Bored Rich Guys

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Batting practice?

Chapter Nineteen

Riley happily sat through her classes, knowing she was able to quit both of her jobs. She called the tutoring place on her break and gave them her two week notice. Then when she went to the coffee house after school the manager was more than happy to let her go right away. She actually had to let someone go anyway because of business being slow and had a hard time choosing between the staff. They had been fighting to get hours. Riley had time to go to the apartment and pick up the rest of her things. She figured she would just give the bed and dresser to Cheryl since she had nicer ones in her room and was making enough to buy better ones when she did finally move out of Evan’s. Riley left Cheryl a quick note, giving her the new address and phone number for her so they could still hang out.

Riley got into the green car, with it's black seat covers that hid the tears in the seat, and made her way over to Evan’s house. The gate guard remembered her.

"You're Mr.Anderson's house guest, right? He said you were staying," the guard said, taking her name and license plate number before letting her in.

Pulling into the driveway she hit the button for what Evan said would be her spot, but found a sparkly red Dodge Charger in her spot. She frowned; Evan had said that was her spot. It almost angered her that he would let someone else park there. That seemed unlike him to give it to a visitor. She shrugged and parked in the third spot. Gazing at the beautiful car that had kidnapped her spot, the temptation to sit in it and check it out was strong. Peeking into the front seat and looking at the black leather seats, noticing it was unlocked, but she didn’t want to get into trouble for sitting in his girlfriends car. His Porsche wasn’t there though, that was odd, so maybe he was already out with his girlfriend? Riley was worried she would have to listen to him and his girlfriend have sex. She could imagine Evan looking absolutely gorgeous and waking up with him in her bed every morning, wearing nothing but boxers.

Taking a box to her room and seeing her bed reminded her of him lying in it, sleeping soundly. With a frustrated groan she grabbed the sides of her head. She had to get him out of her mind if this was ever going to work. An image of Chris’ face as he called her a slave for the hundredth time crossed her mind. She knew Evan was still Chris’ friend, but he was nothing like Chris, was he? No, nothing like him, Riley decided putting the box down in the closet and then going to get another one. Riley finished putting the boxes in her closet figuring she would unpack later. All that packing made her tired. She should get a drink of water and then start washing Evan’s clothes. Then her stomach grumbled. Glancing at her watch she realized that it was after nine and she hadn’t eaten yet. She walked into the kitchen seeing a note on the counter, with some keys.

Company Car in the garage. Here are the keys in case you want to go somewhere. Neighbors complained that I brought a beater in. Said it was too loud and they didn’t like the duct tape.


Riley started laughing so hard tears came out of her eyes. Shaking her head she grabbed the keys and dropped them into her pocket. She was torn between grabbing something to eat and taking the car out. She settled for taking the car out for something to eat. Riley took off down the hallway and sat in the car. She breathed in the smell of new car and hit the button on the garage door. She hoped the neighbors didn’t mind fast cars. She took off and stopped at a drive thru not wanting to leave the nice car. The guy in the window was checking the car out, as well as her. She smiled and sped a little on the way home, hoping not to get caught. She made it back to the house around ten and ate the food in the kitchen. She didn’t want to mess up the company car. Riley called Cheryl knowing that she just got off and would be eating then, too. She went into her room with the phone.

“Hey, so you moved in with Evan?” Cheryl asked, “I wonder what’s going on there. Wink, wink.”

“Nothing. I’m just keeping house for him and making food for him,” Riley replied shaking her head, “But I totally love the company car!”

“What? He gave you a car?” Cheryl asked.

“Oh, yeah, a shiny new red one!” Riley said bouncing on her bed, “And my room is bigger than our apartment!”

“Oh, I’m jealous!” Cheryl said, “You are so lucky! Has he talked about the other guys yet?”

“No, I keep forgetting to ask. I’ve been so busy with everything. I’ll have to ask how they’re doing,” Riley replied, “I’m actually a little nervous to ask about Chris. I wouldn’t be surprised if Damon were still single. He just likes to play the field if you know what I mean. Syd is probably still with Val and I bet Rex is still with Sarah. Oh, but Evan had a date tonight.”

“Really? I thought he was totally into you last night. He couldn’t stop staring,” Cheryl said. Riley heard a noise and jumped. It was early for Evan to be home from a date.

“Hey, I gotta go,” Riley said, “I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

“Okay, see you in class tomorrow!” Cheryl said hanging up. Riley waited holding her breath and then another sound came. She reached under the bed and grabbed her trusty baseball bat. She cautiously stepped out of the room and snuck down the hall. The light was on across the hall from Evan’s room. Riley quietly opened the door holding onto the bat. Her jaw dropped when she saw Evan wearing a pair of shorts and nothing else. He was pulling himself up on a bar that was attached to the wall. Riley hadn’t been in this room yet. It was a home gym with weights and mats. Riley turned her attention back to Evan watching the way his muscles rippled as he pulled himself up on the bar. His stomach was well defined and Riley was instantly drooling. He let go of the bar stretching his arms and turned. He froze when he saw her standing there.

“Do you want to work out? I don’t have a batting cage in here, sorry,” he said taking a drink from a bottle of water and looking at her like she was crazy.

Riley felt like a fish out of water, she couldn’t quite put two and two together, like her brain stopped for a minute, then she realized she was holding the bat.

“Oh, my god, I’m sorry! You had a date tonight, and I thought you were an intruder,” Riley said putting the bat behind her.

“Well If I were the intruder you know you wouldn’t be able to stop me with that,” Evan said laughing.

Riley laughed, “I sure as heck couldn’t stop you with a knife either.”

Riley ran back to her room and changed into workout clothes. She got back and Evan had already thrown a tank top on over his chest. He was doing push-ups on the floor. Riley lay down in front of him and started doing her own push-ups. She made it to five and then she rested. Evan did at least thirty and then looked at her shaking his head.

“You are so weak,” he said laughing, “How many was that? Two?”

“Five thank you, give me a break it’s been a while since I worked out,” Riley replied.

“I could have sworn it was just yesterday,” he replied shaking his head.

“Oh, well before that! You know what I mean,” Riley said pouting, “Thanks for the company car, by the way.”

“Oh, no problem. I figured you would need something a little more reliable to get around,” Evan said with a shrug. Then he grabbed a jump rope and handed one to Riley. He smoothly jumped quickly doing fancy moves. Riley jumped slower and could feel her muscles in her calves burning. Wow, it had been some time since she jumped rope. She looked at Evan amazed at how quickly he could move. Riley had to take a break. She sat down and stretched her legs.

“Geez, Evan are you a boxer, too?” Riley asked. Evan smiled at her but finished his jumping.

“No, I’m not a boxer. I did try to be a body builder once, but I couldn’t keep up the workouts with all the other stuff going on in my life,” Evan said with a shrug.

“How was your date?” Riley asked taking a drink of Evan’s water.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’ll see her again,” Evan said, “I couldn’t stand her. She was too much like Val.”

“Too giggly for you? Syd sure seemed to like that type,” Riley said laughing.

“Still does, they are still together. You only know Syd from the summer, but he is way serious the rest of the time. He almost has his doctorate,” Evan said. Riley spit out some water coughing.

“Syd?” she asked and Evan nodded laughing. He took his water bottle back from her and drank from it.

“He’s still with Val?” Riley asked not believing him.

“That he is. I hear from Rex that Syd’s going to pop the question soon. Rex said he wanted to wait for Christmas,” Evan said, “Rex has moved on from Sarah though. You won’t believe who he’s dating right now.”

“Who is it?” Riley asked, “It’s not Cash is it?”

“No, it’s your sister,” Evan said raising his eyebrows.

“What? Liz?” Riley asked laughing, “She never mentioned that.”

“It just happened over this past summer. Syd, Rex, Damon, and I decided she would be our next culprit. Chris hated the idea, you know he still hates her,” Evan said then looked at her hesitantly, “But I think he regrets being such a jerk to you.”

Riley looked at Evan who was watching her carefully.

“What, do you think I still like him? Hell no, Ev. Chris could kiss by ass and I’d still hate him,” Riley said laughing, “Is Damon still Damon?”

“Oh, yes. Damon is definitely still Damon,” Evan said nodding, “Hold my feet, please.”

Riley held onto his feet while he did sit-ups, then he held her feet and made her do some. By the end of the workout Riley was feeling muscles she didn’t know she had. Her shirt was soaked in sweat and so was Evan’s. She was tired but still couldn’t help thinking about the way Evan looked shirtless. She went back to her room and took a shower. The hot water soothed her muscles and washed away the sweat. She got out and dried off, and with a frown looked at the empty bed.

The warmth of his skin and the scent of his cologne filled her mind. Riley climbed into the bed and lay down on her pillow. Then she scooted over to where Evan was the night before and could still smell his cologne on the pillow. She grabbed it and hugged it, burying her nose in it. Riley smiled and closed her eyes. She drifted off to sleep dreaming of his warm brown eyes and his strong arms. Riley remembered the way he held her after Chris had found out about her sister. She remembered him crying with her and wondered if he thought of her as a little sister, or if he would think of her as more.

Riley woke with a start at the beeping of the alarm. She frowned, still tired. Reaching over, she hit the button and stretched. She got up and got dressed for the day; her hair still felt a little damp from her late shower. She trudged down the hallway to the kitchen, made some coffee and threw a bagel into the toaster.

“Hey, Princess, what’s for breakfast?” Evan asked.

“I’m tired and I hurt,” Riley said putting another bagel into the toaster, “Bagels.”

Evan went behind her and started massaging her shoulders. Riley moaned and lowered her head. She felt him press his lips to her neck and she turned to him. She looked into his brown eyes and smiled at him. He smiled back and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. It was intimate and sparked something in her. She found herself looking at his lips and wondering if they were as soft as they looked. She absently licked her lips and then dropped her eyes to the ground, turning away from him as the bagel’s popped up from the toaster. She felt a shiver run through her thinking about how close she had been to kissing him.

She frowned while spreading the cream cheese on the bagel, while mentally reprimanding herself. She screwed up before by dating the boss’s son, dating the boss was even worse. Evan was nice, he was always nice to her, but she couldn’t go down that road again. She quickly handed him a bagel and got a strange look from him before escaping to her car.

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