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Amber is jealous and hurt when her best friend steals her first love, so she lies that she is married too when their paths cross again in order to save face. The lie snowballs as everyone starts gossiping about her supposed marriage to Liam Johnson, the very wealthy president of World hotel. After series of event, Liam agrees to go along with the lie for his own reasons. Something so simple becomes more complicated as Adrian, his younger brother and Dawn his ex-fiancée gets thrown into the picture. As the pretend marriage progresses, Liam finds himself questioning his commitment to his ex-fiancée. Amber was surely going to be his undoing. Will the lie become reality?

Eva Frank
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Here goes nothing, please do enjoy.

''He is so cute '', Amber said to her best friend Emma as they were sitting on a nearby swing at the park, resting for a while after their morning run.

''Of course, he is '' Emma replied.

Amber had been going on and on about Bruce that she already knew who the 'he' she was talking was. She was even starting to get jealous about the way Amber spoke about him.

''He is also very smart to have passed his bar exam ", Amber droned on ''I can't wait to pass the interview for the civil service so that I can show him that I'm also smart".

Emma was so getting tired of hearing the same thing over again. She had reached her limit. She no longer cared if she hurt her by with her next words "I don't even think you'll pass the interview. Guess it was mistake that you made it through the first phase. Maybe there was actually a mistake with the recording or something, because I don't see how someone with a pea sized brain like yours could have possibly scaled through".

"So what are you trying to say, that I cheated or what?" Amber asked feeling hurt.

"No, all I'm trying to say is that the could have been a mistake so don't be too sure that you are gonna pass the exam" Emma replied.

"How can you be this cruel. You are meant to be my best friend and you ought to be wishing me well and encouraging me" Amber replied on a verge of tears.

The green-eyed monster took hold of Emma, " I'm sorry to tell you this but things have changed. For weeks you have been talking about nothing else, it's always Bruce this, Bruce that. I am tired of hearing it. Oh! Really you want to pass this interview and go ahead and get a job then marry before me, sorry because it's not happening. You'll never be ahead of me. I will always be the master over you. You ought to always remain in the shadows. The earlier you get that, the better for you", Emma finished off.

By now, tears were already streaming down Amber's eyes "Fine, I'll prove to you that I'll pass the interview . I'll make it into the civil service and also tell Bruce about my feelings for him" Amber stood from the swing and wiped her eyes "And you can't do anything to stop me from achieving my dreams ", she said finally as she continued jogging.

"We'll see about that" Emma said brutally.

* * *

"Oh my gosh!" Amber shouted excitedly," I passed. I made it". She looked at the list again to really verify that it was really her name she was seeing in the list.

"I can't wait to tell Bruce that I passed and that I love him" she said to herself.

With that thought in mind, she fled the office, running to spread the good news. She knew Bruce will be in the cafeteria where he always spent his afternoons.

After the long run, she stopped in front of the cafeteria to catch her breath and gather her composure, she glanced around her and looked through the glass windows of the café but her eyes caught on something.

Fear was gnawing in her stomach, betrayal was paralysing her. She was rooted to the spot as she continued to look at the couple inside the café. She watched as Emma smiled at something Bruce said - her own Bruce. They were secluded in their own world that the failed to notice her. So oblivious to the happenings around them.

Suddenly, Bruce knelt down on one knee and brought out a ring from a box.

Amber could feel her blood freeze, she saw his mouth move but couldn't really hear what he had said, but she knew instinctively that he had just asked Emma to marry him.

Emma acted coy at first but later brought out her finger. She smiled as Bruce slipped the ring through her finger. He stood and embraced her lovingly with a look of adoration and appreciation in his eyes.

Tears rolled down her cheek as she realized the implication of what had just happened. While she had been there studying her head off for her interview, Emma had been plying her feminine wiles on Bruce. Emma knew she loved Bruce. She knew all her plans yet she went ahead and did this to her.

"How could her so called friend do this to her" she lamented in her mind.

Amber was on the verge of retreating when Bruce turned and saw her standing outside there. He tried to call out to her and invite her in but Emma held him back, telling him that they'll both tell her the news later "let's celebrate now" she said.

On reaching home, Amber went directly into her room with the intention of crying her eyes out. She cried out for the betrayal by her best friend; she cried for the loss of her love; she cried for her own naivety, timidity, and stupidity; she also cried for the loss of a friendship that she thought would last forever.

And when she was done crying, she felt cleansed. She regained her composure, took a shower and promised to live her life as a wiser person.

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