His Delicate

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Chapter 2

"Dad , why are you here in my room ? What happened to you never stepping foot in my room. What happened to you sending some servant to summon me to your library?"

I genuinely question my Dad because he was never the type to acknowledge my presence in this house. The only way I ever communicated with him was when he summoned me to his study and we never engaged I serious father daughter laid back conversations. I always hated that room , I always felt so constricted whenever he invited me to his oakwood table and instructed me to sit on the plush leather chair.

To be truly honest I actually hated my dad's study because I felt like he gave it more affection than his own daughter. He never gave me the love a normal father ought to give their child . Ever since mom died , he has been like this.

At some point in my life I actually recall how we used to be such a perfect family. The three of us were so inseparable. My mom would always pamper Dad and me with a lot of food , being the wonderful cook she was. She had gone through numerous chef courses specialising in French cuisine and Italian cuisine.Actually the summer that she passed on she was supposed to beging another course on Thai cuisine. My Dad was the perfect Dad who never put his work before us , never ever neglected us . His love and affection was poured on me and mom .

"Uhmm can I come in? I've got something to discuss with you ?" He attempted in his most patient tone.

"Uhmmm, no library today?" I raised a brow.

"Lue, please..."

"Alright I'm sorry okay.....I'm just really shocked that you can actually be such a huma..."

"Lue ....drop it..'

"But Dad it's tru...."

"Lue I'm serious"

"Ugh whatever fine , you can come in . This is your house anyway . And I'm just the unwanted daughter"

I opened the door wide enough for my Dad to enter. I looked at his facial expression as he took in the contents of my room. He looked genuinely shocked by the changes I had made to my room . I had practically turned it to my princess mancave (woman cave , * I don't know what to call it?)

My room was a typical Mtv cribs worthy room. I designed it myself . It was some unicorn poop kind of rooom filled with the pink in all shades, the silvers , the rose golds, baby blue , teal etc. Typical definition of a girly girl's room. I had a big four poster bed with only the fluffiest pillows ever and the most silkiest silk sheets I could find in California.

"Wow" Dad looked shocked by my room's developments . "When did you do all this?" He wide eyes me.

"Well, if you were such a normal father you would know that my room's been like this for about 3 months now" I replied annoyed .

"Anyway Dad, are you here to pretend to drool over my room or are you actually going to tell me what you're doing here? I've got things to do you know. So don't pretend you care about me and say what you want from me.?"

I saw my Dad tightly clench his jaw and fist as if trying by all means to withhold the anger and frustration that I had just caused him. He breathed in and out for quite a while as if trying to calm himself down. He slowly made his way to my balcony door and slid it open . I observed him through the glass door from inside.

He made himself comfortable on one of my couches that was on the balcony.

"You coming?" He called out as if if sensing that I had not moved from the spot he had left me in.

"Uhmm... Ye..yeah" I stammered almost too quiet for him to hear.

I walked hesitantly to my balcony , wondering exactly what was so important that my Dad had to sacrifice his office time to come to my room and personally deliver to me.

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