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Glimpse of Past (Part-2)

Alice P.O.V


I went downstairs and meet my two best friends Nate and Kara, and we hugged each other. They both are mates, which they found out a few days ago. They are happy with that.

Nate looking handsome in his black tuxedo, which perfectly fits on his tall and well builds frame like a second skin, styled dark brown hairs, blue eyes, and a wide grin on face.

And Kara wears a knee-length baby pink dress, which compliant her olive-colored skin, and light blue eyes, light make-up, silver-colored high heel, shoulder-length blond hairs hang down straight.

Both asked in the union when notice my nervousness.“ What’s wrong? ”

I shrugged my shoulder and replied “ Just nervous. And as you guys know, MATE is not my thing ”

Kara stepped towards me and tapped my shoulder, while said with a wicked smirk " Don’t worry babe, I bet moon goddess was forgotten to make one for you. ” I and Nate burst out laughing. I whispered low underneath my breath “ I wish ”

Nate comes forward, stand in front both of us, and extends his hands in perfect gentlemen posture with an innocent smile on his handsome face, which is a clear indication that my friends have the plan to save my sorry ass tonight.

We both clutch each arm, he clears his throat and asked in chirpy voice “ Ready matrons ” we both nodded then giggled as heads towards the party hall.


I entered the ballroom and caught my breath. Today, it looks fabulous, Mom and Ellyn really did a good job. Elegant crystal chandeliers spiraled down from the arching sky-blue ceiling, illuminating the glimmering golden walls, and a floor so polished it looked like an iced-over lake. The choice of music is also good.

And it wasn’t just the ballroom–there are huge crowds of people all well-dressed and women’s sparkled like a box of jewels, shades of emerald and ruby, and amethyst swirling before me, well nervous is just an understatement now. I hate formal parties, and this is one of the demerits of being royal, you can’t just hide in a dark corner.

NATE squeezed me hand and muttered lowborn while plastered a smile on the face, “ Smile princess, otherwise these old wolfs defiantly shallow us alive! ” I can’t help but laugh on his words and Kara giggles.

They drag me to take a drink first. And put four shots of my usual vodka in front of me. I stared them with wide eyes, shook my head, and whispered “ Are u both crazy? Mom will defiantly kill me....drank at the party. No fuckin’ way”

Kara immediately replies, “ Oh ’c’mon Alice, nobody knows if you are drunk or not, believe me. ” and picks herself a drink, “ Hurry, babe. U seriously need this ” I look towards both to see if they are serious, ......yes! They are.

With my friend together and me sober, no not a single chance, and from the look on their faces I know I don’t have a choice either. So, I nod in defeat and announced, “ Okay just two shots ”, while grabbing my drink and gulp quickly, then look around us if any chance mom watching me.

“ See nobody knows princess drunk, ” Nate whispered while chuckle lowly, I roll my eyes at him.

I drank two more shots, they [email protected] right I kinda need it. I can’t help I’m super terrified, what if I found my mate today? How I am gonna explain to him that I’m not interested in him? Or I should escape? And just like that, at the thought of escape from our future mate, Rhea growled. Great!

I’m enjoying seeing couples dancing and music. When Ellyn comes and sits beside me, on the stool, and snatch my drink, from my hand for herself, I sneered at her, at which she rolled her eyes like I’m acting childish.

Ellyn is my cousin, and the smartest wolf, I have ever met. She is the same height as me with brown hair and chocolaty eyes similar to my aunt Luciana and my mother. Today she wore a dark red full-length silk gown that flawlessly fits her curves.

After another drink, she drops the bomb, “ Aunt asking for you ” and indicates towards the thrones area. I thought inside my mind -okay Alice show time. I stood up and grab her hand, drag her with me in my parent throne’s direction.

They both are recline on head seats of the grand table arranged for royal members, and other seats are occupied by ten alphas of different packs with their mates. We approach the table and bowed our heads in respect to our king & queen.

My dad is looking handsome as always in a dark blue suit. And mom in beautiful black silk grown with embroidery. Her dark brown hairs hang down in soft curls, and crown on her head with attached diamonds and sapphires complement her chocolaty eyes and pale skin.

Seeing me arriving dad stood up, and hug me “ You look beautiful, princess,” he praised with a smile and kiss my cheeks.

I smile back while returning his gesture and muttered small “ Thanks, dad.” Then I hugged my mom and kiss her cheeks as well, and she smiles warmly at me then gesture towards guests on the table, “ Alice, let me introduce you to others. ”

I know this is coming. Therefore after one by one alpha’s come and introduced themselves to me, and kiss my hand, as a small gesture of respect. I’m just half show interest in their words and most of the time keep my gaze low. Because neither I have any interest in their lovely words, and compliments, nor I want any of him to become my future mate.

Besides, I already know some of them, and with my hangover. No thank you! Soon last alpha comes and held my hand. I feel tingles shoot my arm and sweet & rich scent loaded my mind.

My wolf, Rhea howled in happiness. Tingles shoot my whole body when he kisses my hand. Strange....... I instantly snapped my head up, glimpse in the amazing dark forest green orbs with the confusing gaze, I freeze.

He’s that same guy from night-club. Last month before my birthday, I sneaked out of the castle for partying with my friends in a club, where that guy and Vick got in a fight because of me, hit each other badly.

When I didn’t stop them both after try calmly ’cause I have totally knocked out myself, that night. So, I just magically teleport me, Nate, Kara, and Vick out of the club with my powers.

I was terrified with that incident, what if mom finds out, she becomes mad at me badly. I internally pray to the moon goddess for help, that’s when I heard my mom’s voice declared from behind me, in not so likely voice, which is evidence that, whoever this alpha is not included in her good books. “ Alpha Gabriel from blood moon pack of warriors ”

I looked in his burning gold eyes, he tightens his hold on my hand, and surprisingly pulled me towards himself with unbelievable force, he held my body close to his, with an arm wrapped around my waist, and buried his face in my hairs, he inhaling my scent.

I can’t understand what’s happening, because I’m so distracted, with Rhea’s happy dance in my mind, to clear this mystery out. That’s when-

His wolf growled in a dangerous and low voice, “ MINE! ” I pulled out from his grasp and he let me. All the whilst staring him with wide eyes in complete horror and shocked, goosebumps rose all over my body. Everyone in the entire hall gone silent and watching the whole scene in horror, even my Mom & Dad are shocked, but that doesn’t hide the worried expression from their faces.


I pull out of my thought instantly as my apartment back door open. I open my eyes and turn toward the door, dad come towards me and asked “ What happened? Alice ” I hug him, unable to say anything, and he hugged me back and patted my hair.

I parted away from him and reply with a small smile, “ Time to go back home, dad ” and opened a portal with my powers. Out of nowhere, a black oval hole formed in the air, in front of me, and dad hold my hand, to show me his unconditional support. I smile at him and we hopped in the portal.

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