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Warning this chapter contains sexual content and abusive behavior!

Beautiful high mountains covered with greenery, river water look as lustrous as a mirror, illuminated with golden and blue lights of Entalia’s Sun.

Outskirt of the whole realm surrounded by dark & thick forest; sky-high length trees, and shiny magical protection fence. The entire realm’s landscape contains four main areas- royal-high, downtown’s, officials quarters, royal court hall.

Royal high, where royal members live in a luxurious and beautiful palace. Glass castle, at the top of black mountain height. And a have servant quarters, for royal servants. Surrounded by the endless beauty of nature with waterfalls and greenery.

Officials quarters are for Alphas, generals, commanders, and others — beta’s, gamma’s, delta’s, and their families. Contains luxurious quarters for officials according to their ranks.

Downtown’s, where non-official and lower rank wolf lives. Well-built houses and markets, clinics, school buildings for children’s, training arena for wolf’s, and other essentials.

Royal court hall contains a court building, the beauty of mild ages architecture. Outskirts surrounded by royal penthouses, which built on top of giant sky trees, and other guests quarters on a hill high.

I stand in the balcony, of my beautiful and luxurious queen’s suite. Admiring the beauty of Entalia, from the top view of royal high.

“ Welcome home, sis ” I heard a familiar voice from behind and turn to meet my dear cousin, Ellyn, same as always with a wide smile on the face, her chocolaty eyes lit with joy. We hugged each other.

“ I can’t tell you, how excited I’m for ritual ” she takes my hands in her and looked straight in my eyes with a warm smile “ I really miss you, Alice ”

I squeeze her hand “ I miss u too Ellyn ” and return the smile.

“ I hope u ready for this? ” She said while searching the answer in my eyes.

“ Indeed ”

After meeting so many peoples, I’m tired now, I let out a yawn. It’s already afternoon, but I still have some time before midnight rituals started. So, I decided to take a nap.

I quietly open the door and enter, I’m scared to make any noise, l look around, the room is empty. Let out a relief signed, I step toward the coffee table, near the couch, and placed the food tray down on it. Still, no sign of the devil. Thank goddess! I can do my work fast and leave.

I picked last night dispersed clothes from the floor, change the bedsheet quickly, and made my way toward the door with clothes and sheets tugged under my arm.

I open the door and step outside, then closed it behind me, turn to leave but bump into a hard wall. Well as hard as a wall. I looked up to meet dark green orbs of the devil, and I shiver ran down my spine. I can literally see he’s thinking something, which I bet not good for me. His lips turn into a smirk, he knows I am scared.

I clenched my fists and look in his eyes with anger and hatred ’boiled in my veil when l see him smirk devilishly at me, challenging me, dare to disobey him.’ Deep down I’m scared, what would he do next? But I can’t let him win. I can’t submit to him.

Seeing my anger and hatred divert to him, his eyes switch between golden and dark green, which means Damon’s fighting for control, his wolf. He sneered at me “ Where do you think you are going, little slave? ”

I want to scream at him, I’m not your slave dickhead. But I keep my mouth shut. When I didn’t bother to reply to him neither take my gaze off him.

He grabs my arm, I flinched and dropped clothes on the floor. He opened his bedroom door and drag me inside with him, and closed-door behind himself. He turns around and without any other word sitting on the couch, and starts eating his breakfast.

Goddess! He now ignored me like trash? What’s wrong with this man. I don’t want to be anywhere near him. I look toward him last time, eating quietly.

I step toward the door, want to get away from him. When my hand touches the doorknob, I heard him growled “ Dare to take one more step ” I turn and shoot him a death glare when he steps toward me with a slow step like a predator.

He stood in front of me with a disgusted look on his face. “ Kneel! ” he barked. At his words blood boil in my veins. How dare he- I’m fucking princess of this entire realm.

I clenched my fists tightly and punch his jaw hard- I can’t control myself. But he doesn’t even move from his place. I look up in his eyes and now, I made a mistake again.

The next moment my hairs in his fist and my handheld behind my back in a brutal angle, he closes the gap between us. My back pressed with his hard chest.

His hot breath touches on my neck and I feel those stupid tingles. He whispered in my ear in a gravel voice “ You royal bit*h, always love to play. Huh? ” And bit my earlobe, a whimper escaped my mouth, I bit my lip tightly. Stopping myself from giving any satisfaction to him.

He growled lowly in my ear “ Don’t you learned something from yesterday. ” Yesterday right! When I refuse to obey his orders, and as a punishment. I spent a whole night in a torture room with silver chains bind around my hands and legs, by none other than my mate.

At these words, Rhea whimpered and curled herself in a small ball, she’s sad and hates the way her fu*king mate treat her. And still scared to hurt her so-called mate. My wolf and lycan, both are strong and fighter spirit like me, but scared to beat the shit out of her as*hole mate. Stupid mate bond!

But I can’t take this shit anymore.

I turned around to get my hand-free from his grip and kick his crotch hard with all I have in me. He’s taken by surprise, adrenaline rush in my body, I punch at his nose and blood drawn out. Then I plant a kick in his stomach.

I was about to kick again, but he gains his control, and stop my kick in the air with his one hand tightly gripped around my leg, and pulls me on the floor with full force.

He pinned my body with his on the floor, and hold my wrists in his one big hand, in a painful grip over my head. And looked in my eyes with his dangerously pitched black eyes. My breath hitched, I can see excitement, anger, and lust in his darker eyes black.

I’m scared but still, keep holding on my anger. He growled and in a blink of an eye, his lips furiously captured mine. Kissing harshly, biting my lower lip, demanding entrance, to show me that, he’s predator here! But I declined to give in and clenched my teeth tightly, but he’s also stubborn and continued his assault.

I taste a metallic liquid in my mouth- My Blood, and I lost my last bit of control, bite his lower lip with equal force; and soon rewards with a taste his blood


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