Bored Rich Guys

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This magic moment

Chapter Thirteen

The flight home was quiet. Evan having just broken up with Cash sat looking out the window with a sad expression on his face. Riley was not anticipating the return home. She knew Liz would be telling her off for going out to another state with them. Plus the new dress she wore was strapless and showed the bandage. She knew she wouldn’t hear the end of it. She was old enough do stuff on her own, but her sister still played the mom role every so often. That’s what happens when you’re raised by your grandma and older sister.

Riley looked over at Damon and Rex who both had shades on and were probably thankful for the quiet. She looked over at Syd who had a whimsical expression on his face as he looked out the window. He must be thinking of his girlfriend, Riley thought with a smile. Then she looked over at Chris. He was watching her and he smiled. Riley smiled back looking into his beautiful blue eyes. Suddenly it didn’t matter what her sister thought. Chris wanted to be with her and that was all that mattered. Having the relationship a secret was probably better for her anyway because she knew Liz would not approve. Riley could see herself dancing with him at the ball. He would look so handsome in a tux, with his blue eyes shining, like a prince charming.

She never went to prom in high school, so she started thinking that the ball would make up for it. She would get to wear a beautiful gown and dance with five hot guys. Oddly, when she was in high school she wasn’t interested in going to prom. Partly because she couldn’t afford that nice of a dress for just one night, and partly because nobody asked her. For some reason these guys were getting to her. Maybe it was because they treated her like one of the group, or it could just be that she wasn’t paying for the clothes. The sun had started to set and the gold from it made Chris look even more angelic.

“Riley, do you think I’ll ever find someone who will really love me?” Evan asked breaking her train of thought. She turned to look at him, his warm brown eyes looking golden in the sunlight.

“Evan you are a beautiful person. I’m sure you’ll find the right person for you someday,” Riley said putting her hand on his arm, “Until then you have us, your friends.”

Evan smiled sadly at her and then turned back to looking out the window.

“I thought she loved me,” Evan said, “She told me that she loved me. People who love you don’t hurt you like that.”

“Sometimes they do, without meaning to,” Riley said, “Sometimes things happen that we just can’t change. She obviously made a bad choice and now she’s paying for it. You were probably the best thing she will ever have in her life, and she just doesn’t know that right now. I guarantee she will regret losing you, though.”

“I don’t know, she sure seemed happy in that guy’s arms. She even told me that she had her eye on him for a while and he finally showed her some attention so she took the opportunity,” Evan said, “What’s wrong with me? Am I ugly?”

“Evan, it is not you. If anything it’s her. You are absolutely gorgeous, trust me. I would give my right arm for a chance to be your girlfriend. I know there are many girls who would feel the same,” Riley said.

“Really, you would consider dating me?” Evan asked sitting back a looking at her.

“Well, if I weren’t in a relationship that would be a possibility,” Riley said with a shrug, “Plus, you really need to get over Cash before you start dating anyone else.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Evan said with a sigh, “I’m still seething over Cash. I wouldn’t want to take it out on any other girl.”

“I don’t see you as the type to hit women, even if you were mad at them. Men are another story though. I still see you as my knight in shining armor, the way you took out the bad guy and saved the day. Of course all of you are my knights,” Riley said looking at Chris as she said that last part.

“And you are the fair maiden,” Chris said taking her hand off Evan’s arm and kissing the top of her hand.

“Oh, you’re smooth,” Riley said with a laugh. The plane started its descent and Riley watched as the ground came nearer. The beautiful green of the trees and grass parted to a runway. They made a smooth landing and were soon on their way back to the mansion. As they stepped out of the limo Riley could see her sister in the foyer with her hands on her hips. She looked mad. Riley guiltily looked down as she walked past. Liz’s face went from anger to surprise when her eyes fell to the bandage on her shoulder.

“Riley, what happened?” Liz asked.

“What on earth happened, dear?” Mrs. White asked giving Riley a hug.

“Oh, it was nothing. I was robbed by a guy who used a knife to cut the strap of my purse,” Riley said.

“Looks like he cut more than the strap,” Liz replied hugging Riley. Chris looked surprised at the affection from Liz.

“Yeah, she had to get stitches, but she’s alright. We got her to the hospital quickly,” Syd said.

“Yeah, and Evan kicked the thief’s ass! You should have seen him knock the knife out of the guys’ hand. He took that guy out like he was a ragdoll,” Damon said punching the air, “It was awesome!”

Evan smiled at Damon and his mock punches.

“Yeah, he was great,” Riley said patting Evan’s arm.

“That was definitely an eventful trip,” Chris said, “Riley was attacked, we saw some sights, and Evan’s girl cheated on him.”

Riley frowned at Chris. Why did he have to bring up Evan losing his girlfriend? She looked at Evan sadly, rubbing his muscular arm in a comforting way. Evan gave her a sad smile in return.

“Wow, and you were only gone for two days,” Mrs. White said, “Riley you must be tired from all that. You can have the night off and take a break.”

“Thank you, Mrs. White,” Riley said giving her a smile.

“Great, you can have dinner with us,” Chris said.

“Oh, boy,” Riley replied sarcastically. She went to her room and dropped off her new clothes and purse.

“Riley, I know it’s not your fault, Mrs. White said you were kidnapped by them. I guess I’m just glad that you are alright,” Liz said pulling Riley into her arms, “I was mad that you got to just up and leave on a trip but then I saw that bandage... I got scared that you were hurt badly.”

“I figured you would be mad. I don’t mean to make you mad, I never have. I’m sorry, sis,” Riley replied.

“Sometimes it is hard to see you as my little sister. I’ve always had to watch out for you, when I’m really jealous of you. You got five years with mom before coming to Grandma’s. I was there since I was two. I suppose even that wasn’t your fault. It was mom who wasn’t stable, we should be lucky that Grandma was able to look out for us,” Liz said, “I like your hair like that. You look like a Princess in that dress.”

“Thank you, Sis,” Riley said wrapping her arms around her sister’s waist, “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Riles,” Liz said kissing her cheek, “You better get out there before they eat without you. I’ll bring dinner out to you.”

Riley smiled and squeezed her one more time before meeting the guys in the dining room. Chris held out a chair for her and then sat next to her. The others sat around the table with Damon on her other side and Syd Evan and Rex across the table. Mr. Jameson came in and sat at the end of the table smiling at them.

“It’s been too quiet here with you boys gone,” Mr. Jameson said, “How was the trip?”

“Oh, it was fantastic!” Syd said, “There was all sorts of adventure.”

“I missed Mrs. White’s cooking though,” Riley said as Liz came in with the plates.

“Definitely, I wish Mrs. White could come with us on our trip to the island,” Damon said.

“Yeah, it’s too bad we won’t have her to cook for us. You remember how starved we were last time because the island food was mostly bad tasting fish,” Syd said looking at Chris and giving him a wink.

“That coffee Riley made us this morning was great,” Rex added winking at Riley.

“Are you boys hinting that you want to take Riley with you?” Mr. Jameson asked. They all turned to Mr. Jameson with innocent faces.

“Riley did say she could cook,” Chris said, “And she proved she could make coffee for us.”

“What do you think, Riley?” Mr. Jameson asked, “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

“Can we double her pay since she’ll have to do twice the work?” Chris asked before Riley could reply.

“Absolutely, we’ll make it worth the effort, Riley. I know you are saving up for college,” Mr. Jameson replied.

“Really? Well I don’t see how I could turn down the opportunity then,” Riley replied, “I really could use the money for college.”

“Great! It’s settled then!” Chris said smiling. The others cheered.

“This is going to be great!” Rex said high fiving Syd. Riley looked at the gourmet food Mrs. White had made and she knew she would miss it when she left. She felt like the time was already passing quickly here. This summer was turning out better than she had imagined. Riley was left handed and Chris was right. Chris reached over under the table and took her hand. He smiled at her as he dug into his salad. Riley smiled and squeezed his hand. She took a bite of food and looked up to see Rex looking at her. She had a feeling that he knew more than he let on. She quickly let go of Chris’ hand and focused on her food.

They talked about the preparations for the ball. Chris wanted to have it outside, but Rex thought it would be a better idea to have it inside in case it rained and because it was hot. As usual Chris won and the ball was going to be outside in the back next to the garden. Riley thought it was a good idea so that they could smell the flowers from the garden at the party. They finished their dinners and headed to their rooms. Riley was stopped in the hallway by Chris who grabbed her hand and quietly led her outside.

“Let’s go for a walk in the garden. I want to spend some more time alone with you,” Chris said kissing her hand and walking with her down the garden path. Riley smiled at him and loved the way the moonlight shone on his hair. The path and flowers were covered in the blue light of the moon and it was peaceful to just walk hand in hand with him. Riley walked closer to him so that their sides were touching.

“This is so romantic. I love how the flowers look in the moonlight,” Riley said and Chris smiled at her. He stopped walking and pulled her close.

“Shall we dance?” Chris asked swinging her around. She laughed and held onto him. They danced circles around the flowers. Chris dipped her and then he kissed her. Riley wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close. He rubbed her back as his tongue explored her mouth. Riley relaxed into the kiss enjoying the quiet moment they shared. Riley moaned and Chris slid his hands down her back landing on her butt. Riley laughed when he squeezed it.

“Chris you are a sly one,” Riley teased.

“I can’t help it, I see something I like and I have to grab it,” Chris said kissing her again. Riley kissed him back sliding her hands down over his chest, gliding along the muscles under his shirt. She smiled coyly as she lifted his shirt up and felt the warmth of his skin under her fingers. She enjoyed the feel of his chests and slid them to his back. Then with an evil grin she slid them down to his butt and squeezed. This time Chris laughed and pulled her into another kiss.

Riley knew she shouldn’t be doing this, but it felt so good to be in his arms. The fact that he was built so well made her want him more. She felt like she was in a romantic scene of a movie, with Chris being the hot actor. She slid her tongue into his mouth and ran it along his tongue. Then she gently suckled his tongue and heard him moan. He slid his hand over the front of her dress and ran his thumb over her nipple. She could feel a spark run through her body and need growing in her. She wanted him, all of him. She pressed her body against his.

“Riley, you are so beautiful,” he said running a finger down her jaw line, “But if you want to continue this we’ll have to go somewhere a little more private.”

“I want to Chris, but I don’t know about that. I-I don’t think I’m ready for the next step quite yet,” Riley said putting her hand on his chest, “I’m sorry.”

“I understand,” Chris said giving her a smile and another quick kiss. He grabbed her hand intertwining his fingers with hers and led her through the garden. He lifted her hand to his lips and pressed a kiss there. They walked among the sweet flowers and gazed up at the moon. It was a warm night and the crickets were chirping. They talked about their dreams and goals. Chris picked a rose for her and pulled off the thorns. After they walked in the garden for a while, he walked her back to the house and then kissed her.

“Until the next time sweet Princess,” Chris whispered, “Good night, Riley.”

“Sweet dreams, Chris,” Riley whispered. Chris kissed her lips again before turning toward his room. Riley smiled and watched him leave touching her lips. Then she turned around and Syd stepped out from the kitchen. Riley froze. Syd walked towards her and grabbed her arm. He pulled her back towards the door to the garden.

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