His Delicate

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"Mommmmm!!!!!!" "Please don't leave me , please for me ..." "Please" "For me please......." For as long as Luella could remember , this horrible memory was etched in her memory , it held her prisoner, did not allow her to enjoy her life and live like a normal person ever again. Her dad Maverick Fayre tried everything humanly possible to free himself from the self imposed prison sentence that she had forced upon herself. Left with no choice , he is forced to hire a doctor undercover specialist to help his unwilling daughter to heal.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Hey guys , I'm so excited to be doing this, ive wanted to write for the longest time ever and this is the time that I've finally gathered up the courage to do so . This is actually my first book and I hope to write so many more. NB this is not edited and was typed on a phone, so for any typos , I'm sorry.❣️enjoy.


*soft knocks*

I unwillingly shift into an erect position on my bed and pray that whoever is at my door may just leave me alone to die. I shuffle around my bed looking for my hot pink nightgown that I had dumped on my bed before I slept last night leading to it now being tangled in my blankets.

"Lue honey , it's me , can I come in"

"Ughh wait a minute Dad , I'm not decent " I lied.

I looked at my pink Minnie mouse alarm that my mom had given me on my sixth birthday.12 o'clock . At times I really wondered how out of everything I had ever received in my childhood years this was the only thing that lasted for so long. As much as I hated the childish alarm clock, I could never dispose it .

I quickly wiped a small tear which had suddenly escaped my eye at the brief thought of my mom. I hated my tears for always coming out at the worst moments ever. I was so tired of always crying , nomatter how much I tried to stop I could never.

"Honey ? Lue darling? Hello ?"

My dad's persistence free me back to reality. I had almost forgotten that he was still out there.

"Ugh ok , 2 minutes Dad, I'm sorry , I'm coming"

I ran into my very pink and white bathroom to wash my face so Dad wouldn't notice how I had just woke up , at midday. I washed my face with scorching hot water in the hope of waking myself up. I knew how dangerous this was for my skin but I still did it anyway. I winced as the hot liquid met my sleepy face.

"Luelllllllla!!!" Dad called out with an element of frustration in his voice.

"Okay, okay Dad please take a chill pill.. please..can't a girl get some peace in this house"

I approached my door and unlocked it . Standing in front of me was my dad, with a frustrated face.

"What!?" I ask irritated.

*°~So hey guys , how's these for a start , honestly I'm kinda scared to know what everyone thinks please help me improve as a writer , I really love this.°~°

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