Terra Falling

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In times of destruction, people are brought together. Josh and Harley's story is no different. Josh had it all-the looks, the brain, and most importantly the money. Harley had been the depth of poverty. She only had her passion. But both had the same fire inside-the desire to change the world, save the world. As things get out of head, so do their hearts. And comes the new flicker of light. Will it stay or will it vanquish just like the world? An unconventional love story and maybe there was a reason behind this pandemic ****** This story is inspired by Covid-19 and all the things mentioned are a work of fiction and none of it is real. This is just a story that I am working on during quarantine.

Romance / Scifi
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I gaped at him, my life slowly draining out of me. I was aware of the difficulty I had in breathing. My eyes blurred and tears fell on unbidden on my cheeks. I knew what this meant and it scared me. I couldn’t see him anymore. I couldn’t see those twinkling blue eyes that had caught my attention from day one.

“Harley” I could hear him sob. I wanted to soothe him, wipe his tears away but I couldn’t. My hands twitched numbly, hoping to feel his warmth one last time.

I felt another teardrop on my cheeks, my chest so painful that I didn’t know if it was physical or emotional pain. Probably both.

Neither of us expected to be here and yet here we were, two souls connected in more ways than one. His fingers squeezed mine and with the last of my strength, I squeezed back.

I forced my eyes to clear, to get one clear of him. And with that came in the painful realization. I wasn’t ready to leave. I wanted to live. Experience life with him. I loved him. I knew it now.

“I...love you” I said, painfully slow, a weight lifting off my shoulders. I finally closed my eyes, all thoughts leaving my head, only focused on hearing his ‘I love you’s’ and smiled.


There we have it. The prologue. Honestly, it was hard writing the prologue. But I hope it really conveys what I wanted to.

I am really excited about all your comments. Tune in for the first chapter.

Goodbye for now ;)

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