A baby for the boss

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Her: I hate feeling so helpless,I need money and I need it fast. the only family I have left is dying, and working as a secretary my salary is not enough, I need more money and my crazy boss won't give me a break. God I hate him, he thinks he can buy anything with money. Too bad he is right, I actually can buy anything. because here I am selling my baby to a complete jarkass just because I need money to save my sister. HIM: I need a child, and I need one now, I have money and my money can get me a child. but I need one carrying my DNA, not some loser DNA, I want a child that looks like me,so adoption is out of the line, and also I want my child to come to this world in a nice and comfortable womb, not some fucking man made machine. But everything change when my hot, sexy secretary offer to be my baby machine. she's drop dead gorgeous, not that I will tell her. I am a desperate man, so I accepted her offer. But she has to do it my way, The old school way. But looks like the universe is against us, want to know why. my stupid gold digger ex-wife is back.

Romance / Erotica
Joseph Erezi
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Chapter one

I walk out of the hospital, god I hate this place, when ever I come here I always feel so angry. How I wish my life was different, that I was flowing in money, and not drowning in poverty. I should be happy I am healthy and alive, but am not, I wish I am the one on that hospital bed, weak and pale and not my baby sister.

Our parents died when I was still in college, in a car accident, leaving me and Ava with little money, we weren't rich but life then was comfortable.

After my parents death I managed to finish college, but cancer has other plans. Ava was diagnosed of cancer, all of our money immediately went into treatments, soon enough we were broke. I knew I have to do something, so the moment I saw a job requirement for the position of a secretary I accept it, leaving my dreams of becoming a chef.

Now here I am today, 24 years old broke girl.

I work in a very rich and famous company, a security company, any security you are looking for just come to J's Enterprise. My boss Mr Julian John, yeah I know stupid name right? Any ways my boss Mr Julian is one of the world richest man, I should be honor walking with him but I am not, that man is a dick, he treats women like thrash. Every week I spend my time buying gifts for ladies, as a goodbye gift, the fucker can't even cut off his own relationship. He has been married for four times, and each women always fire a report about how he emotionally abuse them. That man is just too rude.

As i make my way to office, I give a few nod to my co workers, few of us have been here for more than four years, most people couldn't endure Julian's arrogant behaviour so they quit, sometimes I wish I've got the balls to stand up to him, that duchbag is annoying.

I place Julian's coffee on his desk and his appointment, oh and his favorite cookies, for a man with a shitty character he sure do act like a child, he has no idea I am the one making those cookies, they were my mum's recipe, she taught me how to make them at the age of fourteen, since then I have been making them.

I accidentally forgot my pack of cookies one morning on Julian's desk, while arranging his table, and the idiot ate it, and now I am forced to buy one for him everyday, he has no Idea that I made them. So I kinda just take the money for the cookies.

As I sit down on my chair, I couldn't help but to think about Ava, she has just six months to live, except I am able to magically poop up five million dollars then she can be save, but right now, I am not a money pooping machine, and it sucks, I feel like I have let my parents down, I couldn't take care of my kid sister, I am such a disappointment.

I was just too lost in my own little world that I didn't see Julian walk in.

'' Camilla, back to earth Camilla '' he snaps his long fingers in my face.

'' sir, good morning sir '' I quickly shake the body to get the tension out of my body.

'' you can do your man thinking outside, I want a focus secretary here '' he scold me, dick. If only he knew what's going on in my head,

'' yes sir '' I responded

'' good now follow me I have a job for you '' he didn't wait for me to respond, he just walk off expecting me to follow, and I followed.

He opens the door and we both walked in, he gesture for me to sit, and I also did.

'' OK as you already know, I am not getting any younger '' okay, this isn't what I was expecting, I was expecting him to order me to send some thing lovely to a girl, not this.

I just nod my head, to be sincere Julian isn't old at all, he is a walking work of art, he is drop dead handsome.

'' so I want a baby, and I need you to go through this file and tell me which woman is suitable to Carry my child '' wait what, a baby. Julian and a child. I try picturing it but nothing comes out, unbelievable, the world richest player wants a child, shot me.

'' if I make ask, why do you need a child sir ''? I ask I really really want to know his sudden craving for a baby.

'' that's non of your business, Camilla, your job is to find a good woman with a good background and a good health '' he gleaned at me, with annoyance in his eyes. I was curious.

'' sorry sir, it won't happen again '' I apologize, not that I did anything wrong.

'' and also if you have a friend who you know, is willing to apply, you can add them in '' he said with a smile, the fucker knows that I have no friends, but be likes pissing me off. I walk out of the office, angrily, not wanting to see his stupid handsome, mouth watering face.

I quickly buried my self in my work, most of the woman I see here are just too fake, everything about them screams trouble, non of them catch my attention. If I were to be Julian I would pick a woman who can take care of her self and the baby. Most of them looks like Barbie to me, too much plastic surgery, I am not even sure they can handle pregnancy.

As I look further into the file, I couldn't help but to shake my head. Julian want to bring his child the old fashion way, interesting, no woman would be able to resit his charm.

When I saw the price. My mouth fall open, my heart missed a beat, fuck. Twelve million dollars, he is willing to pay twelve million dollars to any woman that will agree to his terms.

With this money, I can save Ava's life, then open my own restaurant, and I will still have money left to train Ava to school. Only if I can give up my child.

What am I doing, I quickly shake the thought out of my mind, there is no way I am going to do such a thing, I won't sell my child.

I spend the rest of my day, looking for a good woman for Julian, but non of them catch my attention, so I call it a day and went home.

On my way home I take the bus, I can't afford am taxi so the bus or the subway is my only transport home. I sat close to the window and watch the street pass my eyes.

I felt a vibration in my bag, I brought out my phone and look at the call, its the hospital, I quickly answer it.

'' hello '' I answer.

'' Camilla you need to come to the hospital now '' the voice from the other side is calm, like she did not just scare me to death.

I hang up and stopped the bus, good thing the hospital isn't far from here. I quickly pick up a race, I ran like crazy until I reached the hospital.

I didn't bother greeting people like I normally do. I ran straight to my sister's room, the moment I get there the doctor is coming out.

'' is everything alright doc ''? I asked scared.

'' yes and no '' what did he mean yes and no,

'' I don't understand doc '' I said

'' for now she's alright, but we need to do the surgery as soon as possible, she's fading day by day '' he explain with pity in his eyes, I hate it when people pity me. I am not the one dying my sister is.

As the doctor left, I enter my sister's room, a single tear drop from my eyes, she looks so pale, her brown hair like mine is no longer there, her rosy cheek is now pale, I can literally see her bones, she's so skinny.

I can't lose her, she all I have left. There is only one thing to do. I have to save her life. God I hope I am not making the wrong choice.

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