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Devil return

Painted in orange and blue. Teamed up with the golden rays of the emerging sun. The sky looks promising inf to offer freedom to a fly high.

Driving in the sea of people in Manhattan is quite a challenging task. But it’s also given me an illusion of normal life.

I know it stupid of me to hope for, something like that because my life is anything, but normal.


I’m Alice Michaelson, a royal member of the originals.

Originals are the first family of werewolves or wolf-shifters on earth.

As the first creation of the moon goddess, royals blessed with a special gift by the goddess, combined with the strength of werewolves.

And as a one and only heir of the great last ‘Queen Amelia of Entalia’, (werewolves and lycans realm).

I’m the crown princess of Entalia. And next in the bloodline of the original to rule after my mom and her half-sister, my aunt, Luciana.

Aunt Luciana died after gives birth to Ellyn. Due to some major complexity in her pregnancy.

Now I’m going to be a new queen of Entalia, after tomorrow night’s crown ceremony. It’s a ritual, in which the new king or queen takes a vow to protect their subjects, wolfs, and lycans submitted to a new emperor.

And claim their right on entalia’s throne. The ceremony finished by non-other than, the moon goddess herself, by seal a bond between the new king or queen and their submitted packs. And at last, the moon goddess announces a new ruler.


After driving half an hour from my apartment building. I reach my destination at exactly 10:30 am, in time as always.

I park my car at my usual reserved spot. And made my way inside, greeted ‘good morning’ with a smile by one of the security guards.

Thomas, the same height as mine with a mess of blond hairs, and warm brown eyes, he’s in his mid-forties, but with his tough build frame, he looks young for his age.

Gives him a small smile with nodded in reply, I made my way inside my office building towards the elevator.

The Elevator door opens with Bing sound. I enter inside and press the button on the 13th floor.

I reach my boss’s office floor and made my way to his office. His is secretary greeted me ′ good morning’. William, with his usual wide smile, gray hairs, wrinkled face, and bright green eyes.

The old man is working here, from since I know this place. He’s always treated me like his daughter, he’s a very kind heart human.

I turn the knob of the office door and enter in, instantly spotted the boss of the E&D ind. And our honorable King of Entalia, my Dad.

Mr. David Michaelson, sitting on his office chair, behind his magnificent glass desk, glaring at the desktop screen with a coffee mug in hand as always, and his busy billionaire expression on the face.

But he quickly noticed my scent’s presence and looked toward me from top of his desktop screen with a warm smile.

’Cuz nobody dares to enter his den without permission first, except me. An old habit hard to change, but he’s doesn’t mind. Anyway.

He stood from his chair in the full honor of a king. He has dark eyes and midnight black hairs as mine, Tall and muscular frame of a human.

Nope! My father is not fully human, he’s a hybrid, half-human, and half wolf. While my mother was a pure wolf from the bloodline of the first royal family, Originals.

Hmm! If you haven’t guessed yet. Yeah! I’m a hybrid, both of which ‘werewolf- lycan.’

And only hybrid- born with supernatural gifts of undeniable powers called spirit, by moon goddess to rule queendom of entalia, as a rightful Queen, after my mom.

I walk towards his desk and hug him and greeted " Morning dad ”

" Morning my little princess ” he replied with a wide smile, " Always on time, little champ ” and patted my hairs.

" Yes sir ” I replied with a teasing salute. He snickered and shook his head.

" Oh, I have a meeting with ms. Riley at 11 am ” I said and checked my watch for a time, I still have 15′min to reach my office floor, which is on the 25th floor in the same building.

" See u tonight dad ” I kid his cheek and walk toward the door, I grab the doorknob when dad’s words make me stop.

" Alice, Red Moon is tomorrow night. Are you sure you are ready for this? ” he asked in a concerned and anxious tone.

I keep looking at the door, tighten my grasp on the doorknob slightly, purposely avoid eye contact.

" Sure dad. You know, I kinda move on now. Don’t worry, I also have you and Ellyn, for support. Right? ” with that I open the door and walk outside the office, not want to discuss this topic anymore.

I fought hard to escape from the grasp of my past demons. Move on is kind of tough. But I’m done with memories of my past shit.

Actually, it’s not true. I still have nightmares of my personal demon from hell, every single night.

Nightmares. Yeah, the spiritual dream of my tormented past. It’s happened with the lycans, who don’t complete mating and seal the bond.

Some say it’s a way of the moon goddess to help lycans, to complete mate bond. And according to many historical books of lycans, it’s a curse. The moon goddess put on Lycan who rejects his or her fated mate or choose one, by non-other than the moon goddess herself.

I don’t know why I have that horrible nightmare every single night, but I haven’t told anybody about that ever.

I don’t want dad to worry about me any more than he already does. It’s been eight months. Eight months. How many times, I run from my accountabilities for my Realm.

After mom’s gone by a car accident, Everything goes harder with every passing new day. I know entalia need their queen, sooner or later I have to do this.

Dad and Ellyn, done a good job to handle entalia’s matters and I love both for their unconditional support.

But in the end, I know I’m the fu·king one who needs to step forward. And I hope the moon goddess never made me look back, at that hell of my past.


After finishing my work I left my office building and walked toward my car, in the parking lot.

That’s when a scent of forest rain and the masculine smell of man’s cologne filled my nostrils. My wolf, Rhea howling in happiness in the back of my mind.

She’s happy with his mere presence near her. Him. Devil. My fated mate!

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