Splintered Heart

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Alexander Taylor is a multi-million. A renowned business man and CEO of one of the globes most famous shipping companies and respected banks. At twenty-six years old his one of the eligible bachelors. Mackenzie Winters is an icon. At twenty-five years old,she's at the top of the fashion industry being a supermodel and having created a global brand designing remarkable gowns and lingerie/swimwear.She admired for her generosity and good looks. They say love lasts forever but, after a single incident things came clashing down. However with their class reunion approaching will the be able to put things behind them. Please Read: -Story combines mature language and content. -Grammar and punctuation may be really bad and I apologize in advance. -Be sure to follow me on my profile and my social media platforms to stay updated on the the next upload -Also don’t forget to like, share and comment -Hope you enjoy the story. ~Katherine~ 🦋🦋🦋

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I watch as my father paces back and forth in his office, I look towards the window knowing I can't dig my way out of this mess. I turn back to face my dad who's now looking at me with such dismay making me roll my eyes.

"Mackenzie Isabel Maria Winters don't you dare roll your eyes at me when I'm talking to you."

I huff in annoyance at the use of my full names and look at my hands folded on my lap. "You had no right to open that envelope without my permission."

"I had every right. you were about to ruin your life long dream all because of some boy." He looks at me and I can hear the disappointment in his voice.

I clench my teeth. "His not just some boy and you know that and I mean what difference does it make, I got accepted into University of Kensington."

He pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration. "The difference is that you were about to revoke your scholarship to a University that you've always dreamed of getting into."

I sigh. "I'm sure they will be as many opportunities in London as they are in Paris."

"Mackenzie you do understand that you would be giving up on everything you ever valued."

"I understand that but this is my decision and if I want to follow Alexander to London I will because I love him and I just want you support my decision."

He shakes his head sighing. "The unversity called today, they have an early program that they thought you would be interested in it's starts in three weeks and I know you think you've made your decision but I want you to think about this before you give it up."

I nod my head. "I'll think about it." I stand up and leave his office feeling frustrated, I walk into the foyer and stop in my tracks when I see Alexander standing in the center.

"Hey you." He walks over to me and gives me a quick kiss.

"Hey what are you doing here?" I ask running my hand through his hair.

He raises an eyebrow at me ."Don't tell me you forgot that we were supposed to Rachel's house to open our scholarship results."

shit I forgot about that. "That's today I completely forgot."

"That's okay go get your evenlope I'll wait for you in the car." He smiles,but it doesn't touch his eyes and I nod my head hesitantly and watch as he exits.

I rush upstairs and grab the envelope on my desk without looking at the address and rush outside and hop into Alexander's car. I turn the envelope and notice that I picked the one from the University in Paris. Fuck, before I can think of an excuse to go back upstairs Alexander starts the car.


I open Rachel's door and walk in with Alexander right behind me. "Rach!!"

"I'll be down in a sec just." She yells in response.

Alexander and I walk into the living room but I turn to get us some drinks from the kitchen. I walk back to the living room and almost trip but Alexander quickly catches me. I plcae our drinks on the coffe table.

"You good." He questions.

"Why wouldn't I be when I've got you to catch me." I tease.

"Hmm...I expect a thank you gift."He teases making me laugh.

"I'll see what Craigs list has to offer." I reply, getting him to chuckle.

"Nah I want the full works. Cake, chocolates and maybe even a trophy."

"We both know that if I bought you chocolates , they would be gone before they even get to you."

He huffs. "Look what I have to put up with."

"Normal people wouldn't even ask for a present. They would be happy with a simple thank you." I mumble, feeling his nose brush over my neck. He lifts his head then making me turn mine to look at him. His smiling and his eyes have their usual twinkle that makes me feel like I'm on cloud nine. He wraps his hands around me and his smile drops slightly.

My eyes immediatly drop to his lips and when I lift my eyes again, his are focused on my lips as well, making mine part ever so slightly, sticking my tongue out to wet them.

His eyes flicker back to mine and they look even darker.His head slowly moves towards mine, our eyes connected as his lips brush mine.

At the contact, my eyes close and I press mine more firmly aganist his. He takes control of the kiss,a hand moving from my waist to the back of my head, tilting it up to grant him better access. He runs his tongue over my bottom lip. I open my mouth, his tongue collides with mine and I moan into his mouth, lifting my palm to the nape of his neck..I moan and he responds by letting go of my lips and trailing down my jaw moving to the front of my neck, running his nose down my skin.

"Yuck why don't you guys just fuck on my couch while your at it!" Rachel grumbles and my head spans in her direction.

"Well you took long." Alex defends beside me getting me to chuckle as I detangle myself from him.

"So you took it upon yourselves to have pre-coitus on my couch?" Rachel asks flopping herself on the couch beside me.

"Well we had to entertain ourselves." Alex argues and Rachel scrunch's her face in disgust.

I hear the front door open. "We're here!" Nats voice echoes cs as she and Devin walk into the room.

Devin tosses two envelopes on the table adding to the pile. They both sit down and we all stare at the envelopes in complete silence.

Devin huffs."So this is it huh?"

I sigh knowing this is an end of an era for all five of us. "Can you believe it's been five years since we were put in the same group in Mrs Barkley's class."

"God I won't miss that wrenched woman." Natalie groans.

Rachel chuckles. "Is it me or was she pregnant all the time."

"It feels like just yesterday we were pulling that prank on Kimberly Woods." Alex comments.

"You know that's actually one person I will not miss at all." I mutter.

"Like why would you say that Mackenzie like I totally don't understand." Natalie mocks Kimberly's valley accent making us all chuckle.

Rachel sniffs. "Gosh I'm really gonna miss you guys."

"Hey we will always keep touch I mean were family." I reach out and gently squeeze her hand.

"Kenzie's right will always keep in touch and hang out every summer when we get back." Alexander's inputs.

"You know what we should make a pact that even if we do lose contact we go on an adventure lets say 5 or 10 years from now to catch up." Natalie suggests and we all agree.

"But where would we go?" Devin asks.

"Maybe the Maldives." I chip.

Natalie squeals at the thought of planning. "I have a whole book on the best places for a group vacation."

Devin chuckles. "Of course you do you have a book to plan everything." Natalie gently slaps his chest.

"Okay were all just stallling now we should open the envelopes cause the anxiety is killing me." Rachel points out and we all laugh.

"Okay I'll go frist." Nat reaches out for her envelope and opens it. "I.. got into NYU!" she tuckles Devin into a hug.

Rachel picks her envelope and opens it. "I got into the University of Melboure. Damm how hot are the guys in Australia." She does a happy dance and pulls out her phone to do some research and I chuckle at the thought of all the Australian guys she's going to have to go through.

Devin is the next to grab his envelope. " I didn't get into Harvard." He sighs dropping his head.

"Oh Devin I'm so sorry." I sympathize.

"Dude I'm sorry." Alex offers.

"Wait let me see the papers?" Natalie asks and Devin and her bicker for a few mintues, however she snatches the papers from his hand. She reads through the paper silently and roughly puches Devin's shoulder. "Your such an asshole you know that."

"He got in?" Rachel asks confused.

"Of course he got in. you know sometimes you can be such an ass." Natalie grumbles folding her hands together.

Devin laughs while clunching his now injured shoulder. "You have to admit I got you guys pretty good."

Alex chuckles beside me and lets go of me to reach out for both our envelopes, handing me mine. I stare at my envelope already knowing what it says that I don't even notice that Alex has opened his until I hear him gasp. I turn and lean to read and immediatley tackle him into hug pulling him in for a kiss and he immdiatley responds.

"Hey no pre-coitus on my couch!" Rachel yells and we both pull back.

"So I'm guessing you got in?" Devin asks.

"Oxford I mean can you believe it." Alexander beams.

Rachel salutes with a smile "Congratulations Mr CEO"

"Why thank you Miss Architect."

"Just don't go all British on us." Natalie warns with a smile.

Alexander shrugs with a smirk. "Well that would be kinda hard as I am half British." Natalie rolls her eyes in response.

"Come on Kenzie open yours." Rachel insists and I notice that everyone is staring at me and I suddenly feel nervous and guilty cause I already know the contents in the envelope.

"I mean can't we do this later. We can watch a movie and I can cook that Carbonara that you all like." I run a hand through my hair.

"Oh can you put extra cheese?" Devin squeals and Natalie lightly smacks the back of his head.

"She's stalling you immbecile. Bring it here I'll read it for you." Natalie urges and when I hesitate to give her the envelope she stands up and grabs it.

I slowly watch as she opens the envelope and pulls out the papers. "Dear Miss Winters we are glad to inform you that you qualified into.. the ... How the fuck do you pronounce this shit?" Natalie shoves the paper in my hand.

I clear my throat and read it out load. "We are glad to inform you that qualified into the scholarship division at Studio Bercot for the Fashion and Design programm." I feel Alexander's lips on my hair but its soon interuppted when Natalie and Rachel pull me in for a group hug.

"Congrats Kenxie. my best-friend's gonna be a fashion designer!" Rachel squeals jumping up and down in joy.

I force a smile. "Hey I'm gonna get started on that Carbonara you don't mind if I cook here right?"

Rachel waves me off. "Go right ahead my mum's stuck on set directing the whole day."

"What movie is she working on now?" Natalie asks turning on the television.

"I don't know some drama we all know how she enjoys depressing environments."

I walk over to the kitchen leaving everyone talking amongst themselves and. Natalie walks in as I'm chopping onions.

"Hey you okay?" She leans against the counter.

"I'm great why wouldn't I be fine we all just got into our dream schools."

"Well maybe because you were not as excited as you should have been we you heard about the school you've always dreamt about."

I place the knife on the chopping board and try to catch my breath. "I...I my first letter arrived weeks ago and I opened it. I know we made a pact to open the first letter that came in together but I needed to know so that I could make a decision."

"Decision about what?"

"I was going to switch schools and go to Kensington Unversity in London." I explain meeting Natalie's shocked glance.

"To be with Alex." I nod my head.

"I wrote a letter to Studio Bercot to revoke my scohlarship but my father found out and we got into an agrument. apperantly the school loved the designs I submitted so much that they want me to go for an early program."

"When are you supposed to go?"

"Three weeks from now." I grab the onion and start cutting again.

"By the looks of it you and Alex haven't discussed if your going to go the long distance route." Natatlie adds.

"No we haven't. I...I God I have this bad feeling that it's going to go horribly." I admit and I drop a few tears and I can't figure out if it's from the onion or because I'm having mixed feelings.

"Hey it's probably just your anxiety messing with you head. Don't be so superstitious." She gives my shoulder a light squeeze.

I snort and chuckle. "That's classic coming from the girl who believes in most superstitious in the world."

"Hey don't judge me and I'm sure your overreacting. I mean you and Alex are perfect for each other."

I feel my eyes getting glossy again. "Your probably right."

"Everything alright in here?" Alexander walks in and I turn the other direction to quickly wipe my tears.

"Everythings fine I just came to see if Kenzie needed any help." Natalie quickly blurts.

Alexander snorts. "You in the kitchen now that's something I would love to see."

Natalie punches his shoulder. "You can be such prick sometimes." She storms off into the living room.

"Damm that girl can really throw a punch. Hey you sure you okay?" He comes behind and wraps his hands around my waist, placing his head in my shoulder.

I lean back into him. "I'm good."

"Then can you explain why you were wiping tears when I came in?"

"Onions and you would know that if you actually decided to actually to help once in a while."

"Nah I'm more of an observe anyway." He squeezes my hips before he walks over to the other side of the counter and observes me while I cook. "by the way I got you something."

I pause my actions and look up.. "What is it?

"Close your eyes and stretch out your hands." I eye him skepitcal but close my eyes anyway. "Are the closed?"

"Yes they are now hurry up." I whine impatiently.

"Okay now peeking." I hear some shuffling and then a feel him place a tiny object in my hand. "Open them."

I slowly open my eys and pout when I see a blue tiny Tiffany and Co box. "You have to stop doing this."

He smirks. "You haven't even seen it."

"Still you've already given me six of these."

"Just open it." He insists.

I open the tiny blue box and unveil the charm. "You got me an Eiffel Tower charm. bubs." I walk around the counter with tears in my eyes and engulf him in a hug.

"You like it?" I pull back to see his face and nod.

"I love it thank you." He wipes my tears and helps me put it on.

"Now you have seven." He helps me add it to the bracelet.

"It's beautiful." I gush as I admire the charm along with the others.


I answer without taking my eyes off the bracelet. "Huh?"

"Your foods burning." I snap my eyes off the bracelet and I rush to the stove.

Everyone comes into the kitchen once I'm done cooking and we all sit around the counter.

"You know Kenz if there's one thing I'm going to miss it's your cooking." Devin praises with a mouth full of food.

"Let's just hope you learn how to eat once your at Harvard." I tease.

"Hey are we still going to the bornfire later tonight?" Rachel asks.

Alexander groans beside me. "Do we have to I mean we graduated aren't we supposed to see each other at some ten year reunion or some shit."

I raise an eyebrow. "Says the guy who's hosting a bash for our whole senior class."

Alex shrugs. "What can say I like to go out in style."

"I think we should go I mean we don't have to stay the whole time we can leave after like an hour." Nat encourages.

I walk downstairs in a some shorts and a hoodie. I walk to the kitchen and see my parents in deep conversation.

"Hey I'm going to the bornfire." I inform getting their attention.

"Okay honey are you driving?" My mum asks.

I shake my head. "Alex's picking me up."

"Just be back before 10." My father states.

I feel my phone ring in my back pocket. "That should be Alex I'll see you later."

I walk outside the house and hope into Alex's car giving him a quick peck before buckling my seatbelt. We drive in silence and I lean forward to turn on the radio and Elton John's Your song blasts through and Alex groans.

"This song is going to huant me forever isn't it."

I laugh and stretch my hand so that I play with the hair on the nape of is neck . "Hey your the one who decided to express your feelings for me with it."

"You know I wasn't good with words back then."

"You still aren't you also used a song to ask me out to prom." I point out.

"Some girls would find it romantic." He teases.

"I didn't say I didn't, I love the fact that I can be taken back to that day just by listenting to that song."

"The song that made you think what I meant for 30 mintues." He teases.

"In my defence I had no idea you saw me that way. you may think your an open book but you're really hard to read sometimes."

"Right back at you bubs."

I furrow my brows in confusion, I'm about asks what he means but he parks the car letting me know that we've arrived . We both get out of the car and bump into Rachel.

"We just got here and I already want to leave." Rachel whines.

I chuckle. "It's just one hour Rach you can do this."

"Let's just find Dev and Nat and it will be over before we know it." Alex mutters.

"Were right here?" Natalie waves as she and Devin walk over to us.

"Oh Hey you guys are all here." We turn to Kimberly's voice as she waves her camera in our face with her two minions Amber and Karen right behind her.

"Kimberly and crew." Natalie acknowledges with a fake smile.

"The fab five I need a final picture of you guys. Come on shuffles together." We shuffle together . "Okay now say higher earning potential!"

"Oh for fucks sake." Rachel mutters under her breath as we all smile.

"Prefect now Let me get in." She shoves the camera into Amber's hand and she takes the picture. "I'm really gonna miss you guys especially you Mackenzie."

I roll my eyes and grumble. "I wish could say the same."

"What was that?"

"I'm gonna say hi to Trevor." I walk away from the group.

I'm standing in a group of my former art club members and were catching up and I spot Alexander talking to his teamates. His head snaps in my direction and mutters something to the group and walks over to me.

"Hey can I talk to you for a sec?" His tone sounds urgent.

"Um sure thing." I excuse myself form the group. We walk over to the bleachers and sit in silence for what feelings like eternity. "So are you gonna talk or what?"

He runs his hand through his hair. "Yeah It's not easy."

I furrow my brows, confused. "Okay then I’ll talk." I clear my throat. "I know were both going to different Unversities in different countries but we've never really talked about how we'd do it. So I thought it would be best if I just switch Unversities and moved to London."

Alex sighs. "That's just it. I'm not sure I want you to move to London. I mean Paris is your dream Kenz."

"So what Long distance?"

He rubs the nape of his neck. "Uhmm."

I clear my thought trying to ease the tension. "Cause I'm really okay with making the switch."

"I think you should go to Paris and I'll go to London and will just do our own things." He looks away from me.

"Why does this feel like your ending this?" I lean forward to get a better view of his face.

"I..I just think it's for the best."

I feel as if there tiny shards of glass in my chest. "Okay are you sure this is what you what?"

He clears his throat. "Yes I'm sure."

I wipe my tears and try to calm myself down. "Will you at least look at me and say it to my face cause I'm really finding it hard believe you?"

His snaps head and looks at me with no emotion whatsoever. "Mackenzie your not going to change my mind!"

I nod my head. "I see. okay I'm gonna go now." I stand up and he soon follows.

"I'll drive you."

I hold up my hand to stop him. "I don't think that's a good idea. I...I I'll find my own way." I walk away from the bleachers and back to the crowd staring at my feet trying to figure what the fuck just happened when I bump into someone.

"Hey Kenz watch where your going." I look up and Rachel's smile drops when she takes in my apperance.

"Are you okay?"

"Can you give me ride. I need to get out of here." I whisper trying not to break down.

"Sure come on." She gently ushers me to the parking lot and we get in her car. She asks for an explanation but I can't seem to form the words. Soon enough we arrive in front of my house, Rcahel helps me inside and to my room. "Kenz what happened talk to me?"

I squeeze my pillow. "A...Alex he broke up with me."

Rachel furrows her brows in confsion. "Did he say why?" I break down.

"Mija what's wrong?" I hear my mums voice and I look away, hoping to keep my emotions in check. My first instinct is to cry or scream. I hear her and Rachel whisper amongst each other. Rachel tells me she's leaving but will back tomorrow but I keep staring at the wall. I feel the bed dip and she takes my hand.

"How are you feeling?"

"I..I don't know." I clear my throat barely regonizing my voice.

"What happened?"

I close my eyes and explain everything. "I know it was the right decision but it hurts I mean we should've given it a chance."

I feel her move closer, her hand smooth's over the back of my head. "Honey maybe you should try talking to him at the bash tommorow."

"What if he doesn't change his mind." I whisper my tears coming back.

"Then at least you can say you fought." She kisses the top of my forehead. "Now how about I make us some Natilla and we can watch thoses Horror's you love Lord knows why you love those movies."

"There fake plus it's fun to guess what will happen next." I pout.


I watch by the kitchen door as people dance around in Alexander's backyard. I've been here for over an hour and his been avioding me like the plague.

Natalie walks up to me with a drink. "Here you go Kenz."

I take the cup from her hands. "Thank you."

She stands beside me and watch the comotion in the backyard "Have you managed talk to him?"

"No his been avoiding me like a plague." I take a sip of the punch.

"Devin said they had a few drinks."

I sigh. "Maybe coming here was a mistake I'm just gonna go home and come back tomorrow."

"Okay call me when you get home okay." I give her quick hug and hand her the cup.

I'm walking towards when a voice calls my name making me turn around. "Mackenzie are you leaving?" Karen asks.

"Yeah I'm gonna call it a night." I sigh impatiently.

She gasps and slaps her palm on her forehead. "Oh I totally forgot Alexander was looking for you a few seconds ago."

I perk up at the fact that Alex was looking for me. "Really where is here?"

"Uhm he went upstairs to his room. I'm sure you of all people know where that is." She winks and walks away leaving me standing alone in the foyer.

I walk up the stairs with this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I stop in front of his door when I hear voices. I hesitate and turn the doornoob and push the door open gasping at the site before my eyes.

"Mackenzie!" Alex gasps pushing a topless Kimberly off him but it's too late because I'm dashing for the front door. "Mackenzie!!"

I ignore Alex's voice and look around for my car. I spot my car but as I start walking towards it I feel someone yank my hand pulling me back.

Alexander pants out of breath. "Mackenzie could you wait"

I yank my hand out of his grip. "HOW COULD YOU!!!" I roughly pushing him making him take a step back.


"Fucking Kimberly of all people how could you!" I wipe my tears frantically. "Did our relationship mean that little to you."

"It meant everything!" He yells back.

"Well you have a fucked up way of showing. I mean of all girls on the fucking planet you had to go crawling to Kimberly not even a day after you ended us."

"So what if I did it's not like were together anymore. I don't owe you any explanation." He spits.

I gasp feeling as if I've been slapped in the face. "You know what fuck you."

I yank the bracelet making the charms drop all over the and throw the remaining chain at him making it hit his face. I unlock my car and drive away, unable to stop the tears from rolling down my face feeling as if my heart has broken been ripped out of my chest.

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