The Gray Area

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Raymond O'Dell is an intelligent African American man with a pure heart and a bright future living in 1960s America, where what you did, where you went, who you befriended, who you dated, truly mattered to the world - mainly due to the color of your skin. As Martin Luther King Jr. marched the streets of Alabama, Raymond meets and falls in love with Sarah Hall, a white woman who is brought up by a racist family and is secretly fighting against segregation and rebelling against the views of her family and the rest of the world. - 'The Gray Area' is a YA Romance novel targeted to teens ages 16+. This book exhibits strong themes of racial prejudice, injustice, and sometimes uncomfortable themes. It is based heavily in 1960s Alabama and is as historically accurate as it can be. Any similarities to real-life people are unintentional. Cover is from Pexels; Raphael Brasileiro 'Man's Face'

Romance / Drama
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New York, 2018

“To begin, Mr. O’Dell, how long were you and Mrs. O’Dell together?” The interviewer flipped open her medium-sized notepad. Her voice was really angelic and soft. She passed up some crinkled papers and neatly folded them onto the backside. They were probably already used from another interview not so long before mine.

I cleared my throat, and with a hoarse tone, I responded. “My-- From what I can recollect, about fifty-six beautiful years.” My eyes fell to her hand as she quickly jotted that down in her notepad.

“Now, is that how long you’ve started seeing each other until now?” The young lady adjusted her glasses accordingly, then fell back into her previous position as she waited for my answer. I nodded my head.

“Yes ma’am.”

She jotted that down just as quickly as my answer before, but then she focused on her paper. Wrinkles formed on her forehead. In the room were two chairs with a table in between both of them. On the walls were olden day pictures with bookshelves every few frames. Lamps were placed in every corner, and a cameraman sat next to the lady. Time went on slowly for a bit, then as soon as the lady perked her head upwards, it quickened.

“Okay, Mr. O’Dell. I ask you to tell me exactly what happened from those days in 1962 to recently.” The lady gently shoved a box of tissue my way, almost as if she knew this was going to be an emotional experience. It definitely would be. “If you need a break, we can provide that for you. Just try your best.”

I reached for a tissue and cleared my runny nose. “Thank you, ma’am. I’ll try my very best.”

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