drained and feeding off the last surviving layers of saliva.

“I can’t-t hold-d-d it anymore,” I couldn’t help but whine.

Johnny gritted after a grappling moan he whispered sensuous. “Now...”

Exploding off of cloud nine, squirms peeling from our voice boxes, a potent climax was shared by us both, the euphoric effect still lingering even as we fell limb gasping for air.I had to pant my way back a steady oxygen circulation. Never has my heart thumbed at such a hyper maximum rate while mind floated making everything seem like an x rated dream.

A relishing grin hovered over me before his head dipped meeting my lips, soft, smooth and tasting of brandy.“Dio mio!”

Playing with a nipple twirling his finger on it until richly solidified and ready for the luscious suck he took from the cinnamon shade tip.

“You’re mine, angel.”

The way that whole heartedly seeped out his mouth shook me beyond compare. Three terrifying words signified to claim me, but to what extent? All I knew was this relentless toxic man wasn’t going anywhere. Johnny was now a part of life and though I can’t foresee for how long, I was willingly chained to him.

End of Book 1

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