You are the last boy I'll ever befriend

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For Layla's entire life, she has always been involved in being friends with the opposite gender. And as fate somewhat plans it, she falls in love with them. But what if for her eighth year in high school she plans to avoid any boy at cost. Especially those who once made her heart skipped a beat. Things go as planned until someone from a far away place arrives to tear down the walls she built slowly. Who is this person and how would their arrival disrupt Layla's plan for a peaceful life

Romance / Humor
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Chapter one

In the course of 12 years, I’ve only befriended and liked 4 boys. All in which, happened during my elementary years. The time when basically boys were so baby face and so innocent. I’m not saying boys now are not innocent. It’s just these boys happen to be the most innocent ones back in the day. Well not including the last. I’ve known him for 7 months.

*sigh* I haven’t been the luckiest person in love. All the boys, the four, were basically clueless in the subject love. They basically friend zone every girl they meet and that includes me. From when were little until we reached 7th grade. *sigh* there’s really nothing I can do. I mean three are really away from me. If you count far away as in the room next door or a floor above mine is far away. The fourth one is four columns and a chair away. Yeah he is far away or that I’ve been spending too much time with Mary and her love issues. True, someone in our room has issues about love and is crying on my shoulder right now. Ironic if you ask me. I’m not bitter. I’m just tired of telling myself I like that person only to later one say that I don’t like that person. It’s confusing. Really confusing that it makes my brain hurt.


I watch as the first period bell rang. My classmates entered the room with their books and were shuffling to get into their seats. My eyes lingered until it fell on a honey brown colored hair. It was Dave Bacalso, my fourth and final boy best friend.

About a month ago, we had our exchanging of seats. And to my disappointment, he sat far away from me. I really wanted to be his seatmate this quarter but he promised that we would during the fourth and final quarter. Which, if I’m right, is about two months away from today.

If you’re wondering who Dave is, he’s (like I’ve said before) my boy best friend and the fourth if you’re counting. We’re about the same age, only twelve days apart. But he still looks older than me but his mind is like a six year olds. He has soft honey brown colored hair and bright green eyes. He was tall but not skinny. He was robust. Courtesy to hobby of basketball and his no eating habit of anything beyond half a kilogram. He was, can I say, confuse at his gender. But he was more of a boy than a girl.

His head turned and his eyes met mine. Green ones focused on my brown ones. He gave me a nod before turning around once more. I sighed. He didn’t really get the meaning of hello.


The first boy I liked and became best friends with was during the first grade. It was my second year in the school and I was still adjusting to the new environment and had few friends.

During the first day, the boy was two columns away. But that changed until our homeroom teacher decided to give us our permanent seats for the first quarter. He was in front of me and behind me happened to be his best friend. So I was the bridge and the wall between them.

The boy’s name was Peter Benedict Thomas III. He had, I guess, ginger colored hair. At that time I didn’t know the different shades. His hair was orange at that time. He had blue colored eyes and chubby cheeks. A lot and I mean a lot of girls used to like him. He was the idol of our grade level that time. And that was the reason I too fell for him.

He was year older than me. I was six and he seven. Skip a grade just so you know. And at that point and age, I was clueless about what true love is or what love is in general. I was too young and dumb back then. So when I heard that he like the second most popular girl in our class, my world crashed. Like literally. My world crashed. I didn’t like going to school that point but I was forced like before.

About a month before school officially ended, I came to a conclusion that we were just friends. Nothing more, nothing less. If I didn’t continue to like him I wouldn’t end more broken. I continued doing like this until I met the second one.


The first period ended without any disturbance. Our second subject was math and boy did I hate it. I wasn’t the brightest in the group so that is an exception.

I sighed. I knew I was gonna fail the exam again and have remedial once more. I placed my head above my folded arms and closed my eyes.

If I wanted to pass I have to work harder. But the equations and the teacher was too hard to understand. The harder I try the more pain it would bring to my head.

I heard footsteps and opened my eyes. I could see navy blue pants and black shoes. I looked up and discovered it was just Dave. His eyes searched for something until it landed on me. It showed concern. He was the only person who knew about my difficulty.

“Come on, I told Matt that he would sit in your seat so that you sit in his and I could teach you” he said, pointing at Matt who was talking with my best friend. “Thanks but are you sure?” I didn’t want to be a hassle to him. “Yup, ask Matt yourself” and Matt came on cue.

You might be wondering who Matt is. Matt Anderson Lorega was Dave’s best friend. I don’t know why but whenever both are talking, me and my best friend always ends up clueless. It’s like they have this secret code. Anyway, Matt looked like Dave the only difference was the height, Dave was a taller, and his eye color, he had chestnut colored ones.

“Sure you can sit on my place. I’ve got something to say to Hana anyway” Matt shrugged. I nodded my head. I knew Dave wanted something but then again, asking him would be pointless. I got out of my seat and headed to Matt’s, Dave trailing behind. He was silent which was normal for today. He wasn’t the shy type or the loud type. He knew when to speak and when not to.


The second boy I met was during my fourth year. It was a year before I met the third one. I’m gonna talk about that later. Back to the second one, his name was Jonathan Bernardo. He had blonde colored hair and the same green eyes as Dave’s but more intense.

We first met when I was transferred since I couldn’t see from the place I sat. At first it was awkward but we adjusted. He was, can I say, not that responsible. I had to help arrange the big bag he brought. And surprisingly that was the way we bonded. He was also forgetful. Often to a point of being a habit, forgetting to bring a pen. So I decided to let him borrow and then it soon became a routine. We would sit in our respective seat and I would give him my pen and by the time the school day ends, he would return it. We were close but we also competed against in who was best in math. Believe it or not, I was once good in math. Back to the point, we competed but we never fought. It was more of fun and games. I was like his mother. And when he became an officer, I was his assistant since I knew he needed help.

It was around September, when I notice him more. The way his brows would furrow when he was deep in thought or the way he would grin when he had a splendid idea. I noticed all those things. But then I realized how it would end up. It was tough but I had to.

By the time December fell, I was distant from him but that didn’t stop him. His best friend happened to be my seatmate and boy did it not help. He would go his friend’s place and (at that time I was the quiet and shy person) chat. It was weird. I didn’t mind him and he didn’t mind me. It was like he knew what I was trying to do.

The following year, my feelings for him didn’t go away. So when I heard that he was going to be my classmate, I panicked a little but when I heard someone liked him, I was kinda happy. I didn’t get it but then again I was still clueless. In the end we became friends and still are friend until this very day.


Dave explained the equation. My brows were furrowed and I pondered why I still couldn’t get the problem. I heard Dave pause. I looked up and see Dave now deep in thought.

“You ok Dave?” I asked him, my voice full of concern. It always concerned me when he’s silent. It’s like he wants to say something but there was something holding him back. I was terrified.

“Dave please answer” I started to panic. He didn’t look at me. Instead, he looked at the ground. His bangs covered his eyes so I couldn’t tell what he was feeling. I’m getting anxious. My gut was telling me something was wrong.

“Dave” my voice was soft. I inched near him and at that moment his head started to tilt forward. Now I’m panicking. I wrapped my left arm around his neck and place the palm of my left hand on his forehead. Hot. He was having a fever. A very severe one.

“Dave hang on, I’m taking you to the clinic”


I met the third boy during the fifth grade but we only got close during the sixth grade. He was my seatmate during that time.

His name was Melvin Cortez. He was the one I didn’t let go that easily. Maybe it was because of his tan skin, cute smile, brown hair, and bright blue eyes. I didn’t really know the reason why I liked him but the reason also became the reason why I got hurt.

Ever since the first quarter of my sixth year, we’ve been seatmates or we were seated just beside each other. It also helped that we were partners in every activity and groupings. I thought it was perfect but good don’t last long. He liked someone and it hurt when he said he didn’t like that quality (I’m not saying it) for a girl to have. It did hurt but I decided to move one. There were better boys than him but I still liked him till now.

During the first day of my freshman year, I kinda prayed to God that we would be classmates but I guess he had other plans. But that didn’t stop us to see each other chat in personal from time to time. There was even a time when he thought I was going to dance on top of a table. I was so nervous but decided to just go with the flow.

Only few knew about me liking him. So it wasn’t a problem for him not knowing but I still didn’t trust the loud mouths in the classroom.


I waited patiently outside the clinic. Dave was inside sleeping and the nurse told me to go back but I didn’t. I knew he would want an explanation once he woke up.

Before I brought him here, the class basically panicked. He fainted and was experiencing a high fever. Our mayor told me to bring him to the clinic, with Matt’s assistance of course. On the way Matt asked me if I notice anything weird before he fainted. I just told him about Dave being silent and always in a daze. Matt could only nod his head. He told me to stay here and that he would tell the teachers about the situation.

“Miss you may come in” the nurse said. I got up, dusted my blue pleated skirt and walked in. the scent of medicine and anti-bacterial hit my nose. The nurse from before came instructed me where he is and that I should be quiet. I walked into his bed and saw him peacefully sleeping. His face was so relaxed. I sat on the stool that was place near his bedside. I placed my right hand on his hair and played with it. I see him flinch but sighed in content. I smiled. I knew how sensitive he was. A little movement could cause him to wake up. Now that I think of it, this scenario reminds me of how we met.


It was a rainy October; it’s been three months since school started. I’ve bonded well with my old and new classmates. It was nice to know that our homeroom teacher was nice. For once I felt peace.

The rain outside poured heavily. I waited at the lobby. It was too strong for me to walk and I didn’t have an umbrella. I sighed.

I knew I should’ve brought the umbrella. I mean the signs were clear, my colds, a slight fever and gray skies. I could even smell the salt in the air. But let’s just say with thirty minutes before the assembly, I didn’t have time to think straight.

My head pounded, obviously because of the fever. I stumble back a little and held onto the guard’s table. I place the palm of my left hand on the forehead. I was hot. Not that kind of hot like really hot. I puffed and panted. I didn’t know why but I started to feel weak. I needed to sit. I desperately looked around for a chair. None. I sighed, my world felt like spinning. My vision started to go blurry and that’s when all I see is black.

“She’s doing fine. A small fever but she’s recovering”

I opened my eyes and the first thing I see were the white walls. I was in the clinic. How did I know that? It was the only room that’s painted white from top to bottom. I turned my head and saw honey brown colored hair and green eyes.

“You ok” was the first thing said. I nod my head and sighed. He sighed too. “Just tell me when you’re ready to go. I’m driving you home” I wanted to protest but then he said,” No buts”

I was speechless. He only looked at me once before walking to the nurses’ table to get me discharged. He later on came back.

“Let me help you with that” he got an ice pack off my head and placed it at the nightstand. I looked at the pack. I didn’t notice that.

“Come on” he carried me bridal style and I could hear the nurses squealing like they just saw two of their best actors doing a romantic moment. I mean what’s wrong with him carrying me. Then realization dawned upon me, he was carrying me like in one of those movies. I blush different shades of red before trying to struggle out of his grasped.

“Stop it or I’m dropping you”


“Do you still remember how we met?” I asked him silently while playing with his hair. I didn’t expect an answer. He was the kind of person who never remembered the important stuff.

“Of course I would, you were so heavy” I heard him laugh. I smiled at him and said, “Oh please, I’m not that heavy” he rolled his eyes. “Whatever you say Melvin” he teased. It ticked me off.

“Shut up chicken. It’s Layla!”

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