By day, by Night

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Yaoi story about a 16 yr old named Angel and his Boyfriend Lucifer who runs the Japanese mafia. Angel is a street fighter by day and a stripper by night. He graduated high school when he was 13, but didn’t have money for College. Lucifer is sociopathic, mob boss, he is the youngest ever. At 19 he is running the whole underground. But his dark desires, lust, and deep past keep everyone one at arms length till he meets... Angel. Angel dives head on into a world of kill or be killed, all while dealing with his childish lover.

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MAkiko Daichi, walks through the warm, cherry blossom dipped, morning. He has no idea what today would bring, a new fight or perhaps some cash. He doesn’t mind either way, it was just another day to him, he’d go home feeling alone and cold. He pulls out his wallet and finds himself in front of the cafe, why not, he thought.

He enters the cafe, the server glances up and smiles at him.

“Hey there Akiko! Good to see you agian!” He says.

“Hey Hikurua, just the usual please.”

Guess I come here more than I thought. Akiko sits at the breakfast bar, and scrolls through his phone. His coffee arrives quickly, along with a slice of toast and jam. He smiles at the server and picks up his coffee.

The bell above the door rings, naturally Akiko turns his head. A tall dark haired gentleman enters, he’s wearing a white and pink lined suit. Fancy...

“Lucifer, nice to see you agian sir.” Hikurua says.

“Coffee.” He says, his voice calm and smooth.

“Can do, take a seat!” Hikurua replies.

He takes a seat next to Akiko, and gazes off into the window. Akiko barely pays him any mind and eats his toast, whilst reading the news on his phone. Suddenly, the man lightly taps Akikos shoulder.

“What’s the news Angel?” He says, giving Akiko a nickname based off his messy ash blonde hair.

“Nothing big, couple of street fights.” He smiled at himself, he’d won those fights.

The man looks over Akiko, who is in no way dressed nicely, he wears baggy ripped blue jeans, a grey-blue T-shirt and his circular glasses. The man seems impressed with him, perhaps it was the rainbow key chain tucked into his pocket.

“Yeah, Angel suits you.” He says.

“What makes you say that?” Akiko replies.

“Well, your hair is practically white. You have blue eyes and dress darker as to compliment your pale skin. Also, you talk rather softly...” The man says, his voice trailing off a bit.

“Yeah, my friends are always getting after be cause’ I talk to quietly.” Akiko muttered.

“Lucifer, plenty of people call me sir, but you can use my name.” Lucifer says.

“Akiko, but I believe to you it’s Angel.”

“Ooh! Fast learner. Where you from?”

“Well my mum is from England, and my dad was from this area.”

“Was?” Lucifer says.

“He died a while ago, not much to miss.”


“How about you? You from here?” Akiko asks.

“Damn I wish, grew up in New York. Dads from here, I actually live just down the road.”

“Wow!” Akiko says. “Sounds nice!”

With that Lucifers coffee arrives, he stands, smiling at Akiko.

“See you soon Angel, stop by my place anytime.”

“I’ll keep that in mind Lucifer.”

Lucifer turns to exit, a smug grin on his face, before opening the door he turns and winks. Akiko could feel himself blush, Lucifer laughed, having gotten the reaction he wanted he walks outside and disappears down the street. Akiko sighs, finishes his light breakfast and leaves too. He’ll keep an eye out for Lucifer from now on. Feeling like his day had been brightened, he practically skips off to his house to get ready for work.

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