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With the guys

Chapter Eleven

“What the hell, Riley!” Chris yelled slamming a tray onto the nightstand.

Riley and Evan jumped at the noise.

“Chris it’s too early, go back to bed,” Riley said putting her pillow over her head.

“Seriously? That’s all you have to say?” Chris asked getting madder. Riley couldn’t figure out what his deal was and then she remembered Evan. She jumped up and looked over at who had turned over and put a pillow over his head as well.

“Oh, yeah, Chris let him sleep. Evan had a rough night,” Riley whispered making sure she hadn’t fallen out of her dress before getting up. She picked up the tray and motioned for Chris to follow her.

“Evan found his girlfriend making out with another man last night. He was so upset,” Riley said looking at Chris sleepily.

“That explains it. You just let him sleep in there with you?” Chris asked.

“Chris, he’s my friend, too. I’m sorry, but I am the type of friend who cares. I’m not going to tell him to go get in his own bed when he is crying and feeling alone... Don’t repeat that, he’s manly,” Riley said.

“Evan? Oh yes, he is very manly, but… never mind, you’re right. I would want comfort too, if my girlfriend was with another man,” Chris replied raising an eyebrow. Riley laughed and kissed him gently.

“I wasn’t with him. We didn’t do anything, Chris. I just hugged him and we fell asleep,” Riley replied shaking her head. She made it to the table where she sat down and ate her breakfast. Chris sat next to her taking his plate from the tray.

“I trust you. After all you are still wearing the dress from last night, and Evan is fully clothed,” Chris said eating some of his breakfast.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Riley replied shaking her head, “I’ll try to never disappoint you again."

“How’s the shoulder?” Chris asked eyeing her bandage.

“It’s killer. I didn’t want to tell Evan but he leaned into it last night and it was so painful,” Riley replied. Chris handed her a big white pill.

“What’s this?” Riley asked.

“Take it, it’ll help,” Chris said. Riley took the pill and swallowed it.

“It’s a date rape drug,” Chris said casually. Riley’s eyes went huge and she coughed on the coffee she was sipping.

“I was kidding, it’s just some type of motrin the doctor gave me to give to you,” Chris said laughing, “I’d never do that to you.”

Riley shook her head, “Once again, be nice!”

“What, you don’t think I’m nice?” Chris asked with a devilish smirk.

“No comment,” Riley replied taking a bite of scrambled egg.

“Good morning, guys,” Evan said trudging to the table and sitting down. He leaned forward and hit his head on the table.

“Morning, how are you doing?” Riley asked patting his head.

“I’m miserable. I don’t know what to say to her. She just tried to call, but I hung up,” Evan said into the table.

“Tell her to go fuck herself,” Chris said, “You don’t have to say anything to her. She was obviously not worth your time.”

“Wow, remind me not to get on his bad side,” Riley said, “You should at least tell her what you saw, and then tell her to go fuck herself.”

“Either way, tell her like it is. Don’t give her the kindness of treating her like a human being when we all know she’s a bitch,” Chris said.

“Even I would have to say she makes women look bad,” Riley said, “Do you want some eggs?”

“No thanks,” Evan replied.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you would be up this early,” Chris said, “Otherwise I’d have ordered some for you.”

“I’m just not hungry,” Evan replied.

“Should we just ditch the others and go to the memorial ourselves?” Chris asked.

“Yeah, if Riley wants to see it we should get going because I’m sure if we wait for the others it will be too late,” Evan replied, “I’m going to go take a shower and get dressed then.”

“Evan, you should eat something before we go,” Riley said.

“I’ll order you something, go ahead and take your shower. I think the stylist will be here soon for the Princess anyway,” Chris said winking at Riley.

“Thanks, Chris,” Evan replied getting up and going into a different room.

“Wow, he’s taking this really hard. I’ve never seen him so glum,” Chris said.

“He must have really loved her,” Riley said with a frown, “That’s so sad.”

“I hope you would never cheat on me,” Chris said.

“I’m not the cheating type,” Riley said giving him a side eye.

Chris laughed, “I know. That’s why I like you so much. You’re not like the other girls I’ve dated.”

“You better say that,” Riley said with a laugh. She finished eating and then leaned over and kissed him before going to her room to get ready. When she peeled back the bandage she cringed at the sight of the cut. Now she had a large amount of red, purple, and blue around the stitches. There was also some dried blood where it had opened up a bit. Riley frowned and put on the green strapless dress Rex must have picked. It was actually very pretty and more of an emerald color, short but with a piece that made a train in the back.

“Definitely princess like,” Riley said and called for Chris.

“Hey, what’s…. up,” Chris said opening the door, “You look gorgeous in that.”

“Are you kidding me? The dress looks great, but look at this,” Riley said pointing to the injury.

“Yeah, it looks worse,” Chris said going into the bathroom and coming out with more bandages for her.

“You are definitely zombie princess today,” Chris said laughing. He put the crème on and then the bandage.

“I’ll keep that motrin stuff in my new purse,” Riley said with a groan, “I might need it today.”

“I’ll keep your mind off the pain,” Chris said kissing her and running his tongue over her lower lip. Riley opened her mouth inviting him in. She deepened the kiss putting her arms around his neck and then cringing and pulling back.

“Ow, that worked a little too well,” Riley said.

“Sorry, be careful today,” Chris said kissing the top of her shoulder.

“It’s hard because I keep forgetting about it until it hurts again,” Riley said with a frown. Chris kissed her gently and took her hand. They went into the living room where the stylist saw her and smiled. Riley felt all twisted and turned as the stylist trimmed her hair and flat-ironed it, then putting it up. Riley couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked with her hair up like that. She walked over to where Evan sat eating.

“Wow, Princess Rose, you are absolutely gorgeous,” Evan said smiling. Riley bowed to him.

“Why thank you Sir Evan,” Riley replied laughing, “Are we ready to go? Where’s Chris?”

“Right here, my lady,” Chris said handing her a red rose. Riley smiled at him and took the rose. Chris hit the button for the elevator.

“After you, my lady,” Chris said after the elevator opened. Riley smiled and stepped in with the guys stepping in after her.

“I have to say I am definitely feeling like a princess today,” Riley said, “With my hair up like this and all. I’m used to the easy way of having it down or in a ponytail.”

“Yeah, I just wake up and go,” Evan said running his hand over his short hair.

“You should grow yours out a little,” Riley said.

“What like Chris’?” Evan asked.

Riley laughed, “No, maybe a little longer so that it touches near your eye, you know that style?”

“I’ll think about it. I kind of enjoy it short, because I don’t really have to do anything with it,” Evan replied.

“Do you like my hair like this?” Chris asked.

“Oh, Chris you’re gorgeous and you know it,” Riley replied shaking her head.

They made their way to the waiting limo and headed out to the memorial. Riley wondered why they would ever want a license when they were driven everywhere. She was a little scared of how Chris would be driving. She bet he would be the fast car type. She could picture him speeding down a country road in a fancy convertible. Chris looked at her and smiled.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Chris asked.

“Do you drive?” Riley asked.

“Yes, of course I drive, why?” Chris asked.

“Just curious,” Riley replied with a shrug.

“Yeah, we like fast cars and fast women,” Evan said with a laugh.

“Oh please,” Riley said shaking her head, “How cliché is that? I totally don’t see you with a fast woman.”

“Or a fast car. I could see you in a station wagon,” Chris said with a laugh. Evan shook his head.

“Hey, I could beat you in a race any day,” Evan said.

“Bring it on, Granny,” Chris said laughing.

“Oh no you didn’t,” Evan said.

“Boys! Simmer down! Maybe we can go race at a go kart place later. I wouldn’t want you guys getting hurt,” Riley said shaking her head.

“Please! We race all the time,” Evan said, shaking his head and looking offended.

“Yeah, but Evan cheats,” Chris said.

“I do not, Chris, you’re just a sore loser,” Evan replied.

“Chris, it might be smart to not mess with the guy that can kick your ass,” Riley said. Chris and Evan both laughed.

“Thanks for the reassurance,” Chris said shaking his head, “Geez have a little faith in me.”

“Well I did save Princess Rose from the evil Black Knight yesterday,” Evan said smiling at Riley.

“You did no such thing! All you did was get her purse back,” Chris said, “Syd saved Princess Rose by knowing what to do and I carried her to her chariot.”

“Was I there?” Riley asked. They both looked at her.

“Of course you were princess,” Chris said running a finger down her cheek, “You were the star of the show.”

“I don’t seem to remember any of that happening. I remember a thief, Evan kicking his butt, and that’s about it,” Riley said.

“Oh, come on, have some imagination. You are on an adventure after all,” Evan said laughing, “It’s too bad the knight in shining armor ended up losing his girl at the end of the day though.”

“We’ll call her the evil Morgana lying in the arms of a black knight. The good Sir Evan did not know she was the evil Morgana at the time of dating,” Riley said.

“I don’t think they dated back then,” Chris said.

“Geez, Chris have some imagination!” Riley said laughing. They made it to the memorial and got out of the limo.

“I still can’t believe that the towers are gone, even years later. I remember I was on my way to school when I heard about it over the radio. I thought it was some sort of sick joke when I heard them talking about it,” Riley whispered looking at the fountain where the buildings once stood.

“Why are you whispering?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know I just feel like I should only whisper in a place like this,” Riley replied in a whisper, “To honor the dead, I suppose.”

“Makes sense,” Chris replied. Evan walked along the side looking at the names printed on it.

“Here he is, Chris,” Evan said touching a name.

“Who?” Riley asked.

“Syd’s brother,” Chris whispered walking over to Evan and touching it, too. Riley took out her phone and took a picture of them touching the name.

“I didn’t know,” Riley said, “But I really don’t know much about you guys. Syd had a brother who died in the tower?”

“Yes, he was much older and interning there. He was what twenty-two?” Chris asked.

“Yeah,” Evan said, “Syd doesn’t like to come here. It makes him sad that his brother was killed by terrorists.”

“I guess I can understand,” Riley said.

“It’s so sad that so many people died,” Evan said, “I couldn’t imagine thinking of having to go into work and never being able to go back home.”

They silently walked around the waterfalls looking at the names and the other people touching names of loved ones. They spent a while there before heading back to the hotel.

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