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I pick up a bouquet of red roses and read a note attached with it. In neat curly handwriting ...... “Congrats my love, I’m proud of you my Queen And always here to protect you ” No name mention, no need. I know who send this and why .... Devil--- It's a story of 'Alice Coulson, hybrid werewolf, and soon to be queen of werewolves and lycans realm.' Wanna join in her fight to escape, darkness of her past. With her continuous growing hate with her fate....... And her Fated Mate!

Romance / Erotica
Shadow Queen 👑
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Spiritual bond

Alice P.O.V


In the darkness of night, city lights shine brighter like stars in the universe.

Normally It’s late for girls, ′Cuz parents hardly allowed that late night out, maybe it’s my lucky day.′

There is a line for party-goers outside the club, voices of laughing, talking and you know what?. Right, I’m on a double date with my best friends, since high school.

Hot & cutest couple ever, ugh! According to them, our collage gossips groups- Nathan and Kara.

Yeah I know they are my best friends so, it’s rude to say but seriously buddy relationship mess.

It’s all just a waste of time and energy. I prefer fun and chill out that’s the reason why I’m only in one-night thing, that’s safe, no feelings, no attachment, and no need to carry the baggage of a relationship life long.

By the way, now I’m on a date with my new boy toy, Vick. He is handsome with bright blue eyes, blonde hair, and a messy hairstyle.

He is a foot taller than me. And with his charming smile, he is perfectly my type of fun. He is like me, with no attachment quota. So no worries about heartbreak aftermath.

Inside the club, there’s blast loud music, so basically there is no need to hear or participate in new gossip with my friends.

Don’t get me wrong I love enjoying times with my friends, outing, parties even study groups.

But I prefer to enjoy music now. And besides, they have each other’s company now. First things first, I need a drink to keep myself sane.

So Vick walks towards the bar to order drinks for us.

While we sit on a black leather lounge near the bar sitting area, me on one side, and Nate with Kara in his lap on another side.

I take a look at our surroundings to assure if anybody recognized me, after last month’s horrible incident in the witching hour (a night club in, Los Angeles) I prefer to be alert.

Being from the royal family is cursed sometimes and the cherry on top, if you are the only heir of the great queen of werewolves and lycans realm, Entalia.

A man near us was continuously eyeing at me since the moment I entered the club, he’s good-looking with a tall frame and tan skin with dark eyes.

He has an alpha authoritative aura, with him a blond girl, who shot ‘dare to look at him’ stare to me. Beside him sits another man, with the same build frame but less powerful aura, I guess he’s beta.

I decide to ignore them, ’cuz I already have my plates full,... For now. So, I avert my gaze towards Vick, who seems to be in trouble maintaining his composure.

A girl on the bar tried to imitate him. ‘AAAAA! Poor Vick enjoys girls’ attention but easily gets irritated when someone tries to take control over him.

He’s still new in-game. He tried to push her away, but she doesn’t take a clue and further leaned in his space while sliding her arms around his neck like a snake, kissing his neck...Woah! It’s like me. Blonde is in the full mood tonight to take over my goods.

Vick tries to keep her away gently but that does not seem to work on that little bitch.

I walk towards them and push her away from Vick harshly. ’Cuz tries something gently like Vick, ha! it’s not my style, little bitch shoot me a dead look. And hissed at me “What the-” I cut her in mid-sentence.

And command her in my low and deadly alpha voice, “Stay away bit*h” without a second glare.

I turned towards Vick and asked “You okay” he nodded muttered, “Thanks babe” then he leaned forward and give me a soft and quick peck on lips, slid his hand on my waist with a big grin on his face before said “Let’s go”-“Wait”

I whispered and drank my three shots of vodka first. Grab fourth- last, “Let’s go now,” I told him with a satisfied drunk smile. He shook his head chuckled and turned on walking towards our friends with me following behind.

I noticed a man, alpha, who was with that blond girl before, stood from his seat and walked toward me with a devilish grin on his face. He was about to reach me.

While focusing on him, someone grabs my wrist. I snapped my head down on my hand and put my drink down on the near table, completely pissed off with that person who dares to hold my wrist but before I could punch his face, he started dragging me with him towards the dance floor.

He is stronger than me and took me by surprise and held me in his arms. I cried out over the boisterous music, “How dare y-” and turn my head up to see the bastard face, glaring in his eyes, and guess what?

My body stiffens in his arms and somehow I feel satisfaction. What?. Have I lost my mind or I’m drunk to think something stupid.

Strange!! normally I hate whoever tries to manhandle me, and most of the time I get into fights to protect my little inner female self-esteem.

But there is something different about him, I can’t pinpoint it but something is happening. I can feel it. Is he my mate?. Nah! I mentally shook my head on that stupid thought, because I’m not 20 yet, and werewolf find their mate when they touched the 20′s age mark.

A man stands in front of me looking in my dark eyes, and I am not able to look away from him. It’s like I’m lost in his dark green forest eyes.

Call me stupid but seriously buddy I’m stuck at this moment, it’s not like I have never seen a man before ’com’n I not an alien.

I met a lot of men and got attracted to a lot but nothing serious ’cuz I’m not the relationship type.

Now back to the present, a man stands in front of me 6.4" tall in front of him I feel regret about my height which 5.8", and strong muscular frame which I bet hiding delicious abs underneath his white shirt.

When I’m busy in admiring his god-like body, I feel his gaze on me. A wave of embarrassment washes over me, at my act my cheeks heated. I kept my chin up and with my big girl’s attitude, stare straight in his eyes. I can’t help, I hitch a deep breath.

His dark raven color hairs, innocent looking dark green eyes, sharp jawline, and this damn lips which were passing me a gorgeous smile.

At this moment, I know I’m walking at thin water, and if I don’t leave now, then I might end up regretting doing something stupid, or forget my hatred.

Damn moon goddess are you kidding me!.

You know everything, why are you trying to make me fool of myself. So the decision made, I look toward my friends who enjoy their drinks near the bar area and Vick staring me with a hurt and angry bird look.

He caught me looking at him and starts walking towards me. I didn’t know why he shows hurt expression, I’m not dating him. But I know it’s rude to leave him alone tonight.

So, I decide it’s better to leave this god-sent angel now. I look back at him, careful not to look in his those yummy eyes this time. And mumbled, “Excuse me.”

Without listening to his response, I turn away from him but before I go any further, he holds me back in his arms with a hand on my lower back! What the hell!?

And once again before I give him earful or worst, brake his arm. Goddess help! He said in my ear, in deep husky alpha’s tone over music “Don’t go. You have to be with me. I will drop you home if that’s late”.

My mind trying to process his words, when suddenly I feel an overwhelming warm swipe from the hand, which he placed at my lower back.

How could be a small touch feel so magnificent and strong to set my whole body on fire, and time stop, I can’t hear any noise any longer no high music, no sound of peoples laughing, nothing all I can hear is my heartbeat which is beating so loud and fast,

A sound of gasp escaped from my mouth, and I felt as the volcanic explosion of heat inside me, like an inferno, and then-


I open my eyes in shock, with a terrible headache and heavy breathing, heartbeats rang like a bullet train, I’m lying in a pool of my own sweat. I look around to check my surroundings and discovered my room’s pale walls. I’m on my bed.

I try to inhale and exhale slowly and calm myself, then the realization hit me. It’s just a dream. Right? No, actually it’s not just a dream. It’s the very first memory of him.

Him. Devil. Horrible nightmare of my past. My fated mate!

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