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Summary: Tenshi was the innocent brother of Rin, one of the most dangerous mafias and a mortal enemy to King. King was only a part of the mafia because it was the only way he could pay for his dad’s gambling debt and just about everything he needed to get his sister back from one of the worst groups ever, but he ended up too deep, way too deep... ~~~~ “P-Please I don’t have any more money! I could give you anything else, just please!” The old man begged the younger male, King, across the table. “What could you have that I could possibly want?” The younger said with a poker face, but in fact, he was quite bored with this already. “I-I” The old man began to think before his eyes widened and a smile crossed his face “I-I have a son; you could use him to your own advantage, h-he will listen to any command, and just needs to know the rules a-and he will immediately follow them. Please, He’s all yours.” He said while taking out his wallet. He opened it before he stretched his arm out so the younger could see the photo. King sighed before sitting up, back straight, taking his elbow that was holding his chin resting on the table off as he grabbed the elder’s wallet. His eyes widened and one thing crossed his mind: ...Tenshi…

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1~Not everyone was perfect~

His black sweater twirled in the wind as he walked down the path, the path to hell. Well, in reality, just school. He thinks school is heaven but every other kid thinks it’s hell. He just never outwardly said it, it’s as if he would have said it, everyone would look at him weirder than they already think he is... The school was like a place he could escape, escape from the real hell, Home…

He always questioned if his life would always be like this, it’s something he couldn’t help.

Tenshi’s P.O.V

I could hear everyone chatting as I came closer to school, some shouting, laughing, etc. but I remained to myself, the only friend I had was never precisely at school after 8th grade. I never knew what happened to him, he just left without a word and it really hurt me...He was the only person that treated me kindly and was actually there...I began falling for him...

“Hey, isn’t that the weird kid from gym?” A kid asked, making me look over as I realized he was pointing at me. I shrank a little as I looked down, avoiding any contact and moving as fast as I can for right now. A little fear slowly began to crawl in my mind.

“Yeah! I heard he beat the hell out of Joseph!” Another kid commented as I began to walk quicker, trying to get inside of the building before they could reach me.

I was successful, well at least I thought I was until I felt someone grabbing my hood bringing me back, which made me unsteady as I moved backward as I could feel myself begin to fall. I closed my eyes tightly, preparing for impact from the floor. I fell harshly on the floor, my head hitting hard making me groan as my eyes shut tight. My hands soon made their way to my head, as my face scrunched up in pain. My eyes shut tight.

I had already hit my head so many times, it gets more painful each time. Headaches come for days after. After a couple of seconds of holding my head, I heard laughs, mocking me.

“Oh, look at the poor ‘baby’, he hit his head” I heard and it sounded like Josh, one of the ‘jocks’ I guess you could say on the football team. I opened my eyes and took a look, yep! Here is a little about him that seems a bit classic, 1 dumb but pretends to be smart, 2 he looks and acts like almost every other football player, 3 cocky, 4 brown hair, 5 tallish but so god damn fucking stupid, have I said that already?

The rim of my shirt was grabbed, bringing me up to my feet before I was slammed into the lockers. A small groan escaping my lips, I didn’t feel like fighting back, I had no reason. This is normal, I just don’t like other people getting hurt...That’s the main cause of this interaction right now, I defended someone who couldn’t defend themselves and it got pretty bad. It’s not my fault they are inexperienced fighters, I thought since they were on the football team they would be good but apparently not, well except for Josh. I’ve never personally fought him but I have seen his fighting. He does seem to fight people weaker than him a bit tho but the other person is willing in it.

“So I heard you did a number on Joseph,” He paused with a smirk forming on his face, “And I think you should be put back in your place.”

I snickered and without thinking, I replied with: “Maybe you should stop thinking considering everything that comes out of your mouth is dead brain cells, I’m pretty sure you’re on your last one, buddy.”

I quickly shut my mouth after opening it, I heard a couple ‘Oohs’ and snickers. But I could feel the glare Josh was sending.

“You little piece of shit!” He growled before a fist went to the side of my face, I felt the pain on my cheek as my face turned to the right.

I didn’t turn my head back but instead, I looked straight ahead not wanting to look back at him. I don’t wanna encourage myself to fight back, I hate the looks they give when they feel like they had won.

“What?! Not so confident now are you? See you are just a worthless piece of space, Maybe you should just kill yourself, cause everyone would be fine without you! You know, I saw your dad last night on the street drinking like the bum he is, god he looks more disgusting than you but I guess that is where you get your looks from! No wonder your mother left you!” A laugh came from him as I looked back, My fist balling up in anger but I knew he knew nothing about anything.

I growled quietly before I pushed him away, as I did he had let go of my shirt and stumbled back a bit. I smiled a fake small smile before grabbing his fist that was about to be thrown towards me and twisted his arm as I then grabbed his shoulder. Pushing his shoulder as I bent his arm back more but not enough to pop it out of the socket or anything. I heard a small whine escape his lips.

I changed our spots before slamming his face in the lockers before twisting his arm more.

“Say sorry,” I said simply, he struggled in my grip. I know he is focused on the pain, he may fight but only fights people weaker than him so he knows nothing, He’s never felt pain besides on the field every once in a while.

He turned his head and looked at me slightly “F-Fuck you!” He said, I sighed and twisted his arm more holding him tight in that spot with my other hand, he was really struggling...Wow, he doesn’t even know how to get out of this situation, such an idiot... No one was planning on stopping me, they were too caught up in watching this, and plus none of his friends are here like usual. They stayed in front of the school with the coach.

I heard a small crack from his arm when I pulled it towards the center of his back. Everyone behind me either was amazed or whispered ‘ow!’ at the sound.

“Let go of me!” I knew he wasn’t going to say sorry but this is fun, I pulled it towards the center more but instead of him keeping any sound of pain or discomfort in he screamed instead. God was it so fucking girly, reminded me of the cheerleaders when they saw a spider in the gym while cheer practice and I was drawing on the bench.

“What is going on here!” I heard someone down the hall say, I looked and it was no other than the coach. Guess he heard him and was looking for him either way.

I let go of him and turned him around, pushed him making his back slam against the lockers. His left arm that I had not twisted went directly to his other and held it. I could tell he was trying not to cry in front of anyone but he slid down the locker.

I looked at him emotionlessly before I spoke. “Don’t fucking talk about my mother” No one should...but my father... He is a different story…. I turned behind me looking at the others who were just about to leave like me “If anyone asks, It wasn’t me. Alright? And in return, I’ll do your homework” They all nodded. God what idiots. The only reason I made the deal was that I didn’t need to get in trouble again. If my father found out, I prolly won’t be seen on this earth again...

I looked down to see he was already halfway down the hallway to us. I was lucky it was in the hallway I didn’t need to go through.

I grabbed my bag off the floor and then walked down the hallway, I don’t wanna go to my first class anymore…

I walked down the hallway to the doors that lead to the outside garden, people were aloud here depending on the reasoning, there’s a lady that lets you in. I am pretty well known to be here and my teachers know that if I am not in class I am always here and I would pick up my work later to work on. Some people say I get treated special but I work harder than anyone and I had better grades than anyone in the entire school. Mainly because I had learned almost everything at my old school. I was an honors student I guess you could say but I told them I don’t wanna be in honor classes here but my dad thinks I am in them but I...I don’t think my future is college, I don’t know, I just feel it.

I walked through the door and into the garden, seeing the lady on the bench with her clipboard in her hand and walkie talkie beside her on her right, the school does that to keep in touch easier, I don’t know why they wouldn’t just call her on her phone. Her light orange curly hair went well with the pale blue sweater she was wearing over her light pink dress that looked almost white but it complemented her well. I began walking over and when I stopped in front of the spot next to her she looked up noticing me and smiled.

“Hey Tenshi, I see you’re not going to your first class again,” She said before looking down at her clipboard writing something down.

“Yeah, hope you don’t mind if I stay here with you for a bit Mrs.Rose?” I chuckled a little towards the end. We usually sit and talk about nature or talk about anything really.

“Of course not! You are always welcome here.” She said positively as usual. I nodded before I looked down at her hand, her ring was extra shiny today. Mrs.Rose was married, and her wife is amazing! She comes over to the garden for lunch every once in a while. They both adore me and I don’t understand why. I used to know them at my old school too, they ended moving not long after me for a better paying job.

They always look so happy...I’ve always wondered how they stayed so happy or at least look so happy...Do they ever fight like mother and father used to?…

I didn’t notice but my face fell from a smile to a small frown.“What’s the wrong Tenshi?” Mrs. Rose said with worry.

I looked back up at her before shaking my head a little, making my green and black hair land in my eyes again but I didn’t care, I then smiled a fake smile. “Nothing!” I lied.

She seemed unsure of whether or not to believe me but nodded anyway. “You can sit, you know?” She smiled with a small laugh coming from her mouth.

I nodded with the smile still on my face. She patted the left side of her to sit down and so I did. I sighed after setting my backpack down beside my leg.

I miss my mother, Mrs.Rose has been like a second mom to me, but no one can replace my mother completely.

I opened my bag and grabbed my sketchbook, I love drawing. Especially flowers, just something about them is so...Delightful. Mother used to tell me that ‘Humans are like flowers, we are all seeds but when we find our other half, our sun, our water, our everything. Then, just then we bloom into an amazing person, our true form. Not everyone’s perfect but differences are the only thing keeping us alive, so never hate a person for their true form because you think they are different but you are too’

When will I find my other half?...Will I always be lonely?...


So if you would like to see pictures of them and updates faster, go to my Wattpad acc: UnderestimatedWolf

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