My Best Friend's Boyfriend

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Things and people aren't always who you think they are. For example.. Someone could be the sweetest person towards you but behind your back they're talking sh*t about you...lots and lots of it.. Or Someone is the meanest person towards you but in reality deep down they have lots of feelings for you...*wink wink* What happens after Axel Emerson breaks up with Amalia Samuels on the day of their anniversary? What happens when he comes back but this time he's with her best friend, Lydia Reigns? What happens when Amalia finds out the reason behind Axel's and Lydia's relationship?

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Chapter 1


"Good morning love,"he greeted, hugging me.

"Morning."I turned in his arms and cuddled into his chest.He passed his hand through my black hair.My eyelids started to feel heavy and were slowly closing only to be interrupted by Axel's phone ringing.

"Axellll..."I groaned.

"I know baby sorry."He rolled on his back pulling me with him.I rested my head on his chest.

"Hello,Good morning,"he greeted the person."Not now I'm busy..."Liar.He passed his hand through my hair again."Maybe at around 5 in the evening........Yeah that could work.....okay bye."

"Who was that?"

"Kayden."Kayden is my best friend's father also his father's business partner.

--------------(8 hours later)---------------

"Axel."I jumped on his back.

"Hmmm..."he hummed,holding me up.

"You forgot."I pouted.

"Forgot what?"He walked to the first guest room while I swung my legs by his sides.He opened the door and the bed was filled with gifts,boxes and bags.On the wall had a big sign that said 'HAPPY ANNIVERSARY'.I had toothy grin plastered on my face.

"For me?"I asked,in a squeaky voice.

"Yup,now where's my gift?"

"You'll have to wait till after you come back from your meeting with Uncle Kayden."

"So farrr...."he groaned.

"That's for making me wait.''I jumped of his back and ran into the room.

"Can I get a hint,at least?"He leaned on the door frame and crossed his arms and ankles.

"Nope."I popped the 'p'.I got the box of chocolates and opened it.It's a box of ferrero rocher chocolates."You want?"I stuffed my face with chocolates while opening my gifts.

"I'm good."He smiled."You're gonna get fat?"He said after an hour.I ate at least three boxes of chocolates or more.

"Will you leave me if I get fat?"I raised an eyebrow.

"No,what makes you think I'll be so stupid."

"Cause you are."

"I'm not that stupid to leave you."

"Now come on take a break."

"Noooo..."I groaned,"there's still so much."I grinned.I'm serious the entire bed still has a lot of gifts.I had to put alot on the ground to make space for myself.

"Oh come on."He made his way through the mess and gifts on the floor."I have a bigger surprise for you."

"What can be bigger than this?"I stuffed my face with more chocolates.He lifted me of the bed."Axellll...put me down,"I demanded.He just carried me out of the room."Axel."I slapped his broad shoulders.He took me up to the master bedroom aka our bedroom."Axel why did we buy such a huge house again?

"Because it has a forest behind it and you like the forest and it has a backyard with a huuuuugggggeeee pool."

"Right."He placed my on my feet and walked into to walk in closet.I took a seat on the bed."Close your eyes and stand up."I did what he said.

"Now open them."I opened them and didn't see him."Look down."I looked down to see him on his knees holding a red velvet box.Is this what I think it is?

"Amalia Samuels I love you more than anything in this world.I love every single detail about you.Your smile.Your rare grey eyes and more.Will you do me the honours in making me the happiest man to ever exist by marrying me?"

"Yes."My eyes were filled with tears and they made their way down my cheeks.As soon as he stood up I engulfed him in a hug."I love you."

"I love you more."He kissed me.I pulled back."Now can I get my gifts."

"Still no."


"I am not finished yet."

"Really,why are you lying?"

"I'm not lying."Maybe I am

"Come on."

"Okay but just a glimpse,"I said,"now to the second guest room."He took me down stairs."You can take a look through the keyhold."

------------(in the evening)-----------

"Ready for your surprise?"I asked when he walked in.He's now back from his meeting with Uncle Kayden."Amalia we need to have a talk."His voice came out stern.

''All of a sudden?"I questioned getting up from the couch and walking around the couch to face him.

"I think we should break up."His baby blue eyes were hard.

"Why?What do you mean by that?''I asked my voice held confusion.

"I mean we should break up."

"All of a sudden baby why?"

"Don't call me baby."


"I just don't think this is working."

"What's not working?"I asked."Everything was fine between us this morning why the sudden change,you even proposed."

"About that I want the ring back."

"I want an answer first."

"I don't have one so just give me back the f***ing ring."I flinched at the tone of his voice.

"Axel tell me this is one of your stupid pranks please."

"It's not Amalia so give me back the ring its over."


"Just giv-"

"You know what nevermind here's your stupid ring."I pulled it of my finger and threw it at his face.He bent over to pick it up and he placed it in his pocket.

"I'm gonna get my clothes."He walked up to the room.I can't believe he's serious about this.


After he left I waited and waited for him to come back and say,"Haha I got you can't believe you believe that."But I guess this time it wasn't a prank and we're done for good.

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