His Delicate

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Chapter 3

I made myself comfortable on the teal beanbag that I had put out last night when I couldn't sleep. I looked at the view in front of me since my Dad seemed like he was not going to say anything soon, I decided to appreciate the view and dream about what I would have been doing had Dad not barged in on my peace.

Probably I would have been calling Sarina, my personal appointment maid to bring me a breakfast of strawberry souffle, and some chocolate milk to start off my late morning. Then I would tell her to make me my favourite Mexican mango and blueberry ice cream. Since Sarina was a Mexican immigrant, she knew how to make the best Mexican food-my favourite.

Sarina was a short long haired Mexican girl who had immigrated into the country at a very young age of 17 escaping from her abusive father who had continuously raped and made her pregnant with her now 3year old daughter who she did not know what to call, Whether she was her younger sister or daughter she didn't care anymore and she loved her all the same, she loved her more than her own life, which was messed up.

"Lue, I'm dying..."

"Nice joke Dad, way to break the ice..." I force a laugh to escape my throat, something tells me he is not joking though. I could tell by the way my voice got all raspy whenever something bad was going to happen. And also by the way Dad kept a serious face, he was putting on the no joke face.

"Wait , Dad?.."

No answer.


No answer.

"You're not joking are you?.."

He warilly nods his head. My heart began to beat really fast. I put both my hands on my chest with the hope of slowing it down , quench the fire that had started in my heart.

"Dad , talk to me , tell me what's going on with you, Dad please..." As I shakenly said this my voice cracked and then came a year, and another then...

"No please don't cry Luella , let. Me. Finish. Please." He forced it out of his mouth in short syllables."Please. Luella. Don't. Make. This. Any. Harder. For. Me "

I stared into his gray eyes and I saw a look which I last saw the day my mother had died. And it hit me , he was really going to leave me .

"I have cancer."

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