Gabriele's Defiant Bride

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Bibiana Mazzanti knew that her life was never her own from the moment that she met Sicily's most notorious and dangerous mob boss Gabriele Luoni. From the first meeting, she knew that the attraction between them was undeniable. Gabriele Luoni was the most feared and sought after bachelor in Sicily, and the one woman that he wants since he first saw her doesn't' want anything to do with him. Little does she know that he enjoyed the hunt, and Bibiana was the mouse that he was chasing.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Bibiana Mazzanti knew from a young age that her life was already planned. From the young age of ten, she knew that she was destined to marry a person within the familia. She knew that her marriage was to be a social event and one that would strengthen the family. Duty. That was all it was. Duty was the only reason why she was standing in six-inch black stilettos and dressed up like a doll, waiting to meet the next suitor that her father Luca Mazzanti sent her way.

At the ripe age of twenty-two, her father thought that it was time for her to marry and start producing the next line of Maszzanti heirs. Although Bibiana knew what was expected, she didn't want to follow in the family's footsteps. The familia was all she had ever known, but deep down she knew that she had dreams, and those dreams meant freedom. Freedom. Such a small word but so much hope put into it gave her hope for her future.
"You are thinking quite hard for someone as stunning as you" came a whisper in her ear, making me jump out of her skin, and spill the champagne flute that she was holding.
Bibiana had no time to react because before she could blink the champagne flute was out of her hand and on the counter next to the bar.
"I'm so sorry-" she blinked up at the man in front of her in surprise. The man in question was no other than Gabriele Luoni, Sicily's most notorious crime boss and sought after bachelor. Gabriele looked at her and nodded before tossing his jacket aside that was wet from her spilled drink, showing off his abs in the pristine clean white shirt.
Bibiana thought she saw all that was able to be seen from the man in question. It was no secret that Gabriele slept with half of Europe and with women across the world, but seeing him before her in the flesh made her breath catch. He was stunning. The chiseled face, piercing blue eyes, and the bulging muscles made her gulp. He was like a God, straight from heaven itself.
"Are you going to say something, or stare at me all night Cara?" Gabriele murmured, amusement dancing in his blue eyes.
"I-I'm so sorry-" she garbled the words, unable to speak for even a moment. Butterflies made her dizzy with the awareness of this man and she knew that she wasn't the only one affected. Looking at Gabriele, Bibiana saw the undeniable lust blazing behind the hooded lids.
"you already said that. Twice." Gabriele looked at her with such a gaze that she felt her panties damp with arousal.
" Gabriele" Bibiana gasped, finally able to speak. The man in question just looked at her with a smirk, before leaning across and putting a strand of her hair behind her ear.
"Bibiana" was the only word he uttered before grabbing her slender wrist and bringing it to his lips.
The swift movement caused her panties to dampen more and a shiver of awareness to run down her spine. Gabriele Luoni didn't have to utter a single word and she melted like butter. Then and there Bibiana knew that Gabriele Luoni wasn't just sinfully gorgeous, but he was deadly. In more ways than one, and if she knew what was good for her, she would run as far away as she could from him.
"I need to go-" Bibiana stood up ready to make a swift exit, but Gabriele was before her in an instant. His six-foot-five frame towering over hers.
"Sit back down, were not though" was his only command before he pushed her body into the seat opposite of his.
"I want to leave" she hissed, glaring at him. Folding her arms as a small child would.
Gabriele looked at her for a moment before calling for a waiter and ordering a drink for himself, ignoring her altogether.
"You don't want to leave, not yet anyway. You want to know more about why I am here, and why your father called you to this hotel, to begin with." Gabriele took the drink from the waiter and took a huge gulp.
The thought didn't cross Bibiana's mind at all. She knew that she was expected to play the part of a dutiful daughter and mafia princess, but come to think of it, she was in the most exclusive hotel in Sicily. Her father took her here once or twice when she was little, but not since then.
"Your one of the many bachelors that Papa's trying to set me up with in hopes of me choosing one to marry" she glared at the man before her with newfound anger. Gabriele wasn't one to play games, and he went straight to the point.
"I think what you mean is the last bachelor on that list. Your father has had enough of your games and wants you to settle down. It's is time for you to marry, and I am hoping that by carrying on the tradition, you would marry me" Gabriele looked at her face and didn't blink when he uttered the words.
The room spun, and before she could register what she was doing, she laughed out loud.
"Did I stutter Car Mia?" Gabriele's voice broke her fog.
"Bloody hell, your serious aren't you?" Bibiana whispered, looking at his face this time and confirming the truth behind his eyes.
"Luca is tired of your games Bibiana. You are a mafia princess and you have a duty to your family. It's time to do that duty and carry out the legacy that was passed down to you"
"I don't plan to Marry you, or anyone else my father throws my way." she got up and was about to grab her purse when a strong hand stilled her from movement.
"You can make this easy for both of us, or you can make it harder. The choice is your Cara. You may have run around unattached but I plan to make your father's wishes come true. I plan on making you my wife and one way or another, and you're going to walk down that aisle, even if I have to kidnap you to do it" Gabriele whispered in her ear, his hot breath making her toes curl with awareness.
"I don't even know you!" she fumed looking into his eyes and letting him see the anger that was reaching a boiling point.
"Right now we don't but give it time and we will know each other very well" Gabriele murmured cleaning down and kissing her forehead before taking one last sip of his drink and holding out his hand.
Bibiana looked at his hand and looked at his face. If he thought that she would give in that easily, then he had another thing coming.
"Fuck you!" Bibiana hissed.
"Soon baby girl. Soon" Gabriele took hold of her arm and lead her out of the hotel and into the street that had a black town car waiting for them.

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