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Glimpse of Past (Part-1)

Alice P.O.V


I finished my meetings, manage my schedule for next week, and send email all details to Max, (Prince of Dragomair, the dragon’s realm). We are best friends since childhood, and also business companions. He’s the only person I trust after Dad and Ellyn.

We are leaving for entalia tonight, for tomorrow night’s ritual. By the time I exited the office building, it’s dark outside already, I make my way toward my car, in the parking lot.

I open my car door, and a sweet scent filled my nostrils. My wolf relaxes instantly, with the pleasure of the sweet rich scent of earthly, forest rain mixed with the masculine smell of man’s cologne.

But my mind goes on alert mode. My wolf, Rhea, and I both recognize this scent very well. It’s him.

My little human mind keeps screaming to Run! Runaway from this place, realm, and never look back. Believe me, I really wish the same, that I can run away from, somewhere in light, away from the darkness of my past. Where he can’t find me again. But I’m not that lucky after all.

Rhea howling in pleasure while my human side is on alert mode.

I look around my surroundings. Nobody’s in the parking area except the guard on duty. Ignoring my scared little human I sit on the driving seat and lock doors securely while keeping my sentiments in check.

Inside my car is still scented with his essence. It’s hard to control mine and my wolf emotions. But I know he’s still here. Somewhere near me, watching each and every movement.

I noticed a bouquet of red roses with a small black shiny box on the car’s passenger seat and my mind start panicking, while my wolf’s in bliss, with the mere fact of the devil’s presence near her and enjoying the pleasure of his sweet rich scent.

Rhea wants nothing more than just to step out of the car and search his mate. My naive wolf. I broke mind link with her, and concentrate matter in hand.

I pick up a bouquet of beautiful red roses, which lay there mocking me, challenging me to dare to do something, and open a note attached to it.

In neat- curly handwriting.

“Congrats my love❤, I’m proud of you my Queen. And I’m always here to protect you”

No mention of the name, no need! I know who send this and why. I take a deep breath to calm myself and put notes and bouquet back down on the seat and open a black box. Inside it’s a ring, of white gold, crown design with beautiful sapphire attached on edges of the queen’s crown.

And if It’s possible, my mind panicking more, and heartbeat’s fast like a hummingbird. He knows! Of course, he knows, about my crown ceremony tomorrow. The entire Realm knew.

Suddenly, my phone beeps, and I hopped in my seat, at the small noise of beep. I placed my hand on my heart, which is threatening to come out any second.

I pulled out my phone from my bag, the screen showed a text message from an unknown number. With shaky hands, I open the text -

“Woah! Kitten, don’t panic. I’m still can listen to your heartbeats. I love u, you know. Right? Don’t worry babe I’m always with you ♡”

I’m glaring my mobile’s screen with wide eyes in horror, yeah! Right, he can feel my heart beats like I, his but our bond is not that strong that he can feel my emotions or read minds.

I put my phone on the next seat and close my eyes, take a deep breath to calm my wild heart’s beat. Not now Alice! I tell myself, and without showing any more moment of weakness and fear. I drive out of the parking area with no sentiment face.

I want to show him that he doesn’t have any effect on me, not anymore. I know he’s still near me somewhere, lurking from dark with his evil smirk on face, enjoying the whole scene. And I’m not going to give him any satisfaction. This time I set my rules clear. If the devil wants to play again, then.

GAME ON MATE! Be ready to lose this time......


I reached my apartment building and check my phone, for the time it’s 10 pm, I parked my car in the garage and walk out towards the back garden of my apartment.

In the moonlight, the back garden looks breath-taking. Beautiful nature’s greenery dipped in the silver glow of moonlight.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath in the night’s chilled-air. Just two hours left for our excursion, back home, entalia. From where all this started.


One year earlier......

In entalia, queen Amelia, the rightful ruler of werewolves realm, organized a grand ball in her castle on the occasion of a blue moon.

In which all ten packs from the entire realm are present in celebration with their prospective alphas and their mates, it provides a better opportunity for young or unmated wolfs to find his or her mate, with the blessings of the goddess.

I stand in front of a mirror looking at my reflection, full-length royal blue silk gown, off shoulders with beautifully attached crystals, look perfect on my pale skin. My chocolaty eyes with smoky eye-shadow look, light make-up, and fabulously styled my waist-length raven-colored hairs in loose curls. 3′inch high black Gucci heel, the beautiful white gold sapphire ring is in the right-hand’s finger. Significance of the crown princess.

Perfectly presentable royalty. Believe me, I hate show-off my royalty-card but sometimes I can’t help it. I mean I don’t want to embarrass mom in front of the whole realm and .....secondly, after reached 20’s last month, it’s my first attempt to search my mate. Yeah! Seriously MATE?!...

Just the idea of being mated with someone leaves me scared to death. I can’t spend my whole life with some crazy dominant wolf, who wants me his, complete submission.

Wolfs are highly territorial creatures, and I belong from royal alphas bloodline and future Queen, that’s a concept to submit someone, doesn’t fit my character. But as per Queen’s strict orders, I must have to attend the party.


Before departing downstairs, I mentally prayed to the moon goddess, I can’t find my mate in today’s party.

But I unaware of plans the moon goddess has for me...

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