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If ever karma was the biggest bitch on Earth it's definitely here. If getting what you want gives a bitter taste in your blood, then we should probably just let go of old things. Cameron has gotten the black, bitter and horrible all cause of her nasty actions, well karama didn't spare any expense in making her pay

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An arts academy, hell no! How can they expect me to go to some fancy pants school when I almost had a million heart attacks in college? How did they even find me? Should I decline? But it's really prestigious. Cameron think, this could help you and your parents, you have to accept and all you gotta do is stay hidden but not sure how though but I'll try, they deserve the best so give it to them, I thought and after a long self battle I decided to go to the academy.


"Don't forget who you are, stay true to your path, don't think you have to be like anyone, be kind to everyone, and princess be yourself" mummy said before kissing my temple, dad looked me straight in the eye and said, "Camerons never give up" and with that I got the message clear, it was one thing to have been gifted a two year scholarship it's another to earn it and prove it wasn't a mistake.

I walked to the plane and I showed the lady my papers, she looked at me like I didn't deserve to be flying first class, well excuse me I didn't actually buy this, an academy gave it to me because I deserve it. I boarded the plane and thought about my life.

I was 6 years old when my mother was raped and almost killed by my uncle, my dad had to stop working oversees and his family cut all ties with him for being on my mother's side. I was 16 when I got drunk and threw up on the guy I was on a date with.

At 21 I tried having sex but the dude saw me and gave me a ride home, now at 23 I've been given a scholarship at a prestigious college of arts, I knew some day some one would see my talents but it wouldn't have taken this long if I didn't always hide.

My self esteem had always been low, especially with the fact that I'm poor, or let me say I'm from a humble background, I promise myself that I wouldn't let my children ever have an esteem this low. It's so bad that the sight of other girls prettier and more confident than I am makes me shudder like actually shudder, I always had this feeling I'd end up alone or have to change my sexuality preferences or possibly have to change my own gender or something, but here I am, at twenty six I still talk to myself like I'm talking to someone I'm more confident than.


Oh my stars ( I don't curse) the academy is huge, tall gates, several beautiful buildings, colours and lights, studios and life written all over. "Excuse me are you on of the new staff?" a beautiful tanned girl with blue eyes asked me, she had her blonde hair perfectly braided in two parts, with her lips puffy equipped with lipstick probably more expensive than my suitcase, she wore fitted jeans with a cream colored crop top and a silk kimono jacket, "are you deaf? Stop staring!" She demanded, "no I'm actually a new student here" I said, she looked at me from head to toe, scoffed and walked away, I'm not surprised, at least she didn't insult me but I think she knew I wasn't a staff but I don't want to care.

The headmaster's office was larger than my living room, and after minutes of walking and I found my room, my info sheet has my classes and schedule on it along with my roommate's name, Jessica Walter and my side of the room, the facilities I'm entitled to and the academy map, mehn! This school really isn't for me, might as well soak it up before they send me packing for realising I wasted their money I wonder if they'll pay for my trip back home.

I entered my room and there she was, the girl from earlier, she was with a guy, he had chestnut coloured hair and also had blue eyes, they almost looked identical except with the different colours of their hair and their different genders. They both looked over at me and I became nervous, 2 years Cameron that's how long you need to last, I walked in with my head down and went to my corner of the room, "urh, don't tell me *you're* my roommate this year is going to be sooo amazing" she glared as sarcastic words came out of her mouth, "come on sis don't be like that, I'd sure as hell be excited if a cute girl like this walks into my room but sadly boys and girls sleep in different dorms" he guy said, he's accent had a British sound unlike he's sister's that was plain American, I blushed but didn't say a word, "I hope by next year when they change roommates I'd be yours" he said to which I nodded. He kissed his sister's forehead, "see you later Kile" she said then he left, she looked at me, then laid on her bed facing the other side then I assumed slept off.

Why I was placed in the same room as Jessica was something I couldn't fathom but something tells me things won't be easy.


Hmm! What time is it? 8:20 oh, wait 8:20!!! Oh stars I got 10 minutes to get to class. Jessica couldn't even wake me up, I wonder why she would when we looks at my like her mortal enemy. So I took a shower and had 3 minutes to spare, I put on some underwear, throw a dress over my head, wear a pair of matching boots and then go over to class. I walk in and everyone narrowed their eyebrows at me, omg did I forget to comb my hair or is there gum stuck on my mouth, I didn't have time to brush so I put a stick of gum in my mouth, "you are late, I will pardon you because it is your first day but it should not happen again" the professor said and I awkwardly took my sit at the back.

She might have been an angry looking average height old lady, but I see why she's got a job here, she's good, she summarized everything I learn in college sparing the bits that weren't needed in the class, "now I know it is your first day but with all that was said and done in the teaching you will write a play and the best one will be worked on and presented Saturday the 25th failure to submit the scripts will result in expulsion" she said and the students walked out.

I arrived at my next class about 5 minutes early and saw students had their mouths shut and their heads up awaiting the teacher's arrival, "Good morning" the man said when he came in, he looked younger than the last teacher but taught just as well, he gave us assignments that was like a continuation of the one that old lady gave.

By 2pm all my classes were over so I walked over to the cafeteria for lunch, I took an apple and yogurt cause I didn't know what the heck goulash was and the rest didn't look like normal food, so I didn't bother trying it, I'll just have something for dinner.

When I got back to the room Jessica was singing and I'll give it to her, she's exceptionally good. The best even. "I love your voice, it brings out the hidden emotion of the song" I said and that was how she stopped singing. Who knew rich kids didn't like complements. Sorry!

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