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Broken Hearted

Chapter Ten

Riley reluctantly stepped out of the bedroom to find Chris sitting at a table with a plate in front of him.

“Guys aren’t back yet, but dinner’s here,” Chris said smiling at her. Riley walked over and sat in front of a plate of filet mignon. Riley looked at him wide eyed.

“Something wrong?” Chris asked.

“I’ve never eaten this before,” Riley said digging into the delicious meal.

“Really? Wow you are sheltered,” Chris said shaking his head.

“Hey, I thought you were my secret boyfriend,” Riley said, “Secret boyfriends are nice.”

“I am nice,” Chris said laughing. Riley glared at him.

“What?” Chris asked and took her hand in his. The elevator dinged and Chris pulled his hand away.

“Princess Rose!” Syd said getting out of the elevator. He ran over to her and gently tried to hug her.

“Sorry, I don’t want to hurt you,” Syd said, “Hey I got you a dress and a nightgown.”

Syd handed her the bag and Riley smiled. She got up and went into the room she was in earlier to change.

“Riley, that’s not your room,” Rex said.

“Here is some clothes for you Chris,” Damon said handing him a bag.

“Thanks Damon,” Chris said, “I had blood all over my last shirt.”

“How’s she feeling?” Evan asked.

“She was feeling sore. I saw it when I put a new bandage on. It looks kind of gross,” Chris said putting on a shirt, “Pink?”

“Yeah, we thought you’d look good in it,” Damon said laughing. Chris shook his head.

“I’m manly enough that I make pink look good,” Chris said laughing. He threw a green bean at Damon. Damon picked it up and threw it back.

“I thought we were going out for dinner and showing Riles a night out on the town,” Damon said.

“I don’t think she’s up to it,” Chris said, “I’ll stay with her; you guys go ahead and have fun.”

“Okay,” Evan said, “No problem there, we’re meeting the girls at the club. I haven’t seen Cash in weeks.”

“They’ll love getting to see us twice this week,” Syd said taking a bit of Riley’s steak, “Val’s been missing me. Don’t expect me back tonight guys.”

“Yeah, don’t be surprised if Cash is here in the morning,” Evan said wiggling his eyebrows.

“As long as you’re quiet,” Chris said pointing his fork at him.

“Yeah, I really don’t want to wake up to that noise again, it’s bad enough you have a girlfriend and we don’t,” Damon said.

“You’re lucky your room’s not next to his,” Chris said shaking his head.

“Too bad I won’t get alone time with Chris and Riley here,” Rex said.

“Alone time with whom, Rex?” Riley asked walking in wearing a green strapless dress and her heels from earlier, the white bandage greatly contrasting the dress.

“Wow, you look great!” Syd said, “I decide, I win!”

“You do look very pretty Riley, I mean Princess Rose,” Damon said smiling at her and kissing her hand.

“Oh, yes, nothing like a beautiful bandage to accessorize an outfit,” Riley said, “I’ll tell you it looks a lot better than what is under it.”

“Riley, we’re sorry for what happened,” Evan said handing her a bag, “I got this for you to replace the broken one.”

Riley opened the bag to see a Coach purse, “Oh Evan, I can’t take this. It’s way more expensive than my other one and-.”

“Riley, I’m just upset we couldn’t have gotten there earlier,” Evan said, “I’d hug you but I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I really don’t understand why you guys feel bad. I’m the one who stopped to look in the window of that store and last time I checked none of you stabbed me,” Riley said shaking her head, “Don’t worry about it.”

“Okay, well we still wanted to get you something as a feel better gift,” Evan said, “I put your stuff in it.”

“Thank you Evan,” Riley said, “You are so sweet and totally awesome the way you took that guy down.”

“Yeah, we haven’t stopped talking about how Evan took him out!” Syd said, “That was amazing, dude!”

“Agreed,” said Rex, “Let’s go change into our club clothes.”

“Sorry, Riley, now that we know you are okay we have to get going. We’re going out to eat and then meeting up at a club,” Syd said dancing past her, “Where my sweet Val is.”

“Their girlfriends are here,” Chris said clearing things up for Riley.

“Chris I do think pink is your color,” Riley said with a laugh.

“It brings out his eyes, right?” Damon said laughing.

“Oh, yes, a man in pink is very sexy,” Riley said winking at Chris.

“Well in that case I’m wearing pink often,” Chris said.

“Please don’t. Look what you started Princess Rose,” Damon said shaking his head. He walked past Riley kissing her cheek.

“I’m glad you’re okay,” Damon said before going into his room.

“Me, too,” Evan said kissing her other cheek and going to his room.

“Okay, so which one is my room?” Riley asked Chris.

“Third door on the left,” Chris said. Riley took the shopping bags they gave her into that room. She peeked into the bag and saw the nightgown that Syd picked, a nice short silky thing. Riley shook her head; she would never wear this nightgown in front of the guys. She walked over to the windows and looked out at the city; the sun was just starting to set.

“Hey, Princess, how does it look?” Syd asked. Riley turned around to see him wearing some designer jeans and a black button up shirt. He looked like a model trying to look casual, but looking more like something on the cover of a romance novel.

“Wow, Syd you are so hot I just want to jump on you right now,” Riley said, “Seriously you will have a hard time keeping Val off.”

“And why would I want her off?” Syd asked laughing.

“Have fun, Syd,” Riley replied shaking her head.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join us hot looking men?” Syd asked, “It’ll be fun.”

“Oh Syd, I’ll have to take you up another time. My shoulder is killing me,” Riley replied, “I’m probably going to take some Tylenol and try to sleep it off.”

“Man, that really sucks. Well, we will miss your beautiful presence,” Syd said kissing her hand, then turning around and leaving. Riley laughed and shook her head. She walked out and saw the rest of them were dressed up for a night on the town, everyone but Chris.

“You guys all look like supermodels. Wow, we will definitely have to do this again when I feel better. I’ll make all the girls jealous,” Riley said and the guys all smiled at that.

“Thanks,” Rex said, “We better get going if we want to eat something.”

Riley waved to Rex, Syd, Evan, and Damon as they left. Chris waited for the elevator to close.

“I thought they’d never leave,” Chris said putting his arms around her. Riley laughed.

“I thought they blew through here like a hurricane,” Riley said laughing, “Must be the thought of being with their girlfriends.”

“Probably, I know I couldn’t wait for them to go,” Chris said laughing, “So what do you want to do?”

Riley walked over to the couch and sat down.

“I’m up for a good movie,” Riley said. Chris sat next to her putting his arm around her and turned on the TV. Riley leaned into him. They sat and started watching a funny movie together. After a while Chris looked down and saw Riley’s eyes closed. She had drifted off to sleep. Chris picked her up and put her in her bed, kissing her lips before leaving the room.

Riley woke with a start. Confusion passed through her and she couldn’t remember where she was. She held very still and looked around the dark room. Then she heard the noise again. She cautiously wiggled her way over to the side of the bed and peered over it. Moonlight washed over blonde hair, she realized it was Evan. Evan was sitting on the floor sobbing.

“Evan, sweetheart, what’s wrong?” Riley asked gently touching his shoulder.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t want to wake you but I just didn’t want to be alone,” Evan said crying harder.

“What happened, why are you crying?” Riley asked getting off the bed and sitting next to him. She put her arm around his shoulders. Evan leaned into her shoulder and cried some more. Riley rubbed his back with tears in her eyes. The pain of him leaning on her cut was tremendous but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so she tried to adjust him so that he wasn’t on it. She put her other arm around him.

“Take a deep breath Ev and tell me what happened,” Riley said playing with his hair.

“She was with someone else,” Evan whispered through sobs.

“Who was? Your girlfriend?” Riley asked. She felt him nod his head.

“Well, maybe it was just a friend,” Riley suggested, “Did you talk to her?”

Evan shook his head, “You don’t kiss friends like that.”

“Oh, sweetheart, no. Wow, that just makes me mad. You don’t deserve to be hurt like that,” Riley said holding him close as he cried.

“Come on, let’s get on the bed, it’s more comfortable there,” Riley said. They got up onto the bed and Riley held him running her fingers through his hair.

“So what happened? You went to the club and found her?” Riley asked.

“I wanted to surprise her so I didn’t tell her I was coming. I called her and she said she was out and would call me back, but I heard the same music in the background,” Evan said, “So I went to look for her and I found her on some guys lap. She was straddling him and her tongue was in his mouth. That is not friendship that is way more.”

“Oh, yes that is way more than friends,” Riley replied, “I’m sorry Evan. What did you do?”

“I ran, I couldn’t face her,” Evan said holding Riley close, “It hurts, Riley.”

“I know, sweetie. I know it hurts,” Riley said holding his head against her chest and kissing the top of it. She could feel her own tears falling onto the pillow.

“I wish this didn’t happen to you,” Riley said kissing his head again. Of all people for this to happen to! The sweetest one who risked his life just hours earlier, for her. What girl in her right mind would hurt Evan like that?!

“I came right back here, but I didn’t want to be alone and I didn’t want to wake anyone,” Evan said.

“It’s okay Evan, you can wake me up. I don’t mind staying up and talking when my friends are hurt,” Riley whispered, “I know you’re hurting and I wish I could make it go away.”

“Thank you Riley, just hold me like you are. It feels better,” Evan said crying some more. Riley held him until he stopped crying and was breathing deeply. His phone started ringing and Riley reached into his pocket and grabbed it, hoping it wouldn’t wake him.

“Hello,” Riley whispered after seeing it was Damon’s number.

“Hey, is Evan with you guys?” Damon asked.

“Yeah, I have him,” Riley said.

“Okay, what happened?” Damon asked, “He just disappeared.”

“He saw his girlfriend with another man,” Riley replied.

“What? Cash was here with another man? Do you need me to come back?” Damon asked.

“No, stay, have fun. He was really upset, but he just fell asleep,” Riley said.

“Okay, I’ll let you go, goodnight,” Damon said.

“Goodnight Damon,” Riley replied, she rested her head on Evan’s and his deep breathing lulled her back to sleep.

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