Bored Rich Guys

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Commoner coffee

Chapter Twelve

The elevator dinged and the doors opened to their living room. It was dark in the room. Evan hit the light switch and they got a moan. Riley looked over and saw Rex and Damon sitting on the couch with their arms over their eyes.

“Aww, did you two drink a bit much last night?” Riley asked.

“Shh, your too loud!” Rex complained.

“Is Syd back?” Chris asked.

“No, he’s still out with-,” Damon started and then changed to a girly voice, “Val, he he he.”

“God, that girl gets annoying with all her high pitched laughter,” Rex said rolling his eyes.

“We do need to get going if you want to make it back in time for dinner, or back at all today,” Chris said nudging Rex to scoot over, and sitting next to him. The elevator dinged and Riley could hear the loud high pitched laughter before the doors even opened. Damon and Rex moaned, falling back onto the couch.

“I need coffee! Where is that room service?” Damon groaned.

“Good afternoon, lady and gentlemen! Evan, I’m surprised you’re here before me. Where’s-,” Syd started but Chris cut him off.

“Where have you been? We have to get going!” Chris yelled making a sign of his fingers over his throat.

“Chris I can see you,” Evan said shaking his head, “It’s okay. I ought to tell everyone that Cash will not be there Friday. I found her on the lap of another guy last night.”

“Oh, I thought your phone was turned off because you were with her,” Syd said.

“No, I’m just not ready to talk to her yet,” Evan said frowning.

“There you go, you guys suck,” Chris said, “Riley and I spent all morning distracting him and making him laugh and as soon as we get here you guys mess it all up!”

“Sorry, Evan,” Syd said putting his arm around a tall thin blonde. Riley was amazed that the girl could even walk, she was so thin.

“Let me guess, you are his sweet Val?” Riley asked holding her hand out to her. The girl giggled and barely touched her hand in a shake. Riley wasn’t sure if the girl wanted to shake hands or if Riley was supposed to kiss her hand. That was so annoying... Riley hated when women did that weak shake, like they’re so fragile they might break when you shake their hand.

“Yes I am, you must be Riley,” Val said with another round of high pitched laughter, “You look prettier than I thought.”

“Oh, Riley please don’t make her talk,” Damon said groaning which brought about more laughter.

“Oh, Damon you’re so funny!” Val said laughing, “I’m just so happy that Syd came to visit!”

Val wrapped her arms around Syd’s neck and kissed his cheek. Riley covered Evan’s eyes making Evan laugh.

“Alright, let’s go grab our stuff and get going,” Chris said.

“Wait, weren’t you guys going to see more culture? We could stay another night if you wanted us too, Riley,” Syd suggested.

“We already went to Ground Zero, while you all slept,” Evan said walking to his room.

“What do you think we’ve been doing?” Riley asked shaking her head.

“I would hope sleeping,” Rex replied.

“Yeah, well we weren’t out all night, so been there done that,” Riley said laughing.

“Oh, not the laughter,” Damon said covering his ears.

“I think you two had too much fun last night,” Riley said.

“I know Rex did,” Damon said throwing a pillow at him.

“What? It’s my place it’s allowed!” Rex said. Damon shook his head and threw another pillow at him.

“Where is Sarah?” Chris asked.

“She had class this morning. She was taking a summer course,” Rex said getting up, “Bummer, I know.”

Riley went to the kitchen area and found stuff to make coffee for them. She put water in the machine and put in a filter, then poured the bag of gourmet ground coffee into the filter.

“What are you doing, Princess?” Chris asked.

“Making coffee, they look like they could use some,” Riley replied turning the coffee maker on.

“You know how to make coffee?” Damon asked looking shocked.

“Wow, she’s very adroit,” Rex said, “We should bring her on the trip after the ball. She could cook for us.”

“Then we don’t have to hire a local, we all know how the local’s cook,” Damon replied making a disgusted face.

“Can you cook, Princess Rose?” Rex asked her.

“I thought her name was Riley,” Val said with a giggle moving Syd to the couch and sitting on his lap.

Riley rolled her eyes, “Yes, I mean, I’m no chef but I can cook some stuff. I cooked for my grandmother all the time.”

“You’re hired then. We’ll have to convince Chris’ dad to part with you for a week,” Rex said, “I’m sure Chris can manage that.”

“You bet I can,” Chris said looking at Riley and giving her a wink.

“As long as you guys aren’t dressing me up,” Riley replied looking down at the dress, “I can’t cook in this stuff.”

“Are you kidding me? You’re super woman! You just made coffee in those clothes,” Damon said nodding and raising his eyebrows.

“Keep it up and you’re not going to get any,” Riley said pointing at him.

“Aww, you would never do that to me. You love me enough to make the coffee,” Damon replied giving her a sexy smile and walking over to the coffee pot taking a deep breath in to smell the fresh brewed aroma.

“I don’t know about that one,” Riley replied going to her room to get her things. Riley didn’t have any luggage so she just put the clothes back into the shopping bags. She walked back out and Rex and Damon were standing in front of the coffee maker with mugs in hand.

“It should be done by now,” Riley said.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to get burned by the coffee,” Rex said, “How do you get it out of this anyway?”

“Are you serious?” Riley asked walking over to Rex taking the mug from his hand and pushing it against the button on the machine. The hot coffee poured out into the mug.

“Oh, I guess that makes sense. I don’t know I’ve never used a machine. I either go to a coffee house or have someone else make it,” Rex said with a shrug.

“Yes, we pay for someone to do it for us. You know, since we’re not commoners and all,” Damon stated.

“You learn something new every day don’t you?” Riley asked patting his head and ignoring the jab about her being a commoner. Damon narrowed his eyes at her and gave her the bird.

“You better watch out, I’ll take my coffee back,” Riley threatened.

“Sorry Princess,” Damon said giving her a pout. Riley laughed and gave him a hug.

“You know I love you, Damon,” she said shaking her head.

“See, you can’t stay mad at me,” Damon said giving her a grin, “I know it’s my amazing good looks.”

“Oh and you are so modest, too,” Riley said with a laugh.

“Drink up guys, we have to get going. We need to get back to finish preparing for the party,” Chris said.

“Oh, I can’t wait for the ball!” Val said clapping, “Are you going, Riley?”

“Yeah, they’re making me,” Riley replied with a shrug.

“Oh, good! What are you going to wear? It’s going to be great! I know it! Syd is such a great dancer!” Val said giggling again and kissing Syd, who smiled adoringly at her.

“Yeah, he’s been teaching me to dance since they decided I have to go to the ball and dance with each of them,” Riley said, “They’re still fighting over who gets to dress me.”

“Oh, you’re brave letting this group decide. I’m sure Syd will have you dancing like a pro in no time, though!” Val said with another shrill laugh. Riley already didn’t like the girl. Her laugh was like nails on a chalkboard.

“What do you think about the dress she’s wearing? Is it princess like?” Rex asked and sipped at the coffee.

“Well it is lovely, not exactly something I would wear out and about. Maybe more of a special occasion dress,” Val said with a shrug.

“See, you guys are so not helping my image,” Riley said shaking her head.

“It’s a contest on who can make her look more like a princess, and now she’s acting like one, so I win this time, right?” Rex asked with a laugh.

“Hey, we haven’t seen the rest of them yet. Evan is dressing her tomorrow, his might be better, you never know,” Chris said.

“Oh, you’ll love the one I picked,” Evan said smiling at Riley.

“Well, I guess I better get my stuff. I’ll see you Friday, right Valerie?” Syd asked giving her a kiss.

“You bet, Sydney,” Val said giving him another kiss and going to the elevator.

“It was nice meeting you, Riley. I can’t wait to see the dress on Friday,” Val said giving her a wave.

“By, Val, thanks for the vote of confidence,” Riley said with a laugh and waving back.

Syd left to get his stuff with Damon and Rex following.

“I can already tell this week is going to be fun,” Chris said smiling at Riley.

“Maybe for you! I’m having the worst week ever so far,” Evan said plopping down onto the couch.

“It’ll get better Evan. Have you talked to her yet?” Riley asked.

“Oh, I really don’t feel like dealing with her yet,” Evan said shaking his head.

“I’m not sure I want her at the party, so you better deal with her before then,” Chris said sternly, “We don’t need Cash making a scene. We all know how crazy she can get.”

“Yeah, you say we and I have no clue what you’re talking about,” Riley said looking at Chris.

“You don’t want to know what I’m talking about,” Chris replied raising an eyebrow at her.

“Cash can get a little crazy when she drinks,” Evan said with a shrug.

“Okay, so does everyone,” Riley replied.

“Not this crazy,” Chris said putting an arm around Riley, “Trust me. If Evan waits for the party to talk to her she will go crazy and find the nearest knife available, even if it’s a butter knife.”

“She tried to stab someone with a butter knife?” Riley asked with a laugh.

“She did,” Evan replied, “I guess I better call her.”

Evan got up and left the room, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket. Riley raised her eyebrows in disbelief, her jaw dropped. He was seriously dating a girl that crazy?

“You gotta be kidding me. Poor Evan,” Riley said shaking her head.

“Evan will be alright. I know he’s a nice guy and it’s hard to see bad things happen to good people,” Chris said pulling Riley into his arms. Riley smiled at him and gently kissed him.

“You are so sweet Chris, I’m glad you have such good friends,” Riley said. Chris pulled her closer kissing her again and running his tongue along her lip. Riley opened her mouth and returned the kiss. They heard a door open and pulled apart before Damon came into the room. Rex and Syd followed shortly after.

“Where’s Evan?” Damon asked.

“He went to call Cash,” Chris replied.

“Cash is an odd name for a girl. Are her parent’s obsessed with money or something?” Riley asked.

“Oh, yeah. Oddly enough her dad’s name is Rich and she has a brother named Buck,” Damon said laughing. Riley laughed and then everyone got quiet and looked at Evan’s door.

“So, should we wait for him? How long do you think it will take? Should we get some room service for lunch?” Chris asked. The elevator dinged and a worker came in with the breakfasts for Damon and Rex.

“Well that takes care of your breakfast, maybe we should order something for the rest of us before we go,” Chris said.

“We should get something for Evan, too. I know he’s sad but he does need to eat. He barely touched breakfast,” Riley said.

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