Sinful Innocence

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"You want me to ruin you, little girl?" ___________________ The girl giggled and nibbled on her lip, looking up at her daddy who was currently tying his tie. He locked eyes with her in the mirror, sending her a sly smirk to which her face lit up to. His eyes wandered her luscious body that was covered in nothing but one of his shirts that he now claimed as his favorite shirt considering how yummy she looked in it. He turned around when he was finished, walking towards the young woman and tilting her chin up to make their eyes meet. "Be a good girl for Daddy, bene?" She nodded her head, proud that she knew what the last word meant. He tapped her little button nose and layed a kiss on her plump lips.

Romance / Erotica
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1 - Sweet Tooth

This is an early addition of the book, I have not yet published it on Wattpad. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have 😊

Finished: 6-7-2020

"Ms. Tammy, I can't stay for too much longer..."

Tammy, the manager of the coffee shop & library, turned her head and gave me a warm smile after setting her cup of herbal tea down on the counter. I could see the ropes of steam making their way out.

"Thats fine dear, you know you can go home whenever. Don't overwork yourself!" Her smile had yet to falter before she picked the cup back up, taking another quick sip as to not burn her tongue on the hot beverage.

"O-Okay! If it's alright, I'm going to read a little bit before I go home." She nodded. I turned on my heel after cleaning the last coffee cup and wiping my hands of the soapy water that had a few small cuts stinging.

I walked into the back room where I keep my things, one of my books lying on top of my purse. I kept my book here because I was afraid my father would find it and throw it out. I never understood why he does these things...


I slowly closed the front door, slipping my shoes off by the doormat and hearing the small heels click against the hardwood floor. I hoped my father was asleep, not wanting to make him angry as I lost track of time again.

My curfew is 9, but I ended up getting too caught up in a book. When I realized it was 9:30 by the time I left, I swear I almost had a panic attack. I hate getting in trouble, especially with my father. He has a bit of a temper that sometimes he can't control. It's not his fault, he became like this when Mama left. I could never blame him for his actions...or atleast couldn't bring myself to.

"Natalie." I froze at the mention of my name, his voice gruff and filled with irritation. My stomach rolled as I turned my attention to where the voice came from. There, my father sat in sweatpants and a tshirt. But his belt was feld firmly in his dominant hand, his cold eyes glaring at me that made me just want to crawl inside a hole and hide.

"P-Papa..." I muttered, my voice shaking as fear was striked in me. My feet felt like they were nailed to the floor with concrete attached, I couldn't move.

"We have gone over this too many times young lady." My hands fell over my arms and my feet became the most interesting things in the world. I tried to pretend this wasn't happening, or that maybe we both looked at the time wrong but I knew I didn't have that chance.

"I-I-I know, and I-I'm so so sor-"

"Come here."


I sniffled, looking over myself the next morning while my cat, Kiki, sat at my feet, waiting to be fed. But I had school to get ready for, so I usually feed her on my way out.

I searched my drawers and pulled out one of my favorite chokers which had planets and stars on it! My friend got it for me as a birthday present last year.

I wrapped it around my neck, latching it on even though it took what felt like a very frustrating five minutes to get on. But, it was worth it!

I adjusted the black, soft fabric so it hid the bruise around my neck. I guess I have to wear my hair down.

A small pout pushed out my bottom lip. I had been thinking of many different ways to put up my hair in cute styles that I had found, but now I can't...people will judge me if they see the bruise...

I applied my cherry lipgloss and then sprayed on two sprays of coconut perfume. Papa didn't allow me to have makeup, so I couldn't use concealer to hide bruises around my arms. So...I had to wear long sleeves. But it is a little chilly, so I guess it's fine.

I grabbed my book bag from my vanity after making sure all my tear stains are gone. Of course, my bloodshot and puffy eyes will probably give me away to my bestfriend, Kelly. She notices everything, it's getting harder to hide this from her...

I grabbed a handful of cat food, putting it in Kiki's bowl and then exiting my room.

I creeped down the stairs, knowing Papa is asleep and not wanting to disturb him and make him angrier.

When I was on the ground level, I searched through my bag and made sure I had my anxiety meds and iron pills.

I have a condition called anemia, which is an iron deficiency that I figured out I had when I was 13. Which, coincidentally was around the time I started having anxiety and panic attacks.

I don't know exactly what caught them on...maybe it was the fact that my mother had left, and I saw a whole different side of my father. Maybe it was because I was scared, and became so paranoid that I ended up not sleeping for days at a time.

It came to the point I was having anxiety/panic attacks out of no where, on a regular base. I didn't understand it. Sometimes it would be in the middle of class, or while I'm working. It scares me when the next one will come...

I hurried out the door and began my walk to school.

After my first few periods, lunch rolled around and I met Kelly at my locker.

"Hey! I heard you were late for class, that's very unlike you." Her hazel eyes beemed at me with confusion as she studied my expression.

"I...I just overslept." I didn't even look at her as I slowly closed my locker, popping the lock back in.

"Nat...what's been going on? Me and Seàn are getting pretty worried about you." This was a regular question. I usually came up with an excuse like, I've just been tired, but I know I can't keep using the same one over and over.

"Hey, there's a cafe across the street, and I heard they make good cookies!" I put on a fake smile, grabbing her wrist and pulling her along with me.

It was true, I had had one of their cookies, and it was so good! They always made sure they were warm, not leaving them out in a container and instead in a small heater thing.

We walked carefully across the street, luckily it not being too busy at the moment, and walked into the small cafe that was connected to a few other shops. When I opened the door, Kelly standing behind me and waiting patiently. The second we stepped in, I was hit with the amazing smell of fresh pastries. A smile couldn't help but make its way as my mood automatically began to pick up.

I rushed to the counter, looking at all the glorious sweets through the glass, them calling out to me to just go ahead and take all of them. Luckily, there had been no line. This place is so underrated!

Kelly just laughed at my actions, walking up to the counter and ordering first while I still decided to settle with either a chocolate chip cookie, or a brownie. They both look so good! How am I supposed to choose?!

"Kellyyyy! I don't know which one to pick!" I pouted, my mouth watering as my tummy growled, begging me to hurry so it could eat. Well he'll just have to be patient!

"Natalie hurry! There's a man waiting behind us!" She whisper-yelled, pointing with her head to the large man behind us, dressed in a suit. His large hand, that had a few gold rings, smoothed down his red tie as his eyes were looking down at me with an amused grin covering his lips. I gulped, suddenly feeling intimidated by this rather handsome stranger and hurried to look back to the counter. Uggh, why can't I just choose?!

I stood from my crouching, smoothing out my skirt and biting down on the soft flesh of my lip as I looked at the server, her waiting a bit impatiently with a smile plastered on her face. But suddenly, a large figure leaned over me, a hand being set on my shoulder while a black credit card with a gold streak running through it was slid across the counter and towards the young woman.

"She'll have a chocolate chip cookie, a brownie, both warmed, and I'll have a black coffee." He demanded. I tilted my head up, seeing the man looking down at me. I nearly gasped at the sight of his gorgeous, but piercing silver eyes that sent a wink down at me.

"T-Thank you s-sir...but y-you didn't have to do that..." A smirk took over his grin, somehow making his dimples more visible by the corner of his lips.

"It's no problem, neonata." I scrunched up my eyebrows at the foreign word that had been rolled off his tongue with a husky accent that sent chills down my back. But the good ones, of course!

I gulped, it most likely being visible, before lowering my head back down and blushing furiously. The man stepped back, giving me space to move from him practically trapping me against him and the counter.

"Here's your order, sir!" The server said politely, holding out a small paper bag and a medium sized cup of coffee as well as his card. The man took both, but held the bag out to me. I reached forward, but he suddenly pulled it out out of my reach.

"Where's your manners, little girl?" He said in a deeper, and much more demanding voice than he had used just recently.

"M-May I please h-have my food...a-and thank you so m-much for buying..." His smirk came back, curling his lips as he looked down with a sort of glint in his eyes.

"Brava ragazza..." I blushed more and just knew my face put a tomato to shame. He placed the bag gently in my hand, our fingers grazing over each other where I felt the coldness of his rings. He shot me another wink before turning on his heel and walking out of the shop. But my lips were still parted as I watched him get into a black car that looked very cool. He started the engine which led out a loud roar before he backed up, and zoomed out. My eyes went down to the bag in my hands, the warmth seeping through, before returning to the spot where he was once parked.

I turned my head to Kelly, her mouth wide open as well as her eyes. Her head turned to me before looking over my face.

"Holy shit!"

‧̍̊˙· 𓆝.° 。˚𓆛˚。 °.𓆞 ·˙‧̍̊

Hello my lovely readers!

So I was going through this symbols thing online, it's like to decorate fonts with, when I found the cutest little decoration 🥺 (I literally think anything is cute don't judge me 🥴)

But look at it!

☕︎︎ (it shows as an emoji on inkitt but it's really not)

It's fucking adorable. Period. If you don't think so, well, then, bye. 😂

By the time you've read this chapter will be long after I wrote it. Surprisingly I finished it in one day considering I usually lose interest in new drafts but I was SO determined to make an adorably hot couple. I made it my goal to make the girl innocent, and it's still my goal to make N- I mean who?...Let's just call him Daddy 🥴, to make Daddy as hot as possible. I'm trying out a new writing style and so far, I love it!

Also, any translations will be at the end (I know it's annoying, it's just easier for me) along with pictures like outfits. All my translations are from google, so if anything is wrong don't be afraid to correct me.

I got to 2000 words which I'm proud of considering I usually make them 1k.

See you in the next chapter!


Neonata: Babygirl

Brava ragazza: Good girl

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