A One Time Thing

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A pretty face doesn't show all. there are tears behind the masks and so much more pain. Megan Leone was another pretty girl looking to start out her career in acting, a childhood dream of hers she's striven to achieve. Not yet, there yet she hopes to reach the levels of her co-workers. When she finally achieves her dream, she realizes a pretty face doesn't tell all

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


“Hey! Jasmine! Over here!” another paparazzi photographer beckoned. Look away Megan it’s obviously not you, it’s never you. I sighed, walking across the sparkling red carpet careful not to draw the attention of anyone, any attention I get these days is not even close to good. As a kid I dreamed of moments like this, being a shining star, the most important person in the room. I was a stupid and immature kid. Look at me now, desperately avoiding the attention I terribly craved for as a child.

Jasmine, as flawless as ever, flipped her hair and waved at him, flashing a dazzling smile. Now I wouldn’t say I loathed her, that’d be a bit of a stretch, it’s more of “I wish I had her life” type of thing or “I would give my soul to look like her”, still despite all my wishes a part of me disliked her, no, not because of her success, or looks, but because of her personality. To the public eye, she was “THE DAZZLING JASMINE HUGHES” who has acted in countless shows and multiple movies, but to her co-workers she was, to put it lightly, a bitch.

She was what people called in then industry, a pretty face with a nasty mouth, but still she was loved and adored by all, even those she stepped on, would take pleasure in it. In, all honesty, I was astonished and impressed. What I would do to have a glimpse of her life.

“Miss Megan, over here!” Just when I thought I was out of the clear, might as well give them a show. I turn around flashing a smile at the poor paparazzi photographer, who looks like he has way better things to do, he’s sporting on a bored expression, desperately trying to get out of this, but alas, what else should I expect, I never thought this was going to be easy and the color of my skin didn’t help me one bit. I wave at him, and he gives an awkward cough, clicking the capture button on the camera once and turning away. I sigh and walk in the dimly lit cinema clutching my purse tightly to my thigh.

Where to sit? Where to sit? I could stay beside Molly, but she would just use me as a background to make herself look better, I’ll be her muse, more of a shining beauty surrounded by darkness, I’m sure you can guess which is which. Maybe I could sit beside Hayley but her friends may mistake me for a maid again, maybe carrying a cup of juice makes me look like a waiter, no it’s not that, maybe my face? Yeah, that makes more sense. I’m just going to excuse myself to the back, that way no one can neither insult me nor ridicule me.

I sit down and take out my phone mindlessly scrolling through apps, a nervous habit I picked up over the years. The curtain closes and the event starts, the event that’ll be on the front page of every tabloid, newspaper and every magazine in the state. Let’s hope my name makes any sort of appearance.

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