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❝ 𝘼 π™˜π™ͺπ™§π™¨π™š π™žπ™£ π™™π™žπ™¨π™œπ™ͺπ™žπ™¨π™š. ❞ How can someone so devilishly suave, make you feel so calcified? That's what Erica Dixon found herself asking when she came face to face with the prodigy of evil, Xavier Manhattan. The man had endured multiple traumas in his painfully short lifespan. Every besieging assault had rendered him heartless and absolutely inhuman. Unfortunately, when the vehement breeze of fate sashayed their ways, the two individuals found it impossible to part ways. He had a selfish reason to keep her around, she had a desperate one. How far will these two go, to keep themselves floating above the surface when salvation is just seven feet down? This is an anecdote for forbidden romance, lost love and overwhelming happiness all curled up on one story, Xavier.

Romance / Mystery
Erica Woham
Age Rating:


Fellow readers, the maiden bows her head in greeting.

My pen name is Erica Woham, and I’m a young budding writer. I competed this story when I was barely 16, hence it revolves around the clichΓ© romance. A young man with condemnable issues and a damnsel in distress.

Allow me to take you on a journey of love and drama, we’d saunter through the market of thrill and lake of sadness, but I promise you, I’d drop you home before 7.

I hope you enjoy this book, I’d be reading the comments closely. Drop some constructive criticism too, my Lady/my Lord.

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